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925 Possible Causes for Anthrax

  • Influenza

    Hmong Tigrinya Ilokano Turkish Indonesian Urdu Japanese Vietnamese Karen Yiddish Khmer (Cambodian) Adobe Reader PDF Help VACCINE INDEX Adenovirus J. encephalitis Rotavirus Anthrax[]

  • Skin Infection

    […] therapist Paramedic Work in patients’ mouths Herpetic whitlow Farmer & Rancher Farmworker Animal scientist Animal breeder Veterinarian Touch infected farm animals Cutaneous Anthrax[] […] paronychia (green nail syndrome ), spa pool folliculitis and ecthyma gangrenosum Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, cause of granuloma inguinale Bacillus anthracis, cause of anthrax[] […] of Central and South America Cutaneous Leishmaniasis NIOSH: Photolibrary ( photos : Herpetic fingers, M. marinum, Milker's Nodule and Orf) NIOSH: Photolibrary ( photos : Anthrax[]

  • Tuberculosis

    Glossary 98 Further Reading 102 Websites 104 Index 106 Urheberrecht The BCG Vaccine 62 Häufige Begriffe und Wortgruppen acid-fast active tuberculosis Albert Calmette animals anthrax[]

  • Anthrax

    System anthrax requires treatment for at least two weeks.[] Anthrax of the oral cavity and oropharynx is well known, whereas anthrax of the lips is very rare. We present a case of anthrax of the lower lip in a 57-year-old man.[] One hundred thirty-two of 363 (36%) cases with systemic anthrax met anthrax meningitis criteria.[]

  • Mediastinitis

    Inhalation of anthrax spores into the distal air spaces is followed by ingestion by alveolar macrophages and transport to the mediastinal lymph nodes.[] A fungal infection called histoplasmosis Radiation Inflammation of the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, or other tissues ( sarcoidosis ) Tuberculosis Breathing in anthrax[] […] as an important disease of bioterrorism inhalational anthrax, or woolsorter's disease, is contracted by inhaling B. anthracis spores from animal sources.[]

  • Legionellosis

    Number of Legionnaires’ disease cases by month, EU/EEA, 2011 2014 Related diseases Disease / public health area Anthrax Disease / public health area Botulism Disease / public[]

  • Bacillus Mycoides

    Differentiation is very important because B. anthracis produces anthrax and B. thuringiensis produces the BT toxin.[] In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Anthrax ( , Ed.), pp. 55 – 58 . Salisbury Medical Bulletin No. 68, Special Supplement.[]

  • Bacillus Anthracis

    Anthrax toxins, especially LT, have key effects on both the immunogenicity and toxicity of human anthrax vaccines.[] Current prevention treatments include Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA).[] Protective antigen (PA), one of the components of the anthrax toxin, is the major component of human anthrax vaccine (Biothrax).[]

  • Escherichia Coli

    […] systems overview for 2016 Data Infographic: listeria infections in the EU in 2016 Data Surveillance systems overview for 2015 Related diseases Disease / public health area Anthrax[]

  • Brucella Melitensis

    Página 75 - Development of antibodies to protective antigen and lethal factor components of anthrax toxin in humans and guinea pigs and their relevance to protective immunity[]

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