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1,230 Possible Causes for Anorexia Nervosa, Prominent U Wave, Short PR Interval

  • Sinus Bradycardia

    The cases involved 3 different patients and disease processes: a young female who had anorexia nervosa and profound malnutrition; an elderly, nondiabetic male who subsequently[] Note the prominent U waves in the precordial leads, a common finding in sinus bradycardia.[] Rhythm: There is a variation in R-R intervals of more than 0.12 seconds. P Waves: Normal PR Interval: Normal (0.12 second). QRS: Normal (0.04 second).[]

  • Cushing's Disease

    In some individuals with depression, alcohol abuse, anorexia nervosa or high estrogen levels, cortisol levels may be chronically elevated.[] nervosa or high estrogen levels Patients with "pseudo-Cushing's" may be difficult to distinguish from those with true Cushing's.[] […] injections Less common causes of elevated cortisol levels: An adrenal tumor "Pseudo-Cushing's," chronically elevated levels of cortisol due to: depression, alcohol abuse, anorexia[]

  • Osteoporosis

    KEYWORDS: anorexia nervosa; bone marrow edema; femoral neck fracture; osteoporosis; pregnancy[] ., anorexia nervosa ), immobilization, several therapeutic agents (e.g., heparin and anticonvulsants), liver disease, and renal disease .[] Long-term fracture risk among women with anorexia nervosa: a population-based cohort study. Mayo Clin Proc . 1999 Oct. 74 (10):972-7. [Medline] .[]

    Missing: Prominent U Wave Short PR Interval
  • Hypokalemia

    Abstract A 32-year-old woman with anorexia nervosa showing tall P waves on electrocardiogram (ECG) was reported.[] prominent U waves require hospital admission.[] […] bulimia nervosa (n 21), surreptitious use of laxatives (n 11), or diuretics (n 12).[]

    Missing: Short PR Interval
  • Bartter's Disease

    Anorexia nervosa can as well cause significant clinical complications in every organ system.[] Anorexia nervosa may also be accompanied by purging behaviours as vomiting, abuse of laxative and/or diuretics in about 30% of cases.[] Nervosa.[]

    Missing: Short PR Interval
  • Torsades De Pointes

    The patient's initial electrocardiogram (ECG) demonstrated sinus rhythm, right axis deviation, undetectable PR interval, QRS 168 ms, and QTc 693 ms.[] nervosa.[] Associated with QT interval prolongation and prominent U waves on resting ECG ECG prolonged re-polarisation and so, early after depolarisation (EAD) Can be congenital Usually[]

  • Lown-Ganong-Levine Syndrome

    […] ventricular tachycardia) Prominent U-wave In case of intoxication, the above mentioned characteristics are more prominent Additionally, several arrhthytmias can be seen.[] The PR interval is short. Click here for a more detailed ECG ECG 3. Short PR interval in a 7 years-old boy.[] PR interval and normal QRS in LGL.[]

    Missing: Anorexia Nervosa
  • Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis

    Due to prolonged repolarization of ventricular Purkinje fibers, a prominent U wave occurs, that is frequently superimposed upon the T wave and therefore produces the appearance[] short PR intervals). 3–5 Increased QRS voltage also has been reported in association with THPP, but it is a relatively nondiagnostic finding in young adult men. 5 Early recognition[] waves: Prominent Semilunar valve abnormalities Treatment Amiodarone Poor response to classical therapy Cardiac malformation: Occasional Episodic weakness : May segregate in[]

    Missing: Anorexia Nervosa
  • Digoxin

    The terminal positive deflection may be peaked, or have a prominent U wave superimposed upon it.[] QT interval with secondary repolarisation abnormalities affecting the ST segments, T waves and U waves.[] Prominent U waves . Peaking of the terminal portion of the T waves. J point depression (usually in leads with tall R waves).[]

    Missing: Anorexia Nervosa
  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    We report on a female adolescent, who presented to an otologist for autophonia and was finally diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.[]

    Missing: Prominent U Wave Short PR Interval

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