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771 Possible Causes for Anterior Uveitis

  • Anterior Uveitis

    Of the 55 eyes, 22 (19 patients) had idiopathic anterior uveitis, 10 (9 patients) had viral anterior uveitis, 10 (9 patients) had Fuchs' anterior uveitis and 13 (11 patients[] Abstract Anterior Uveitis is the most common form of uveitis. There are several known and many possible etiologies for anterior uveitis.[] A 72-year-old woman with a history of granuloma annulare (GA) presented with acute bilateral granulomatous anterior uveitis.[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    uveitis Uveitis with raised IOP Malignant glaucoma (cilio-lenticular block or aqueous misdirection glaucoma) Management by optometrist Practitioners should recognise their[] Anterior uveitis . Scleritis . Endophthalmitis . Optic neuritis . Other causes of red eye : Conjunctival causes (eg, keratoconjunctivitis).[] Secondary causes (numerous) peripheral anterior synechiae (PAS) pulling the angle closed, e.g. uveitis (may become chronic) neovascular glaucoma, e.g. diabetes mellitus membranous[]

  • Uveitis

    anterior uveitis.[] In one community-based study, anterior uveitis accounted for more than 90% of all cases of uveitis seen.[] Anterior uveitis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye.[]

  • Sympathetic Ophthalmia

    Anterior uveitis was present in the previously injured pseudophakic right eye, which harbored a piece of glass stuck in the lower temporal iris.[] The commonest presenting signs were anterior uveitis and exudative detachment.[] Clinical presentation is an insidious or acute anterior uveitis with mutton-fat keratic precipitates.[]

  • Enthesitis-Related Arthritis

    The prevalence of all ILAR criteria at diagnosis, except arthritis and acute anterior uveitis, differed significantly across sites (all p CONCLUSIONS: The majority of children[] These children are at risk of developing acute anterior uveitis.[] […] defined by the presence of enthesitis and arthritis, or by the presence of arthritis and at least two of the following: sacroiliac pain and/or spinal inflammation, acute anterior[]

  • Pars Planitis

    The most common form of uveitis is anterior uveitis, which involves inflammation in the front part of the eye.[] Evidence of anterior uveitis is minimal - a few cells may occasionally be evident in the anterior chamber. Anterior and posterior synechiae are rare.[] —Pars planitis is a form of anterior uveitis, the cause of which is not known.[]

  • Idiopathic anterior Uveitis

    Abstract Levels of serum fibrin degradation products were measured by the Staphylococcal clumping test in patients with acute idiopathic anterior uveitis and traumatic anterior[] The data further strengthen the hypothesis that acute idiopathic anterior uveitis is an immune mediated disease.[] anterior uveitis.[]

  • Iritis

    Anterior uveitis is the more common of the two.[] Iritis, also called “anterior uveitis” is an inflammatory disorder of the iris, the colored portion of the eye that surrounds the pupil.[] Chronic inflammation of the uvea is called chronic anterior uveitis. What causes anterior uveitis?[]

  • Uveoparotid Fever

    The clinical presentation encompasses enlargement of the parotid gland (often bilateral), anterior uveitis, fever, and palsy of either the facial or trigeminal nerve.[] Uveitis, anterior Uveitis, anterior Uveitis, anterior Uveitis, anterior Uveitis, posterior Uveitis, posterior Uveitis, posterior Uveitis, posterior Uveitis, suppurative Uveitis[] Anterior uveitis classically presents with infected conjunctiva, blurred vision, or eye pain ( 13 ).[]

  • Panuveitis

    Therefore, in the present study, we aimed to evaluate the possible influence of the IL17A locus on susceptibility to non-anterior uveitis and its main clinical subgroups.[] Patients with multifocal choroiditis lesions, but with minimal or no anterior uveitis or vitritis, tended to be young women.[] Recruiting NCT03209219 Phase 3 Interferon Alfa-2A;Cyclosporine Pill 41 SOLACE Trial - A Phase 3 Trial in Subjects With Non-infectious Anterior-uveitis.[]

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