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254 Possible Causes for Anterior Polar Cataract

  • Chandler Syndrome

    . • Some patients have keratolenticular adherence, while others have anterior polar cataracts. • Iridoschisis • Characterized by separation of the superficial layers of the[]

  • Knobloch Syndrome Type 1

    , anterior polar 2 %601202 Cataract, anterior polar 1 %115650 TP: Two different loci of anterior polar cataract OMIM 8852669 Prostate cancer aggressiveness QTL %607592 Prostate[] […] of Major affective disorder OMIM 11149935 Malignant hyperthermia 1 #145600 Malignant hyperthermia 4 %600467 TP: Two different loci of Malignant hyperthermia OMIM 12522565 Cataract[]

  • Bee Sting

    Ocular examination revealed corneal edema and scarring, atrophic patches on the iris, and anterior polar cataracts.[]

  • Electric Cataract

    Electron microscopic observations in human senile and anterior polar cataract. Yonago Acta Med 1968;12:75–80. 17. Vasavada AR, Cherian M, Yadav S, Rawal UM.[] polar cataract located on the anterior capsular surface.[] Electron microscopic findings of the cataractous lens epithelium. J Korean Ophthalmol Soc 1994;35:263–270. 16. Matsuura H.[]

  • EDICT Syndrome

    Polar Cataracts 59 Keratoconus, Familial, with Early-Onset Anterior Polar Cataract 57 Familial Keratoconus with Cataract 59 Keratoconus with Cataract; Ktcnct 57 Keratoconus[] EDICT syndrome is an autosomal dominant syndromal anterior segment dysgenesis characterized by endothelial dystrophy, iris hypoplasia, congenital cataract, and thinning of[] Anterior polar cataracts are likely congenital and often require removal before the age of 20 years. The pupils are often eccentric and difficult to dilate.[]

  • Congenital Nystagmus 2, Autosomal Dominant

    The patient had small anterior polar cataracts (I, J).[] Other clinical aspects related to aniridia are ptosis with reduced levator function and anterior polar cataracts.[] , And Stromal Thinning Syndrome Keratoconus With Cataract Keratoconus, Familial, With Early-Onset Anterior Polar Cataract EDICT KTCNCT 614303 Genetic Test Registry Endosteal[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Congenital Cataract 5

    Bilateral, anterior polar cataracts were present, and the pupils dilated only to 3 mm bilaterally (Figure 1).[] Notes: ( A ) Aniridia with dot-like anterior polar cataract (arrow); ( B ) pyramidal cataract.[] anterior polar cataract [ 32 ] 2006 c.320A C E107A Mexican Congenital nuclear cataract [ 33 ] 2009 c.418C A Y134X Danish Not mentioned [ 34 ] 2008 c.418C T R140X Indian Congenital[]

  • Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis

    These patients develop irregular cortical opacities, anterior polar cataracts, or dense posterior subscapular cataracts.[] The appearance can include irregular cortical opacities, anterior polar cataracts, and dense posterior subcapsular cataracts [ Cruysberg et al 1995 ].[] However in 25% of individuals, cataracts are first observed after the age of 40 years.[]

  • Amaurosis-Hypertrichosis Syndrome

    Horn Disease Anterior Pituitary Insufficiency, Familial Anterior Polar Cataract 2 Anterior Segment Mesenchymal Dysgenesis Anterior Spinal Artery Stroke Anthrax Anti-Factor[] […] with Limb Anomalies Anorchia Anorchidism Anorectal Atresia Anorectal Malformations Anorexia nervosa Anotia Facial Palsy Cardiac Defect Ansell Bywaters Elderking Syndrome Anterior[]

  • Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis

    No one knows exactly why some AKC patients have keratoconus or anterior polar cataracts, but the evidence suggests that these conditions are not attributable to systemic connective[] […] or posterior polar) cataracts, retinal detachment Differential diagnosis Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis Other allergic conjunctivitis, eg Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC[] Keratoconus and anterior polar cataracts happen to be associated with AKC in some cases and are likely caused by eye rubbing/chronic inflammation and steroid use/chronic inflammation[]

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