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15 Possible Causes for Apical Aneurysm - Right Ventricle, Coronary Atherosclerosis, Heart Valve Disease

  • Cardiomyopathy

    Ischemic cardiomyopathy is generally ascribed to epicardial coronary atherosclerosis, but it can also occur in any vasculitic process (eg, Takayasu's arteritis), congenital[] ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator; LA left atrium; LV left ventricle; RV right ventricle; SD sudden death; VT ventricular tachycardia.[] Dilated cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure, heart valve disease, irregular heart rate, and blood clots in the heart.[]

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

    atherosclerosis and its consequences, such as myocardial infarction.[] In this condition, a reentrant circuit is formed around the characteristic fibro-fatty tissue that has replaced the right ventricle.[] Disorders that damage the heart or its valves, such as heart disease, heart attack, endocarditis, myocarditis, myocardial ischemia (reduced blood flow to the heart), electrical[]

  • Ventricular Aneurysm

    […] of coronary artery bypass graft(s) and coronary artery of transplanted heart with angina pectoris I25.70 Atherosclerosis of coronary artery bypass graft(s), unspecified,[] Cardiac magnetic resonance images revealed a thin-walled, apical aneurysm of right ventricle with multiple septations and marked obliteration of left ventricular apex.[] ), or valve disease that requires surgery.[]

  • Apical Myocardial Infarction

    Conditions that can cause myocardial ischemia include: Coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis).[] […] was 200ml, with a giant apical aneurysm, a very low EF (10%) and a medium quantity of pericardial fluid, along with right atria collapse. ( Fig. 2 ) At this point a suspicion[] , diseased - see also Syndrome heart (organic) 429.9 with amyloid 277.39 [ 425.7 ] aortic (valve) (see also Endocarditis, aortic) 424.1 arteriosclerotic or sclerotic (minimal[]

  • Right-Sided Heart Failure

    Coronary atherosclerosis B: Coronary atherosclerosis is the primary cause of heart failure. A: Arterial hypertension is not the primary cause of heart failure.[] AN, aneurysm; LA, left atrium; LV, left ventricle; RA, right atrium; RV, right ventricle. ( Panel B ) Colour Doppler of aortic root (parasternal long-axis view) demonstrated[] […] loses its ability to pump blood efficiently, often a complication of other disorders Etiology Left-sided heart failure, COPD, emphysema, congenital heart disease, heart-valve[]

  • Myocardial Tumor

    We report a patient with acute myocardial infarction without any angiographic evidence of coronary atherosclerosis and a left atrial mass detected on echocardiography.[] A non-enhancing rounded thrombus within the apex was noted measuring 10 mm along with left apical thinning/aneurysm with dyskinesis (Figure 4).[] Disease Tetralogy of Fallot Type of TAPVR Supracardiac Cardiac Tumor Metastatic disease Cause of a calcified mitral valve Rheumatic heart disease Primary cardiac tumor Myxoma[]

  • Ebstein Malformation

    Anomalous coronary arteries: location, degree of atherosclerosis and effect on survival: a report from the Coranary Artery Surgery Study.[] Anomalies of the apical portion of the right ventricle can be seen in Figures 13 and 14. Multiple bands of myocardium join the right ventricular free wall to the septum.[] From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Jump to navigation Jump to search Ebstein anomaly tricuspid valve disease that is a congenital heart defect in which the[]

  • Endomyocardial Fibrosis

    Ischemic Heart Disease The frequency of coronary atherosclerosis varies greatly throughout the tropics, reflecting genetic as well as dietary diversity.[] Cardiac magnetic resonance images revealed a thin-walled, apical aneurysm of right ventricle with multiple septations and marked obliteration of left ventricular apex.[] , 033755, 組織性膜, ソシキセイマク, histomembrane, 028836, 膜, マク, membrane and film, 001485, 狭窄症, キョウサクショウ, stenosis, 040129, 心臓弁膜症, シンゾウベンマクショウ, heart valve disease, 011442, 心臓病,[]

  • Atrial Septal Aneurysm

    Pre-operative preparation All patients with risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis are evaluated with coronary angiography.[] The apical four chamber view with colour flow Doppler showing the giant interatrial septal aneurysm.[] Patients with coronary artery disease, heart failure, valve disease, cardiomyopathy, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung disease, thyroid dysfunction, anemia, malignancy[]

  • Ruptured Sinus of Valsalva

    Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva with coronary atherosclerosis: Successful surgical correction. Ann Surg 1979;189:303–305. Goldberg N, Krasnow N.[] Four chambers apical view with posterior angulation, showing the atrial septal aneurysm (arrow).[] Discussion An SVA is a rare congenital heart disease with incidences of 0.5% to 3% among all congenital heart diseases.[]

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