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25 Possible Causes for Arm Pain, Elbow Dimples

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

    Dimpling of the skin below he acromion (the sulcus sign) indicates inferior humeral translation. This indicates instability of the shoulder joint.[] You may have pain and stiffness when you lift your arm. There may also be pain when the arm is lowered from an elevated position. Beginning symptoms may be mild.[] Dropping the arm will strain the repair and be painful. If having weakness on the way down, feel free to use the other arm to help.[]

  • Pelvic Dysplasia-Arthrogryposis of Lower Limbs Syndrome

    Pterygia (these are winglike triangular membranes occurring typically in the neck, knees, elbows, ankles or fingers).[] , back pain, hip pain, joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, neck pain, pelvic pain in the arms pain neck/shoulder pancytopenia pelvic pain pelvic prolapse pseudoachondroplasia[] Loss of cutaneous creases with joint dimpling. Operative reduction of dislocated hips is controversial. Femoral shortening facilitates treatment of flexion contracture.[]

  • Calcified Aponeurotic Fibroma

    The overlying skin was unremarkable and nonadherent without dimpling. Mild limitation of movement in the right elbow joint was noted.[] FEATURES M:F 2.3:1 Median age 12 yrs (birth-64 yrs) Painless hand (71%) and at times, foot (13%) mass of children and adolescents (rarely adults) Occasionally present with pain[] The physical examination showed a firm mass with equivocal swelling and tenderness, and the mass measured 2 2 cm on the anteromedial aspect of the right elbow.[]

  • Churg-Strauss Syndrome

    Affects backs of arms or fronts of legs, especially elbows and knees. Scalp or trunk may be involved. Crops of new lesions may appear over months.[] […] in the legs and left arm associated with numbness and weakness.[] Following a few severe asthma attacks which led to an inhaler change, Ladan’s first physicsl symptoms of something not being quite right were sharp pains in her arms and legs[]

  • Eosinophilic Fasciitis

    In patients with insidious onset or without treatment, skin changes can evolve from edema to induration and peau d' orange dimpling.[] A 4-year-old boy from New Orleans, Louisiana, who had sickle cell disease and a history of a splenectomy, was admitted to our hospital with 1 day of headache, right arm pain[] Key Points Patients develop symmetric and painful inflammation, swelling, and induration of the arms and legs in a characteristic orange-peel configuration.[]

  • SPONASTRIME Dysplasia

    She was noted to have short, broad hands and feet with deep palmar creases, short toes, and dimples in the elbows and knees.[] These spinal problems also cause back pain in people with this condition.[] Individuals with X-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda have a short torso and neck, and their arms are disproportionately long compared to their height.Other skeletal[]

  • Congenital Absence of Upper Arm and Forearm with Hand Present

    Note the skin dimples at the elbow which are related to the infant's position in utero. Figure 1.45.[] Pattern of pain in affected arm Pain elsewhere e.g. associated trauma, co-morbidities, remaining arm Residual limb pain and/ or phantom limb pain will influence participation[] The symptoms of TOS range from an aching pain in the neck, shoulder, arm, or hand, as well as pain, numbness, or tingling in the forearm and the fourth and fifth fingers of[]

  • Familial Capillary Hemangioma

    There was dimpling in the elbows (Fig. 2e ). Pterygium was noted in the axillary region.[] […] or legs Balancing problems Liver [ edit ] Usually liver cavernoma patients are asymptomatic. [3] [4] Major [ edit ] Pain in the upper right abdomen Minor [ edit ] Feeling[] In family 2, individual II:1 has multiple joint contractures in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, fingers, knees and halluces were noted ( d ) and dimpling in the elbows[]

  • Humero-Radial Synostosis

    It was fixed in extension at a dimple, which represented the ‘elbow’ (Figures 1 and 2) ( Figure 2.[] , Shoulder and Hand), Pain Disability Index, RAND-36. - Main changes (audit trail)- RECORD22-dec-2017 - 18-jan-2018[] This does not cause him any functional problems and he has no pain. PHYSICAL EXAM: The left arm demonstrates a shoulder with FROM and strength 5/5.[]

  • Cardio-Spondylo-Carpo-Facial Syndrome

    Loss of cutaneous creases with joint dimpling. Operative reduction of dislocated hips is controversial. Femoral shortening facilitates treatment of flexion contracture.[] Arm Exercises Chronic Pain What Is A Migraine Pinched Nerve Relief Neuromuscular Therapy Shoulder Anatomy Neck Problems Hand Injuries Outlets Forward Neck, shoulder, and arm[] arm followed by arm pain Patient holds arm abducted and externally rotated Anterior shoulder dislocation Can harm axillary nerve Blunt trauma to chest, elevated PCWP Myocardial[]

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