973 Possible Causes for Anosmia, Hearing Problem

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  • Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

    Radiation therapy carries a risk of side effects, including temporary skin redness, hearing loss and dry mouth.[drugs.com] Symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer can include: a lump in the neck hearing loss – usually only in one ear tinnitus – hearing sounds that come from inside the body rather than[nhs.uk] : (1) tumour mass in the nasopharynx causing blood-tinged secretion, nasal obstruction and sometimes epistaxis; (2) dysfunction of the Eustachian tube inducing fullness, hearing[bmjopen.bmj.com]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    After influenzal infection, children may experience sinus problems or otitis media.[emedicine.medscape.com] Some studies suggest loss of the sense of smell (anosmia) associated with the use of this over the counter product.[medicinenet.com] In some cases, anosmia occurred with the first dose; in others, it occurred after multiple uses of intranasal zinc. [ 61 ] Oral zinc has been studied as a supplement to prevent[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Refsum Disease

    • Diet – Reduce amount of phytanic acid entering body – Will clear up walking, nerve, and skin problems – Slow progression of eye/hearing changes 6.[slideshare.net] Anosmia is also considered an early symptom [Wierzbicki et al 2002].[refsumdisease.org] Symptoms of IRD begin in infancy with a visual impairment called retinitis pigmentosa, which often leads to blindness, and hearing problems that usually progress to deafness[sharecare.com]

  • Albinism

    In some forms of ocular albinism, the hearing nerves hearing may be affected and the person may develop hearing problems or deafness over time.[teenshealth.org] Hearing loss is often associated with pigmentation disorders and one large family with X-linked ocular albinism has been reported with a late onset sensorineural deafness[disorders.eyes.arizona.edu] Many people with WS have normal hearing but over half have profound hearing loss, usually in both ears.[patient.info]

  • Myxedema

    Muscle cramps, decreased hearing, mental disturbances, and menstrual irregularities are additional symptoms.[emjournal.net] TREATMENT Patients with myxedema coma are critically ill with a multiplicity of precarious and complex management problems.[emjournal.net]

  • Deafness

    Treatment or surgery can often reverse this kind of hearing loss. Untreated, hearing problems can get worse. If you have trouble hearing, you can get help.[nlm.nih.gov] […] gluvost f ( Serbian ) , gluhòća (sh) f , gluhost f ( Bosnian, Croatian ) Spanish: sordera (es) f Telugu: చెవుడు (te) ( cevuḍu ) , చెవిటితనం ( ceviṭitanaṃ ) See also [ edit ] anosmia[en.wiktionary.org] Hearing loss occurs primarily when the inner ear or auditory nerve is damaged or when sound waves cannot reach the inner ear. Untreated, hearing problems can get worse.[scripps.edu]

  • Ethmoid Sinusitis

    Has anyone had any similar problems or experiences I'll be very great full to hear about anyone's experiences. Many thanks Dave.[healthboards.com] When she continued to complain of progressive headaches, right-sided epiphora, and anosmia, limited computed tomography (CT) of the paranasal sinuses was obtained (figure[go.galegroup.com] […] or anosmia Headache Fever Halitosis Fatigue Dental pain Cough Ear pain, pressure, fullness Reprinted from Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Vol 117, Donald C.[clevelandclinicmeded.com]

  • Skull Fracture

    Temporary deafness that resolves in less than 3 weeks is due to hemotympanum and mucosal edema in the middle ear fossa.[emedicine.medscape.com] Some of the presentations include anosmia (a lack of smell), epistaxis (bleeding from the nose), rhinorrhea (leak of the cerebrospinal fluid from the nose), raccoon eyes ,[medindia.net] Your neck pain, dizziness, and eye or hearing problems may become permanent. You may lose your hearing completely.[drugs.com]

  • Allergic Rhinitis

    Test feeds with milk produced a measurable decrease in his hearing, by measuring with a ruler how far away he could hear a loudly ticking watch.[allergiesexplained.com] […] rarely cause problems was commenced.[allergiesexplained.com] After milk avoidance for eight weeks his hearing had recovered completely, his nose was clear, and there were very few eosinophils in the smear.[allergiesexplained.com]

  • Meningeal Carcinomatosis

    In addition, the most commonly affected cranial nerves are III, V, VI, VII, VIII, with analogous signs and symptoms such as diplopia, hearing loss, decreased taste, and problems[hematologyandoncology.net] Her family doctor diagnosed the problem to be sciatica and prescribed off-the-shelf pain medication.[cancergrace.org] Cranial-nerve involvement presents with impaired vision, diplopia (most common), hearing loss, and sensory deficits, including vertigo.[aboutcancer.com]

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