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3,724 Possible Causes for Arm Pain, Chest Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Tachycardia

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    , maculopapular, violaceous lesions on the trunk, arms, legs, and face; this is called acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis, or Sweet syndrome See Clinical Presentation for[] .  35 y/o previously healthy man  9 month history of tachycardia and dyspnea on exertion  Dec. 2011, dyspnea becomes more severe  Hospitalized in Miami when found to have[] They include: Headache Dizziness or lightheadedness Chest pain Fainting Temporary vision changes Numbness or tingling of the hands and feet Redness, throbbing and burning[] […] and legs Painful swollen joints, caused by gouty arthritis , which is in turn caused by hyperuricemia Bone pain Priapism Tinnitus Stupor due to leukostasis Left upper quadrant[] […] in the extremities) Other symptoms of polycythemia vera can include: headaches dizziness ringing in the ears pain in the chest (angina) weakness or cramping pains in the[]

  • Angina Pectoris

    Previous or current symptoms described as chest pain or pressure, jaw pain, arm pain, or other equivalent discomfort suggestive of cardiac ischemia.[] Postprandial nonsustained ventricular tachycardia was present on 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring.[] At 6 hours after stenting, left hemiparesis was found with deteriorated shoulder pain.[] Not all chest pain is angina and it may be difficult to determine the cause of chest pain.[] Back pain Shoulder or neck pain Not all chest pain is heart-related.[]

  • Myocardial Infarction

    Nausea Vomiting General epigastric (upper middle abdomen) discomfort Sweating Heartburn and/or indigestion Arm pain (more commonly the left arm, but may be either arm) Upper[] Abstract A 63-year-old man with an ischaemic cardiomyopathy, supported by the HeartWare left ventricular assist device (LVAD), presented with ventricular tachycardia and inferior[] The most common symptoms expected and experienced were chest pain, chest discomfort, loss of strength, fatigue, and radiating pain or shoulder pain.[] Pain Choice trial: a pilot randomized trial of a decision aid for patients with chest pain in the emergency department.[] Women more often present without chest pain and instead have neck pain, arm pain, or feel tired.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    […] accompanied by tightness, discomfort, & SOB; cardiac pain often radiates to the arm & neck, and less commonly to the jaw; the pain of AMI generally is. not relieved with[] After 48h following the accident, the patient's condition rapidly deteriorated, with severe dyspnea at rest, tachycardia, and increasing chest pain.[] Area under the curves (AUCs) and 95% confidence intervals (CI); P values of baseline levels of MPO for discriminating AMI patients from noncoronary chest pain (NCCP) patients[] The pain is described as substernal pressure, squeezing, aching, burning, or even sharp pain. Radiation to the left arm or neck is common.[] KEYWORDS: Takayasu's arteritis; acute myocardial infarction; cardiogenic shock; chest pain; young woman[]

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    She also recommends visiting your doctor armed with education materials from organizations like the IOM and IACFSME .[] KEYWORDS: Autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Myalgic encephalomyelitis; Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome[] Abstract A Japanese woman developed prolonged fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, headache, pyrexia, insomnia, anorexia, lymphadenopathy, and diarrhea for two months.[] Cardiological or respiratory causes should be considered for shortness of breath and chest pain, and many other illnesses, depending on the specific symptoms.[] , chronic neck pain, functional syndromes, and somatization.[]

  • Unstable Angina

    , neck, jaw or shoulders Pain in the arms, especially the left arm Pain at rest Pain during mild exertion Shortness of breath How is it treated?[] A seven-day continuous electrocardiographic assessment was obtained to determine the incidence of non-sustained ventricular tachycardia (NSVT) and ventricular pauses.[] The chest pain happens because there isn't enough blood flowing to part of your heart .[] […] patients diagnosed with UA (OR 0.60; CI 95% 0.46 to 0.77), in-hospital resuscitation (OR 0.23; CI 95% 0.09 to 0.64), in-hospital heart failure (OR 0.46; CI 95% 0.27 to 0.76) or tachycardia[] pain.[]

  • Cervical Spondylosis

    , arm pain, quality of life, surgery for adjacent level degeneration (ALD), reoperation and dysphonia/dysphagia.[] Sympathetic nervous type: Characterized by dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, hand numbness, tachycardia, precordium pain and a series of sympathetic symptoms.[] RESULTS: The VAS score of preoperative neck and shoulder pain was (6.57 1.34) scores, which decreased to 1.80 0.65 at 1-week postsurgery, and was completely alleviated by[] Mechanical and degenerative factors are more likely to be present in chronic neck pain.[] It is a good exercise to remove neck as well as shoulder pain. Stand straight.[]

  • Coronary Ischemia

    Other signs and symptoms — which might be experienced more commonly by women, older people and people with diabetes — include: Neck or jaw pain Shoulder or arm pain A fast[] During follow-up (3.5   0.5 years), death (n   2), ventricular tachycardia (n   3), supraventricular tachycardia (n   4), heart failure (n   3) and recurrent coronary ischemia[] (angina) due to disparity between coronary blood flow and workload pressure or burning mistaken for heart burn pain is mid chest to left arm or neck or jaw or btw shoulder[] BACKGROUND: Chest pain is a frequent symptom in the emergency department and often presents a diagnostic challenge.[] Chest pain radiating down the left arm is also a symptom of coronary ischemia and the pain can also be radiating directly to the back in some instances.[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Other symptoms include neck, arm, and leg pain, numbness, loss of temperature sensation, unsteadiness, double vision, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, vomiting and tinnitus[] Effects of volume loading and pressor agents in idiopathic orthostatic tachycardia. Circulation 1997;96:575-80. 7.[] Thirty-two months later, he was readmitted with complaints of occipital, neck, and shoulder pain as well as cerebellar ataxia.[] pain, in a band-like pattern around the chest Curvature of the spine (scoliosis) related to spinal cord impairment Abnormal breathing — specifically, sleep apnea characterized[] Abstract An 18-year-old female patient presented with left dominant neck pain after a motor vehicle collision.[]

  • Fibromyalgia

    RESULTS: Reflexology affected the symptom of pain in multiple areas such as head, neck and arms. Pain started to isolate and decrease.[] Within 4 months of therapy, the patient reported a decrease in pain, a resolution of her dizziness, shortness of breath, panic attacks, tachycardia, and blurred vision.[] CONCLUSIONS: Fibromyalgia occurs relatively frequently in patients who complain of shoulder pain and it can be a cause of failure in the treatment of concomitant painful shoulder[] pain are common in FM patients; medications used to manage pain, inflammation, and gastrointestinal complaints confound the management of FM; and IBS affects smooth muscles[] , chronic neck pain, functional syndromes, and somatization.[]

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