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5,947 Possible Causes for Arrhythmias Detected Prenatally, Sickle Cell Disease, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Asplenia Syndrome

    ), e.g. sickle-cell disease, functional asplenia occurs when splenic tissue is present but does not work well, e.g. sickle-cell disease, polysplenia, coeliac disease these[] Electrocardiogram (ECG): This is useful in the detection of arrhythmias and other abnormalities in cardiac function Echocardiogram: This is a non-invasive imaging technique[] The chest X-ray showed no abnormalities. The computed tomography (CT) scan revealed no abnormalities of the kidneys.[]

  • Influenza

    […] coronary artery disease) Blood disorders (such as sickle cell disease) Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes mellitus) Kidney disorders Liver disorders Metabolic disorders[] ) Blood disorders (such as sickle cell disease) Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes ) Kidney disorders Liver disorders Metabolic disorders (such as inherited metabolic disorders[] (including asthma) Heart conditions (except high blood pressure) Kidney, liver, nerve, and muscle conditions Blood disorders (including sickle cell disease) Diabetes A weakened[]

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  • Cholelithiasis

    We describe a case of a toddler with sickle cell disease initially presenting with abdominal pain who was found to have symptomatic cholelithiasis.[] Diagnosis In most of the cases, cholelithiasis gets diagnosed at the time of routine health check-up through X-Rays and lower abdomen ultrasound examination.[] Abstract Medical and surgical advances have improved the treatment of cholelithiasis (ie, gallstones) in children with sickle cell disease (SCD).[]

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  • Sickle Cell Disease

    Treatment for a sickle cell crisis includes: Blood transfusions (may also be given regularly to prevent stroke) Pain medicines Plenty of fluids Other treatments for sickle[] Abnormalities observed on chest X-rays can represent either pneumonia or death of lung tissue (pulmonary infarction).[] ACS was initially defined in patients with a new infiltrate on radiograph, and an abnormal x-ray is generally required to confirm the diagnosis.[]

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  • Thalassemia

    Sickle Cell Disease Sickle cell disease was first discovered in the early 1900s, described as "peculiar, elongated sickle-shaped erythrocytes [red blood cells]."[] We measured spine and femur BMD and whole body BMC by DXA and assessed vertebral abnormalities by morphometric Xray absorptiometry (MXA).[] Figures and Tables - Analysis 2.6 Comparison 2 Zinc versus placebo (sickle cell disease), Outcome 6 Sickle cell crisis.[]

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  • Fibrinous Bronchitis

    Plastic bronchitis and the role of bronchoscopy in the acute chest syndrome of sickle cell disease.[] Moser C, Nussbaum E, Cooper DM (2001) Plastic bronchitis and the role of bronchoscopy in the acute chest syndrome of sickle cell disease.[] They are related to cyanotic congenital heart disease as a mucinous or lymphatic cast or inflammatory cast in atopy or a fibrinous cast in sickle cell disease.[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    […] failure, and sickle cell disease.[] […] established on the basis of clinical investigations, according to the following definitions: community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) was defined by a new infiltrate on chest X-ray[] , renal transplant Sickle cell disease Those with missing or non functioning spleens Disorders of the immune system including cancer People receiving chemotherapy or other[]

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  • Pulmonary Hypertension

    Some diseases and conditions also can cause group 1 PAH. Examples include HIV infection, congenital heart disease, and sickle cell disease.[] One or more of the following tests may be done if pulmonary hypertension is suspected: A chest x-ray may show heart enlargement and abnormal lung vessels.[] […] connective tissue disease and sickle cell disease, as well as specific medical treatment of pulmonary hypertension and its associated complications.[]

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  • Pulmonary Infarction

    Sickle cell disease: Frequent chest infections in sickle cell disease patients often present with low O2 in the blood, dehydration and fever.[] […] on chest x-rays.[] Though the majority of patients with pulmonary embolism in retrospect do have abnormalities on the chest x-ray, findings are usually too non-specific to be of diagnostic value[]

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  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    Adults ages 19-64 who smoke or have asthma Anyone ages 2-64 who has a long-term health problem such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, sickle cell disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis[] Diagnosis is typically made from an x ray of the lungs, which indicates the accumulation of fluid.[] Children at risk include those: Younger than 2 years old In group child care Who have certain illnesses (sickle cell disease, HIV infection, or chronic heart or lung conditions[]

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