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136 Possible Causes for Arnold Chiari Malformation, Myoclonic Jerking

  • Nocturnal Myoclonus Syndrome

    It has frequently been confused with, and should be clearly differentiated from, other normal jerking movements of sleep, such as partial myoclonic jerks and massive myoclonic[] Acrodermatitis Acromegaly Adiposis Dolorosa Agnosia AIDS-Related Complex Alcohol Amnestic Disorder Alzheimer Disease Angina, Unstable Aortic Arch Syndromes Aphasia, Broca Arnold-Chiari[] Myoclonic jerks are seen about 1 to 9 years later, with an average age of 14 or 15 years.[]

  • Syringomyelia

    […] clinically unaffected Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Germany (2006-2016). ( 29898477 ) Schulze S....Schmidt M. 2018 3 Rhythmic Neck Muscle Spasms and Upper Limb Muscle Myoclonic[] ; Arnold-Chiari Malformation, Type I Citation: Anand LK, Malhotra A, Saroa R, Kazal S, Sarna R.[] (Please consult our website information for Arnold-Chiari Malformation.)[]

  • Ataxia

    jerks.[] Brain masses are best evaluated with brain MRI with and without contrast; the Arnold-Chiari malformation with MRI of the brain or computed tomography (CT).[] Patient 2 initially presented with an increased startle response and myoclonic jerks, and subsequently developed severe limb and gait ataxia, dysarthria, oculomotor disturbances[]

  • Short Palpebral Fissure

    Myoclonus Jerking, Involuntary jerking movements, Myoclonic jerks [more] Very brief, involuntary random muscular contractions occurring at rest, in response to sensory stimuli[] Posteriorly rotated ears Tetralogy of Fallot Cholelithiasis Spina bifida Renal dysplasia Nasal speech Schizophrenia Bicuspid aortic valve Exotropia Purpura Hypocalcemia Arnold-Chiari[] malformation Absent speech Primary amenorrhea Nevus Cataract Hand clenching Cerebellar atrophy Horseshoe kidney Generalized edema Recurrent urinary tract infections Hypospadias[]

  • Mitochondrial Myopathy-Lactic Acidosis-Deafness Syndrome

    Depending upon the degree and location of brain damage, patients may have hemiparesis, lethargy, ataxia, myoclonic jerks, cognitive decline, and dementia.[] […] distinct underlying cause: Dystonic (tonic) tics Head tilt (vestibulopathy, trochlear nerve palsy) Bent spine, camptocormia, scoliosis Atlanto axial and shoulder subluxation Arnold-Chiari[] The jerks are sometimes referred to as ‘myoclonic jerks’.[]

  • Isaac Syndrome

    As well as finally being diagnosed with photo convulsive epilepsy -myoclonic jerks.[] […] distinct underlying cause: Dystonic (tonic) tics Head tilt (vestibulopathy, trochlear nerve palsy) Bent spine, camptocormia, scoliosis Atlanto axial and shoulder subluxation Arnold-Chiari[] jerks and other related symptoms.[]

  • Acute Cerebellar Ataxia

    Four weeks later he developed myoclonic jerks. Electroencephalogram showed characteristic periodic complexes time-locked with myoclonus.[] malformation .[] Other clinical signs include early falling and fine myoclonic jerks of the fingers /limb and can be elicited by tapping the limb.[]

  • REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

    It entails involuntary myoclonic jerks throughout the body as well as movements of limbs and head, likely resembling motor dream enactment.[] Central nervous system anomalies associated with meningomyelocele, hydrocephalus, and the Arnold-Chiari malformation: reappraisal of theories regarding the pathogenesis of[] Brainstem-mediated locomotion and myoclonic jerks. I. Neural substrates. Brain Res. 1997; 745 :257–264. [ PubMed ] 54. Lai Y, Siegel J.[]

  • Cerebellar Disease

    jerks.[] Chiari malformation Large SOL – causing cerebellar pressure About Chris Nickson FCICM FACEM BSc(Hons) BHB MBChB MClinEpid(ClinTox) DipPaeds DTM&H GCertClinSim Chris is an[] Saez RJ, Onofrio BM, Yanagihara T: Experience with Arnold-Chiari malformation: 1960 to 1970, J Neurosurg 45:416, 1976.[]

  • Balint Syndrome

    He then developed seizures, painful myoclonic jerks, dystonias, spasticity and hyperalgesia.[] […] síndrome d'Arnold-Chiari malformació d'Arnold-Chiari, n f síndrome d'Arnold-Chiari, n f sin. compl. es malformación de Arnold-Chiari es síndrome de Arnold-Chiari en Arnold-Chiari[] malformation en Arnold-Chiari syndrome Anomalia congènita de la base del crani amb desplaçament del cerebel i del tronc de l'encèfal cap al canal vertebral a través del forat[]

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