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881 Possible Causes for Arterial Blood pH Decreased, Cerebellar Stroke, Temporary Amnesia

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Cardiovascular system: atrial fibrillation, hypertension, strokes and cardiomyopathy with heart failure.[] Neurological system: acute intoxication with loss of consciousness, withdrawal, seizures, subdural haemorrhage, peripheral neuropathy, Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome and cerebellar[]

  • Electrical Injury

    An MRI of the brain demonstrated an acute infarct of the right cerebellar hemisphere in the territory of the right posterior inferior cerebellar artery.[] This is the first report of a cardio-embolic stroke secondary to mitral valve chordae rupture as a delayed complication of high-voltage electrical injury.[]

  • Generalized Motor Seizure

    Metrizamide is a water-soluble contrast medium used as a diagnostic tool in myelography and cisternography. Despite its accepted safety, its use has been associated with generalized motor seizures, and several cases of this toxicity have been reported. Risk factors include phenothiazine ingestion, seizure history,[…][]

    Missing: Cerebellar Stroke
  • Chronic Alcoholism

    What Causes Cerebellar Ataxia? Alcoholism is not the only potential cause of cerebellar ataxia either.[] Causes include: chronic alcoholism viral infections multiple sclerosis use of certain medications pesticide exposure strokes traumatic head injuries that produce bleeding[]

    Missing: Arterial Blood pH Decreased
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    , 2 patients cerebellar and one patient bifrontal haemorrhage.[] amnesia People who experience any of these symptoms after a mild knock or blow do not usually require treatment, but should visit their local accident and emergency department[] In mild cases, temporary confusion and headache may occur. Serious TBI can result in unconsciousness, amnesia, disability, coma, and death or long-term impairment.[]

    Missing: Arterial Blood pH Decreased
  • Transient Global Amnesia

    […] syndrome G46.4 Cerebellar stroke syndrome G46.5 Pure motor lacunar syndrome G46.6 Pure sensory lacunar syndrome Reimbursement claims with a date of service on or after October[] Medical Definition of transient global amnesia : temporary amnesia of short duration (as several hours) that is marked by sudden onset, by loss of past memories, and by an[] Abstract Transient global amnesia (TGA) is the abrupt onset of temporary anterograde amnesia without any focal neurological features.[]

    Missing: Arterial Blood pH Decreased
  • Cerebellar Infarction

    KEYWORDS: Ataxia; Cerebellar infarction; Cerebellar stroke; Posterior circulation stroke; Vertigo[] In addition, diffusion-weighted Imaging in patients with transient global amnesia has demonstrated lesions in unilateral temporal lobes resulting in temporary amnesia.[] Similar quantitative imaging measures after cerebellar stroke have not been studied.[]

    Missing: Arterial Blood pH Decreased
  • Acute Liver Failure

    stroke on imaging thought to be from prior high ICP and hypoperfusion.[] 4 Yes Absence of liver recovery, progressive multi-organ failure and withdrawal life support 9 Acetaminophen No Yes 2 Yes ICP controlled but multiple infarcts including cerebellar[]

    Missing: Temporary Amnesia
  • Lactic Acidosis

    […] and brain‐stem signs presenting during infancy Basal ganglia lucencies Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke‐like episodes (MELAS) Stroke‐like episodes[] A repeat arterial blood gas then showed pH 7.33, P aCO 2 35 mm Hg, P aO 2 90 mm Hg, bicarbonate 18 mEq/L, saturation 98%, and lactate 6.8 mEq/L, on 2 L/min of oxygen.[] […] visual failure Males: females approx. 4:1 Median age of onset 24 years Dystonia Cardiac pre‐excitation syndromes Leigh syndrome (LS) Subacute relapsing encephalopathy with cerebellar[]

    Missing: Temporary Amnesia
  • MELAS Syndrome

    His left hemiplegia and mild cerebellar dysfunction remained. Stroke-like episodes, CSF, and brain MRI findings were consistent with MELAS syndrome.[] Partially recurrent and progressive neurological events (stroke-like), such as hemiparesis, hemianopsia, cortical blindness or a migraine.[] Later calcification may be seen in the basal ganglia and diffuse cerebral or cerebellar atrophy can occur 3,4,16,21.[]

    Missing: Temporary Amnesia