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8,101 Possible Causes for Antimongoloid Slant, Overfolded Superior Helix, Seizure

  • Pallister W Syndrome

    Antimongoloid eye slant: Antimongoloid eye slant is listed as an alternate name or description for symptom:. Antimongoloid palpebral fissure in children.[] superior helix and small anthelix, sometimes cupped, with preauricular tags (fig 1 ).[] My nephew still has giggle fits that are actually seizures.[]

  • Sotos Syndrome

    slant of the palpebral fissures, prominent jaw and high and narrow palate.[] Temporal lobe seizures were recorded in 40% of patients with SS. Seizures were easy to control with common antiepileptic drugs in almost all patients.[] slant“ (DSPF) -Prominent pointed chin Rio M et al.[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    slant of palpebral fissures, globulus large nose, large mouth with down turned corners, poorly lobulated ears, high arch palate, cleft palate, small hands and feet, clinodactyly[] A 19-year-old female was referred with seizures and the Dandy-Walker syndrome. We continued the medical workup and also treated the patient with psychotherapy.[] A young boy presented with mental retardation and seizures with extensive hairy naevi.[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Propionic Acidemia

    There was mild plagiocephaly and overfolding of the superior helix of each ear. The lower lip had loss of tissue in 2 lateral clefts with bulbous tissue in the center.[] All nine patients with pathological EEG discharges developed seizures compatible with the definition of symptomatic epilepsy.[] […] acidemia (PA), the most common form, is characterized by poor feeding, vomiting, and somnolence in the first days of life in a previously healthy infant, followed by lethargy, seizures[]

    Missing: Antimongoloid Slant
  • Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

    She was described as having triangular facies, broad and prominent forehead, hypertelorism, antimongoloid slanting of the eyes, high nasal bridge with a broad nose and short[] , seizure types, early age of onset, EEG pattern, and responses to specific anti-epileptic drugs.[] The mean age of the last seizure for those who were seizure free for 3 years was 11.3 years (range 2-28 years); in the majority of patients, seizures ceased within childhood[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Hypoglycemia

    Postoperatively the patient demonstrated both generalized and focal seizure activity.[] Severe hypoglycemia eventually lead to glucose deprivation of the central nervous system resulting in hunger; sweating; paresthesia; impaired mental function; seizures; coma[] We present the case of a 61-year-old woman with severe hypoglycemia that induced seizures.[]

    Missing: Antimongoloid Slant Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Mandibulofacial Dysostosis

    Partial to complete aplasia of the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, mild hypoplasia to aplasia of the frontal process of the zygoma, antimongoloid slant of the transverse[] We report a case of mandibulofacial dysostosis with microcephaly presenting with seizures.[] slant of the palpebral fissures, coloboma of the lower lid, micrognathia and hypoplasia of the zygomatic arches , and microtia .[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Alcohol Abuse

    The symptoms associated with alcohol poisoning include but are not limited to irregular or slow breathing, low body temperature, paleness, and seizures.[] Heavy drinkers may experience tremors, panic attacks, confusion, hallucinations, and seizures.[] In severe cases, you could have a fever, seizures, or hallucinations. If you have any of these symptoms, your drinking may already be a cause for concern.[]

    Missing: Antimongoloid Slant Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Cutis Laxa

    Face revealed an antimongoloid slant, slightly everted nostril, prominent ears, epicanthic folds. The joints were normal.[] Here, we report a patient with developmental delay, dilated cardiomyopathy, seizures, hirsutism and cutis laxa who was diagnosed with 1p36 deletion syndrome by chromosome[] Severity of skin changes and facial dysmorphic features such as antimongoloid slant, sagging jowls, hypertelorism, long philtrum, blue sclera and large fontanelles are very[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Hyponatremia

    Post-transplant seizures are uncommon in young kidney transplant recipients but can be harbingers of devastating outcomes such as cerebral edema and death.[] PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety of eslicarbazepine acetate (ESL) in new onset elderly poststroke seizure patients, especially with respect to hyponatremia.[] […] to be a first seizure, other minor seizures have previously occurred. [10] Up to 10% of people have at least one epileptic seizure. [4] [8] Provoked seizures occur in about[]

    Missing: Antimongoloid Slant Overfolded Superior Helix

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