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382 Possible Causes for Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults, Coxa Vara

  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    LeMesurier AB: Developmental coxa vara. J Bone Joint Surg 1948; 30B:595-605. 6. Amstutz HC. Freiberger RH: Coxa vara in children. Clin Orthop 1966: 22:73-92. 7.[] Radiographs of his hips revealed bilateral coxa vara deformities.[] vara : - consider intertrochanteric osteotomy if varus is 100 deg; - reference: - Management of developmental coxa vara in cleidocranial dysostosis. - pubis: shows delayed[]

  • Pyknodysostosis

    The iliac bones are deformed (red arrow) and there is a coxa vara deformity of both femurs.[] vara from deformed or absent femoral necks is common Broad femoral head and short femoral neck Radius short or, rarely, absent Elongated second metacarpals Pseudoepiphyses[] […] ossification of bones forming symphysis pubis Produces widened symphysis Hypoplastic iliac bones Poorly formed sacrum Extremities Accessory epiphyses in hands and feet are common Coxa[]

  • Coxa Vara

    coxa vara.[] Coxa vara is also seen in Niemann–Pick disease.[] Coxa vara infantum Coxa Vara edit English Coxa vara Hip deformity in which the femoral neck leans forward resulting in a decrease in the angle between femoral neck and its[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita

    Their height was less than -7SD of average Japanese of the same age, and all were associated with severe coxa vara.[] Herein, we describe a unique case of SEDC with mild coxa vara (SEDC-M) caused by double de novo COL2A1 mutations located on the same allele.[] RESULTS: Myelopathy was found in 9 individuals with severe SEDC who presented with marked short stature and severe coxa vara; of these, 6 had gait disturbances.[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • Coxa Valga

    A Trendelenburg limp is sometimes associated with unilateral coxa vara and a waddling gait is often seen when bilateral coxa vara is present.[] Coxa Vara Coxa Valga Subscribe to view the full document.[] Coxa vara Genu valgum Genu varum[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome

    vara.[] vara and coxa valga Deformities of the fingers Clubfoot and/or flat feet Osteoporosis Both muscle hypertrophy and atrophy Chondrodystrophy (abnormalities of the cartilage[] […] valga 0002673 Coxa vara 0002812 Flat face Flat facial shape 0012368 Flexion contracture of toe 0005830 High palate Elevated palate Increased palatal height [ more ] 0000218[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • Shwachman Syndrome

    Skeletal manifestations include delayed bone age with marked carpal delay, broad cup-like anterior ribs, metaphyseal irregularities, and coxa vara with short femoral necks[] Michael has upwards of 10 specialists and battles chronic severe neutropenia, osteoporosis, coxa vara of his hips, kidney issues, growth delay, psychosocial issues, developmental[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • SPONASTRIME Dysplasia

    Previously undescribed complications of this condition are subglottic stenosis and tracheo-broncho-malacia, developmental coxa vara, and avascular necrosis of the capital[] Short-limb dwarfism Hematologic Hypogammaglobulinemia Performance Mental retardation Respiratory Laryngotracheomalacia Skeletal Biconcave vertebral bodies (later childhood) Coxa[] vara Decreasing lumbar vertebrae interpediculate distance Delayed bone age Delayed carpal bone ossification Flattened capital femoral epiphyses Hypoplastic epiphyses Irregular[]

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  • Familial Hypophosphatemia

    Growth plate widening with metaphyseal flaying and fraying, bowing of lower limb long bones, rachitic rosary ribs, coxa vara 4 public playlists includes this case Case information[] vara) Short stature Tooth decay and abscess formation; late eruption of teeth Narrow head (dolichocephaly) with early fusion of the skull bones (craniosynostosis) Bone pain[] […] knock-knees (genu valgum) or bowed legs (genu varum) Thick wrists Ribs of the chest may show small knots, similar to beads; this is called rachitic rosary Hip deformities (coxa[]

    Missing: Anterior Fontanelle Open in Adults
  • Strudwick Syndrome

    vara, clubfoot, and abnormal epiphyses or metaphyses).[] Impaired breathing * Enlarged liver * Enlarged spleen * Protruding abdomen * Delayed growth * Delayed motor milestones * Lax joints * Inability to fully extend elbows * Coxa[] Progressive coxa vara deformity and/or noninflammatory pericardial or pleural effusions are found in some patients (summary by {4:Faivre et al., 2000}).[]

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