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4,499 Possible Causes for Arm Pain, Foot Discomfort, Microsporum

  • Raynaud's Disease

    Tarsal coalition-related flat feet usually cause pain or discomfort.[] Author information 1 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Turkish Armed Forces Rehabilitation Center, Ankara, Turkey. serdarkb[] He was able to move all the extremities without any pain.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Polyneuropathy

    Symptoms include tingling, numbness or altered feeling which often begins in the feet and hands, weakness of the arms and legs, fatigue and aching pain in the muscles.[] […] they fluctuate, and what deficits and pain are involved.[] Cramping pain occurred sporadically in my arms and legs, especially after any effort.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Paronychia

    The symptoms that are highly suggestive of paronychia are hand or finger pain , skin on arm or hand looks infected , irregular appearing nails , hand or finger swelling ,[] After two days I would say that I have noticed a huge improvement in the discomfort I have been experiencing. My foot feels better than it has in months. Ric J.[] […] area Red streaks spreading up the hand, arm, foot, or leg Pain in the armpit or groin area on the same side as the infection If any of these occur, please be sure to call[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Tinea Pedis

    However, in most sports, any distraction caused by foot discomfort will undoubtedly detract from performance.[] Microsporum duboisii Microsporum equinum Microsporum ferrugineum Microsporum fulvum Microsporum gallinae Microsporum gypseum Microsporum langeronii Microsporum nanum Microsporum[] […] coming back. treatments from a pharmacy don't work you're in a lot of discomfort your foot is red, hot and painful – this could be a more serious infection you have diabetes[]

    Missing: Arm Pain
  • Thromboangiitis Obliterans

    Our case exemplifies the most common presentation, diagnosis, and treatment in a 53-year-old male smoker who presents with arm pain and dusky cool fingers.[] […] presentation: A 39-year-old male smoker with a 2-year history of calf discomfort on ambulation culminating in left femoral-to-peroneal artery bypass presented with right leg discomfort[] Symptoms include severe pain in the lower arms or legs, particularly in hands and feet. Open sores may also appear in these parts of the body.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    The pain wasn’t as bad…It wasn’t the kind of pain that you feel when it’s infected, and your arm is dying.”[] Her left arm had swollen to four times its normal size, and she'd had surgery to scrape out dead tissue. The pain was unbearable. "My arm was dying on the inside.[] He presented to this new ED with persistent and worsening left arm, chest, abdomen, and thigh pain. On physical examination, he was afebrile but tachycardic.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Tendinitis

    Symptoms of rotator cuff tendinitis include: pain and swelling in the front of your shoulder and side of your arm pain triggered by raising or lowering your arm a clicking[] […] providing treatment to relieve the heel pain and foot discomfort associated with both tendinitis and Achilles tendinitis.[] Symptoms of tibialis-posterior tendinitis include soreness, pain, and swelling along the inside of the ankle, as well as aching and discomfort along the bottom of the foot[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Heelspur

    These can cause discomfort and inflammation in the ball of the foot. Wearing high heels.[] Exercises for heel spur pain treatment As mentioned, some exercises can actually benefit heel spur pain. Here are some exercises you can try to improve heel spur pain.[] There are a number of contributing factors which can cause discomfort and pain in the foot.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Arthritis

    Foot and ankle surgery can be painful.[] […] in joint, site unspecified convert 719.40 to ICD-10-CM 719.41 Pain in joint, shoulder region convert 719.41 to ICD-10-CM 719.42 Pain in joint, upper arm convert 719.42 to[] 'Some days I'd wake up and my hands would look like claws because my fingers were stiff and bent and it would hurt to lift my arms up because my shoulders were so painful.[]

    Missing: Microsporum
  • Osteoarthritis

    One trial reported minor adverse effects which were temporary, such as mild joint discomfort, lumbar pain, and cramps in the calf or foot, but none that prevented further[] Pain and stiffness in the neck or low back Pain that radiates into the shoulder or down the arm Weakness or numbness in one or both arms Pain or morning stiffness that lasts[] […] and stiffness in the neck or low back Pain that radiates into the shoulder or down the arm Weakness or numbness in one or both arms Pain or morning stiffness that lasts for[]

    Missing: Microsporum

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