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1,130 Possible Causes for Areflexia

  • Thrombocytopenia

    A A Pract. 2018 Jan 1;10(1):10-12. doi: 10.1213/XAA.0000000000000621. Abstract MYH9-related disease (MYH9-RD) is an inherited rare autosomal dominant macrothrombocytopenia. Patients with MYH9-RD have giant platelets and leukocyte inclusion bodies caused by mutations in the MYH9 gene encoding the non-muscle myosin[…][]

  • Syringomyelia

    A complete physical examination will then be performed to look for signs of any areflexia, muscle weakness or other classic features of Syringomyelia.[] [5] Clinical features Often asymptomatic Cape-like distribution (neck, shoulders, arms) of: Dissociated sensory loss Dysthetic pain Muscle atrophy , fasciculations , and areflexia[] Areflexia, muscle weakness, and atrophy results, commonly involving the hand intrinsics.[]

  • Autosomal Recessive Lower Motor Neuron Disease with Childhood Onset

    Paralysis spread to become generalized, except for the cranial nerves, and by age 16 years, patients were tetraplegic with areflexia, contractures, and scoliosis, and required[] Patients typically present during infancy or early childhood with progressive weakness, hypotonia , muscle atrophy , hyporeflexia/areflexia, and varying degrees of bulbar[] No Yes Upper limb, distal Yes Yes Lower limb, proximal Yes Yes Lower limb, distal Yes Yes Muscle atrophy Proximal distal Proximal distal (generalized) Sensory loss Yes No Areflexia[]

  • Leptomeningeal Metastasis

    Identification of neoplastic cells in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by cytological analysis is the key diagnostic feature of leptomeningeal metastasis (LM). Because of the lack of sensitivity of this test, considerable efforts have been made to identify alternative diagnostic markers. Data from the literature suggest that[…][]

  • Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    We report four patients who presented acutely areflexia, pure motor deficits without sensory disturbances, multifocal CBs persisting at the same motor nerves on serial electrophysiological[] An acute tetraparesis with diffuse areflexia but little or no sensory disturbance was the clinical picture.[]

  • Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia

    […] described a familial syndrome characterized by (1) clumsy gait, (2) abnormalities of equilibrium which were evident on standing and more pronounced with eye closure, (3) areflexia[] 1886â “1935] see under syndrome … Medical dictionary Roussy-Lйvy syndrome — a slowly progressive autosomal dominant disorder in which sensory ataxia is associated with areflexia[]

  • Enterovirus Infection

    Abstract Miller-Fisher is a rare syndrome of childhood that presents with external ophthalmoplegia, ataxia, and areflexia.[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    The predominantly motor neuropathy associated with weakness and areflexia in AIP can mimic Guillain-Barré syndrome. [7] Nerve conduction studies help in differentiating these[]

  • Dejerine-Sottas Disease

    There was a significantly greater incidence of ataxia, areflexia and clinical nerve enlargement in HMSN type III.[] […] disease is characterized by an early-onset (i.e. in childhood) demyelinating neuropathy, and usually manifests as gradual progression of distal weakness, sensory loss, and areflexia[]

  • Oculopharyngodistal Myopathy

    Difficulty Swallowing 433 Case 69 A Young Woman with Intermittent Weakness and a Positive Family History of Similar Problems 436 Case 70 A Woman with Muscle Weakness and Areflexia[]

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