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211 Possible Causes for Apyrexia, Dissociative Amnesia

  • Conversion Disorder

    […] trauma, unlike patients with dissociative amnesia, who have anterograde amnesia.[] Convert to ICD-10-CM : 300.12 converts directly to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM F44.0 Dissociative amnesia Approximate Synonyms Amnesia, dissociative Amnesia, psychogenic Psychogenic[] Dissociative amnesia: The length of an event of dissociative amnesia may be as short as a few minutes or as long as several years.[]

  • Hysterical Neurosis

    To capture the outliers, one must turn to another category of the DSM-IV, the dissociative disorders (see Box 1 ) — specifically, dissociative amnesia.[] Dissociative amnesia Dissociative amnesia is characterized by an inability to recall important personal information that often is associated with stress or trauma.[] ) F44.0 Dissociative amnesia F44.1 Dissociative fugue Inclusion term(s): Dissociative amnesia with dissociative fugue F44.2 Dissociative stupor F44.4 Conversion disorder[]

  • Hysteria

    These types of disorders include dissociative fugue, dissociative identity disorder, and dissociative amnesia.[] Janet studied five hysteria’s symptoms: anaesthesia, amnesia, abulia, motor control diseases and modification of character.[] Dissociative disorders are psychological disorders that involve a dissociation or interruption in aspects of consciousness including identity and memory.[]

  • Accidental Hypothermia

    Accidental hypothermia resulting from exposure is generally associated with frigid regions and not with the more temperate areas of the South. However, we present clinical experience from two cases in which the victims of motor vehicle accidents were exposed to the elements for prolonged periods and became[…][]

    Missing: Dissociative Amnesia
  • Neurotic Disorder

    amnesia convert 300.12 to ICD-10-CM 300.13 Dissociative fugue convert 300.13 to ICD-10-CM 300.14 Dissociative identity disorder convert 300.14 to ICD-10-CM 300.15 Dissociative[] (amnesia), particularly concerning stressful or traumatic life events. dissociative amnesia follows a traumatic or stressful life situation- Sometimes, Imagined stressors[] F44 Dissociative (Conversion) Disorders F44 Dissociative ( conversion ) disorders F44.0 Dissociative amnesia F44.1 Dissociative fugue F44.2 Dissociative stupor F44.3 Trance[]

    Missing: Apyrexia
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Both provided evidence suggestive of dissociative amnesia.[] It is argued that dissociative amnesia in DID may more adequately be described as a disturbance in meta-memory functioning instead of an actual retrieval inability.[] amnesia.[]

    Missing: Apyrexia
  • Amnesia

    Dissociative amnesia is probably underdetected.[] What is dissociative amnesia? Dissociative amnesia is a condition in which a person cannot remember important information about his or her life.[] Questions such as why recovery from retrograde amnesia can occur in retrograde (dissociative) amnesia, and why long-term new learning of episodic-autobiographic episodes is[]

    Missing: Apyrexia
  • Myxedema

    Macroglossia is classified as true macroglossia, which exhibits abnormal histology with clinical findings, and relative macroglossia, in which normal histology does not correlate with pathologic enlargement. This report describes an atypical case of morbidity with massive macroglossia secondary to myxedema; the[…][]

    Missing: Dissociative Amnesia
  • Dissociative Disorder

    […] trauma, unlike patients with dissociative amnesia, who have anterograde amnesia.[] Title Bar: RETROGRADE AMNESIA Title Bar: ANTEROGRADE AMNESIA There are two main types of dissociative amnesia.[] Dissociative fugue is a subtype of dissociative amnesia which is characterized by a sudden intentional traveling urge accompanied by dissociative amnesia.[]

    Missing: Apyrexia
  • Drowning

    Not including boating incidents, on average about ten people die from drowning every day in the United States, according to Injury Facts the annual statistical report on unintentional injuries produced by the National Safety Council. Pool Safely This Summer; Take the Pledge NSC and the Consumer Product Safety[…][]

    Missing: Dissociative Amnesia

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