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63 Possible Causes for Apathy, Gaze-Evoked Nystagmus, Guillain-Barré Syndrome

  • Neurological Disorder

    FvFTD, exemplified here, often presents first to a psychiatrist, typically with a blunting of emotions, apathy, and egocentricity.[] Gaze-evoked nystagmus is common. All patients have gait ataxia and the majority have lower limb ataxia.[] Uptick in cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome raises concern among health officials SUDDEN PARALYSIS Patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome can experience facial paralysis, like[]

  • Ophthalmoplegia

    […] produces alterations in level of consciousness (decreased at onset, often fluctuating thereafter), cognitive abnormalities (confusion, amnesia), behavioral abnormalities (apathy[] In addition, other findings such as vertical gaze evoked nystagmus (most commonly on supraduction) can be seen.[] Recognition of this rare clinical presentation can help avoid misdiagnosis as Guillain-Barré syndrome or its ocular variant, namely Miller Fisher Syndrome.[]

  • Encephalopathy

    PATIENT CONCERNS: We presented a case of a 63-year-old female patient with paroxysmal dizziness, unsteady gait, emotion apathy, progressive cognitive impairment, and unusual[] Gaze-evoked nystagmus and other ocular marks of cerebellar dysfunction are observed in about the 80%.[] […] disease - Dejerine Sottas syndrome - Refsum's disease - Morvan's syndrome - Guillain-Barré syndrome - Polyneuropathy - Alcoholic polyneuropathy أمراض myoneural junction والعضلات[]

  • Wernicke Encephalopathy

    Manifestations of thiamine deficiency in infants are constipation, agitation, apathy, vomiting, lack of appetite, and later, diarrhea, grunting, nystagmus, convulsions, unconsciousness[] An examination revealed spontaneous upbeat nystagmus ( Video 1 ), gaze-evoked nystagmus ( Video 2 ), and gait ataxia. She had no ophthalmoplegia.[] […] lesions, hemorrhage, infarcts, meningitis and other infection to include syphilis and Lyme disease, glaucoma, hypoglycemia, electrolyte abnormalities, Miller Fisher variant of Guillain-Barré[]

  • Arsenic-Induced Polyneuropathy

    Behavioral features such as psychosis, depression and chronic apathy have been described in some workers.[] nystagmusを呈した一過性身震い様不随意運動 中馬越清隆; 織田彰子; 石井一弘; 渡邊雅彦; 玉岡 晃 第46回日本神経眼科学会総会/2008-10-11 Cerebral Blood Flow SPECT Images of Patients with Upward Gaze-Evoked Nystagmus Induced by[] Abstract Objectives: We report on a patient presenting with an isolated polyneuropathy mimicking Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) associated with arsenic exposure.[]

  • Alcoholic Cerebellar Degeneration

    Neuropsychiatric features, oculomotor dysfunction and sleep disturbances are also observed in MSA and include apathy, anxiety, depression, rapid eye movement sleep behavior[] Evoked Nystagmus Saccadic Pursuit 6 Deficits Caused by Lesions of Dorsal Vermis, Fastigial Nucleus, and Uncinate Fasciculus Box 12-4.[] Rare cases have been reported of severe acute or subacute neuropathy mimicking Guillain-Barré syndrome .[]

  • Cerebellar Ataxia

    […] resting-state functional connectivity analysis with 20 patients with mild to moderate AD, which were correlated with their scores on neuropsychiatric inventory syndromes (apathy[] He exhibited horizontal gaze-evoked nystagmus and sensory deficit. Nerve conduction studies showed sensory neuronopathy.[] Patients with ataxic Guillain-Barré syndrome, as well as those with Miller Fisher syndrome, have been found to carry anti-GQ1b IgG antibodies, suggesting that ataxic Guillain-Barré[]

  • Brain Stem Disorder

    As arousal improves, behavioural disturbances become evident, such as hemineglect, amnestic syndromes (5, 7), akinetic mutism, or subcortical demented states with apathy and[] In the author's experience, these patients often exhibit rebound nystagmus, which is a variant of gaze-evoked nystagmus .[] Associated diseases A large number of patients have associated Guillain-Barré syndrome, suggesting that the two disorders are closely related. [ 8 ] Miller Fisher's syndrome[]

  • Lateral Medullary Syndrome

    As arousal improves, behavioural disturbances become evident, such as hemineglect, amnestic syndromes (861,864), akinetic mutism, or subcortical demented states with apathy[] On neurological evaluation he had cerebellar type of dysarthria, right sided gaze evoked nystagmus, paralysis of palatal and pharyngeal movement, and absent gag reflex on[] This is a combination of coarse gaze-evoked nystagmus when gaze is ipsilateral to the lesion and finer vestibular nystagmus when gaze is contralateral.[]

  • Cognitive Impairment with or without Cerebellar Ataxia

    TMEM240 mutations are as follows: 1) early onset with delayed cognitive and motor skills; 2) mental retardation with frontal behavior disorders (impulsivity, aggressive, apathy[] Features include bilateral esophoria, strabismatic amblyopia, unsustained gaze evoked nystagmus on horizontal gaze, ataxic gait, dysmetria in the upper limbs and dysarthria[] Coordination with a neurologist and intensivist is vital in children being prepared for treatment of Guillain-Barré syndrome.[]