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74 Possible Causes for Anuria, Nocturia, Prostatic Lesion

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    […] stage, the illness causes incontinence, nocturia, hematuria, hematospermia, painful ejaculation, suprapubic and perineal pain, impotence, rectal tenesmus, and sometimes anuria[] IDC-P has to be distinguished from several other prostate lesions with similar histological appearance.[] A 53-year-old man presented to our department with acute urinary retention and an approximate 8-year history of frequent urination, dysuria, poor urinary stream and nocturia[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    Loin pain or anuria due to ureteric obstruction by lymph nodes. Lethargy (anaemia, uraemia). Weight loss, cachexia.[] Colonoscopy, positron emission tomography, and other tumor surveys showed this to be the only prostate lesion.[] The main symptoms include increased frequency of urination, urinary hesitancy, weak urine stream, nocturia, urinary urgency, and hematuria.[]

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    […] albuminuriaアルブミン尿 alkalemiaアルカリ血症 alkalosisアルカローシス alpha-blockerα-ブロッカー anasarca全身性浮腫 androgen excess男性ホルモン過剰 andrological男性[病]学の angiomyolipoma血管筋脂肪腫 antihypertensive drug降圧薬 anuria[] Frequent transrectal resections of the prostate controlled this unusual lesion initially.[] The irritative symptoms include urinary frequency, urgency and nocturia.[]

  • Prostatic Calculus

    The present case is 76 years old male, who visited the Hospital with the principal complaint of anuria.[] The image in lower row shows small amount of post voiding residual urine, one of the results of such cystic lesions in the prostate.[] Symptoms are those of bladder outlet obstruction—weak stream, hesitancy, urinary frequency, urgency, nocturia, incomplete emptying, terminal dribbling, overflow or urge incontinence[]

  • Hypercalcemia

    […] emergency situation with a severe hypercalcaemia, generally above approximately 14 mg/dL (or 3.5 mmol/l).[7] The main symptoms of a hypercalcaemic crisis are oliguria or anuria[] Abstract Prostate cancer is typically associated with metastatic osteoblastic lesions, hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia.[] […] who had hypercalcemia associated with elevated serum concentrations of parathyroid hormone-related protein during pregnancy and lactation.Lethargy, thirst, polyuria, and nocturia[]

  • Prostatic Abscess

    Coronal View CT scan of abdomen and pelvis showing multiple ring enhancing lesions with in prostate (red arrows) Panel B.[] Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and Prostate Cancer Clinical Manifestation CBP CBP/CPPS BPH Prostate CA Dysuria /- _ _ Urinary frequency /- _ _ _ Urinary retention /- /- /- Nocturia[] Complications emphysematous prostatitis Imaging differential considerations include: cavitatory prostatitis from chronic prostatitis cystic prostatic carcinoma cystic lesions[]

  • Cystitis

    EPN is uncommon among the patients of end stage of renal failure (ESRD) CASE PRESENTATION:: A 38-year-old male with uremia and anuria who was on hemodialysis was found to[] Men with an enlarged prostate: an enlarged prostate in the older male prevents the bladder from emptying completely.[] After the treatment, his urgency, frequency, nocturia improved and his bladder capacity increased from less than 100ml to 350mL per urination.[]

  • Acute Renal Failure

    Peritoneal dialysis was started at a mean of 51 hours after transplantation for treatment of anuria (5 patients, 50%), oliguria (3 patients, 30%), fluid overload or hyperkalemia[] Upper or lower motor neuron lesion ANCA antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody; GBM glomerular basement membrane.[] Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms Effects and symptoms of chronic kidney disease include: need to urinate frequently, especially at night (nocturia); swelling of the legs and[]

  • Hypokalemic Nephropathy

    In 1921, anuria in cholera was attributed by Rogers 1 to a fall in blood pressure leading to impaired circulation through the kidneys.[] (link) ] [ Image of malakoplakia in prostate (link) ] Figure 5.[] Main symptom of hypokalemia is renal tubules lesion, characterized with hypocondensation, polydipsia, diuresis, increased nocturia, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus(NDI), protein[]

  • Renal Impairment

    Renal impairment developed in 27 patients, and in 23 of these patients, the worsening of renal function followed a progressive course characterized by oliguria or anuria,[] […] kidney, and prostate) [9, 10].[] At first, patients may be completely asymptomatic, but signs such as alterations in urinary habits (nocturia), generalized weakness, and fatigue eventually ensue.[]

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