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889 Possible Causes for Ankle Edema, EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation

  • Motor Neuron Disease

    For patients with MND affecting the LMNs, the EMG will show evidence of: (1) acute denervation, which is ongoing as motor neurons degenerate, and (2) chronic denervation and[] reinnervation of the muscle, as the remaining motor neurons attempt to fill in for lost motor neurons.[]

  • Bronchitis

    Decreased levels of oxygen in the blood can also lead to peripheral edema, or swelling in the legs and ankles.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Supination Injury

    , and phlyctena in the lateral region of the foot, without resolution until the moment of surgery; ankle fractures by mechanisms other than the SER type; lack of clinical[] […] conservative treatment of the fracture for reasons unique to the patient or because there was no surgical indication; associated fractures; lack of adequate skin condition, edema[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Ankle Sprain

    Cellulitis, in the context of a preceding ankle sprain, has not been reported in the literature; the resultant edema from the injury may have served as the nidus for infection[] A sprained ankle becomes swollen due to the increased amount of edema within the tissue, since this physiological effect is the foundation of the pain the decline of edema[] To milk edema fluid away from the injured tissues, the ankle should be wrapped with an elastic bandage.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Heart Failure

    Increased central venous pressure ( 16 cm H2O at right atrium) · Hepatojugular reflux · Weight loss 4.5 kg in 5 days in response to treatment Minor criteria: · Bilateral ankle[] The weakening of the heart's pumping ability causes Blood and fluid to back up into the lungs The buildup of fluid in the feet, ankles and legs - called edema Tiredness and[] Major criteria: · Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea · Neck vein distention · Rales · Radiographic cardiomegaly (increasing heart size on chest radiography) · Acute pulmonary edema[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Cardiomyopathy

    Leg swelling (ankle edema). Liver enlargement. Chest pain. Risk Factors Age over 60. Obesity. Smoking. Alcoholism.[] , or swelling, of your feet, ankles, and legs Treatment varies depending on how damaged your heart is due to cardiomyopathy and the resulting symptoms.[] […] and fatigue shortness of breath, particularly during exertion or exercise lightheadedness and dizziness chest pain heart palpitations fainting attacks high blood pressure edema[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Hypothyroidism

    Then there is pitting edema in lower extremities, especially around the ankles, coarse brittle hair, skin pallor and dryness. A goitre may develop.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Preeclampsia

    (edema) that doesn’t go away Severe headache that doesn’t respond to acetaminophen (Tylenol) Vision changes, including blurred or double vision Abdominal pain, particularly[] As the preeclampsia progresses, the woman may experience fluid retention (edema), with swelling in the hands, feet, ankles, and face.[] […] visit, your practitioner should check you for the following symptoms: Sudden excessive weight gain unrelated to eating Severe swelling of the hands and face Swelling of the ankles[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Diabetic Nephropathy

    Most patients develop edema in eyelids, limbs, ankles, etc due to fluid retention in their body.[] Clinical features include: Albuminuria/proteinuria Ankle and/or pedal edema Elevated blood pressure Elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine Nocturia Polyuria[] Later in the disease, a patient may develop signs of chronic kidney disease and can include pale conjunctiva and peripheral edema, particularly periorbital edema.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Cor Pulmonale

    Physical findings may include: Jugular venous distension: Prominent jugular V wave, indicating the presence of tricuspid regurgitation Peripheral (ankle) edema: The best sign[] The physical examination findings evaluated in the study include ankle edema and prominent jugular vein.[] […] and feet (pedal edema) • Enlargement or prominent neck and facial veins • Raised Jugular Venous Pulse (JVP) • Enlargement of the liver • Bluish discoloration of face • Presence[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation

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