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16 Possible Causes for Arbovirus, Retroorbital Pain

  • Meningitis

    The total visit cost increased with delayed lumbar puncture procedure, intensive care unit stay, and if the etiology was fungi, arbovirus, or bacteria.[] Coxsackie, herpes virus, arbovirus, measles and varicella are other common meningitis causing viruses.[]

  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Stiff neck, retroorbital pain, photophobia [ 1 ] , nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and sore throat all have been reported in a minority of patients.[] Yale Arbovirus Research Unit New Haven USA 3. Department of Parasitology (Medical Entomology) Faculty of Medicine Rennes France[] Transfusion-associated cases from viremic patients have occurred. [5] Epidemiology The virus that causes Colorado tick fever is the second most common arbovirus (after West[]

  • Phlebotomus Fever

    Eight new members of the phlebotomus fever arbovirus serogroup (family Bunyaviridae; genus Phlebovirus) from the Amazon region of Brazil are described.[] An arbovirus transmitted by sand flies and causing phlebotomus fever. Phlebotomy [fluh-bot-uh-mee] /fləˈbɒt ə mi/ noun, plural phlebotomies.[] Characterization of tick 226 Butenko A M Galkina Irena V Kuznetsov A A Kolobukhina Lyudmila V Lvov 235 Kolobukhina Lyudmila V Lvov D K Butenko A M Nedyalkova Marina S 243 Arbovirus[]

  • Dengue Fever

    It is a arbovirus infection,transmitted by aedes mosquitoes. It is a multi-systemic disorder associated with varied neurological complications.[] Dengue fever is the most common arbovirus disease, and presents with a large spectrum of clinical manifestations ranging from asymptomatic disease through to the development[] Dengue is an arbovirus affecting humans and spread by mosquitoes. Severe dengue follows a secondary infection with a different virus serotype.[]

  • Yellow Fever Virus

    , frontal headache and retroorbital pain, altered taste sensation, lymphadenopathy, and a skin rash which appears 3 days after the onset of fever.[] […] non- infected cells (2 BIOCHIPs per field) EU 14 10 x 05 (test system) 10 x 10 (test system) 10 x 05 (test system) 10 x 10 (test system) FI 2668-1005-3 G FI 2668-1005-3 M Arbovirus[] Introduction Classification yellow fever virus a positive-stranded, linear RNA virus a flavivirus and arbovirus with icosahedral capsid transmitted by Aedes mosquito reservoir[]

  • Yellow Fever

    Emerging and re-emerging viral infections transmitted by insect vectors (arthopode-borne viruses, arbovirus) are a serious threat to global public health.[] Over the past several weeks, a fifth arbovirus, yellow fever virus, has broken out in Brazil, with the majority of the infections occurring in rural areas of the country.[] Yellow fever is an acute arbovirus infection. It is transmitted by the bite of the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and other species.[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    WORDS TO KNOW ARBOVIRUS: An arbovirus is a virus that is typically spread by blood-sucking insects, most commonly mosquitoes.[] However, seasonal increases occur in late summer and early autumn and are mainly attributed to arbovirus and enterovirus activity.[] […] enteroviruses – stomach flu virus - these have been responsible for causing polio in the past as well Mumps virus Echovirus Coxsackie virus Herpes zoster virus Measles virus Arbovirus[]

  • Leptospiral Meningitis

    Abstract For the purpose of identifying the frequency that enterovirus, leptospires, arbovirus cause aseptic meningitis syndrome (AMS) during non-epidemic periods and comparing[] (n 42) of the cases by the PCR Amplicor diagnostic kit, cerebrospinal fluid or fecal culture isolation; Leptospira sp. in 7.12% (n 8) by the microagglutination test; and arbovirus[]

  • Banna Virus

    After an incubation period of about four days, the disease is characterized by a sudden onset, including fever, retroorbital pain, myalgia in the legs and back, and leukopenia[] Banna virus (BAV, genus Seadornavirus, family Reoviridae) is an arbovirus suspected to be responsible for encephalitis in humans.[] […] banna virus的用法和样例: 例句 Keywords arbovirus;getah virus;banna virus;sequence analysis;phylogeny; 虫媒病毒;盖塔病毒;版纳病毒;序列分析;系统发生; A main feature of computer virus. 计算机病毒的一种主要特性。[]

  • Dengue Virus

    Dengue clinical manifestations include asymptomatic infections; undifferentiated fever; dengue fever, which is characterized by fever, headache, retroorbital pain, myalgia[] Our findings implicate dengue as a cause of febrile illness in this population and highlight a need for robust arbovirus surveillance.[] In more severe cases, fever and rash are accompanied by headache, retroorbital pain, myalgia, backache, sore throat, and abdominal pain.[]

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