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1,740 Possible Causes for Ankle Edema, Budd-Chiari Syndrome, Discoloration of the Lower Extremity

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    A 38-year-old Sri Lankan man presented with acute pancreatitis and later he developed progressive abdominal distention with bilateral ankle edema.[] syndrome.[] The patient's left lower extremity was discolored, tender, and swollen, although it had not progressed to venous gangrene or dermal necrosis.[]

  • Budd-Chiari Syndrome

    edema, splenomegaly, and renal impairment References: [7] [8] [9] Diagnostics Blood analysis : : often nonspecific findings; possible elevated aminotransferases Ascites fluid[] "Etiology, management, and outcome of the BuddChiari syndrome". "Hepatic vein thrombosis (BuddChiari syndrome)". "The BuddChiari syndrome: a review".[] Patients also present with an enlarged spleen (splenomegaly), ankle edema (swelling at the ankles) and prominence of collateral veins.[]

    Missing: Discoloration of the Lower Extremity
  • Henoch-Schönlein Purpura

    A 20-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with a one-day history of fever and acute, painful symmetric polyarthritis that involved the wrists, elbows, and ankles.[] Joint pain – Pain or soreness comes in the joints, usually the knees and ankles. It tends to move around from one area to another.[] Subcutaneous edema (20-50%) Scrotal edema (2-35%) Bloody stools Because HSP can affect all organ systems, a full physical examination is indicated.[]

    Missing: Budd-Chiari Syndrome
  • May-Thurner Syndrome

    In chronic stage, the symptoms may be more or less vague to define but generally comprised of persistent edema, heaviness, lower calf and ankle skin pigmentation, venous claudication[] […] iliaques CIM 10 … Wikipédia en Français BuddChiari syndromeBudd Chiari syndrome Classification and external resources Posterior abdominal wall, after removal of the peritoneum[] extremity swelling.”[]

  • Thrombosis

    Parenchymal fibrosis is uncommon. 453 Other venous embolism and thrombosis 453.0 Budd-chiari syndrome convert 453.0 to ICD-10-CM 453.1 Thrombophlebitis migrans convert 453.1[] Patients with venous thrombosis may have variable discoloration of the lower extremity.[] […] in the veins and is categorized further according to where it occurs including: Deep vein thrombosis Portal vein thrombosis Renal vein thrombosis Jugular vein thrombosis Budd-Chiari[]

    Missing: Ankle Edema
  • Varicose Veins

    Learn more: Swollen feet, ankles, and hands (edema) during pregnancy Itching during pregnancy Help for common pregnancy skin problems[] Severe venous reflux can result in skin discoloration, severe swelling, and lower extremity wounds that do not heal well.[] The ankles swell because fluid accumulates in the tissue under the skin—a condition called edema. Varicose veins alone do not cause edema.[]

    Missing: Budd-Chiari Syndrome
  • Leiomyosarcoma

    Delayed vasomotor changes in the involved limb present as extremity coolness, skin erythema and thinning, nail changes, and edema.[] Recognition of this tumor in this rare location and Budd-Chiari syndrome-like presentation is imperative for proper management of the patient.[] extremities.[]

  • Stasis Dermatitis

    Earlier signs, such as prominent superficial veins and pitting ankle edema, are well known.[] Symptoms Swelling around the ankles that usually goes away while you’re asleep but comes back the next day Discoloration of the skin or hyperpigmentation on the lower extremities[] edema and progressing to tan pigmentation, patchy erythema, petechiae, and induration.[]

    Missing: Budd-Chiari Syndrome
  • Cardiac Cirrhosis

    Physical examination revealed normal vital signs and mild icterus, moderate ascites, splenomegaly, and mild ankle edema.[] Abstract The diagnostic procedure to be followed in cases of Budd-Chiari syndrome and cardiac cirrhosis cannot be schematized.[] […] higher than in cirrhotic ascites of other causes 13 D/D of ascites in CHF High serum ascites albumin gradient ( 1.1 g/dL) Cardiac ascites Infected cardiac ascites Cirrhosis Budd-Chiari[]

    Missing: Discoloration of the Lower Extremity
  • Liver Cirrhosis

    When signs and symptoms do occur, they may include: Fatigue Easily bleeding or bruising Loss of appetite Nausea Swelling in your legs, feet or ankles (edema) Weight loss Itchy[] The case of a patient with hepatic encephalomyelopathy associated with Budd-Chiari syndrome and HBV-related cirrhosis is presented.[] ) and swelling in the ankles, legs and abdomen A brownish or orange color to the urine Light-colored stools Confusion, disorientation, personality changes Blood in the stool[]

    Missing: Discoloration of the Lower Extremity