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57 Possible Causes for Arteriosclerosis, Fatigue, Thick Facial Skin

  • Hypothyroidism

    Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism The following table outlines the key differences in the signs and symptoms between Adrenal Fatigue and hypothyroidism symptoms.[] […] expression, dementia or frank psychosis (myxedema madness) Dermatologic manifestations: Facial puffiness; myxedema; sparse, coarse and dry hair; coarse, dry, scaly and thick[] Despite this, the prevalence of arteriosclerosis is lower than among the normal population ( 10 ).[]

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Fatigue . Many people with PCOS report increased fatigue and low energy. Related issues such as poor sleep may contribute to the feeling of fatigue.[] […] of thick, darker, velvety skin.[] Their metabolism also changes, with an above-average likelihood of becoming overweight or obese and developing arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels).[]

  • Hyperpituitarism

    Muscle weakness, fatigue and lethargy. (Hotman Rumahardo, 2000: 39). Test and Diagnosis Serum prolactin levels ; ACTH, GH. CT - Scan / MRI. Measurement of visual field.[] Serious physiological symptoms also may appear, such as increased sweating, thick and coarse oily skin, and chronic sinus congestion.[] Symptoms of hyperthyroidism may include anxiety or nervousness, rapid heart rate , irregular heartbeats, exhaustion, fatigue , muscle weakness & loss of weight .[]

  • Sjögren Syndrome

    […] with fatigue.[] The lesions are mostly limited to lip vermillion, less often labial mucosa or the facial skin around the vermillion is affected.[] […] neuropathological data has shown that some of the MRI abnormalities can be associated with myelin pallor, dilated perivascular (Virchow-Robin) spaces, periventricular gliosis, arteriosclerosis[]

  • Pituitary Adenoma

    Here we describe the unusual case of a 60-year-old man who presented with progressive fatigue and polyuria, and whose laboratory workup revealed a deficiency of the five hormones[] Clinical Examination Finding Acromegaly  Large hands and feet (with thick fingers and toes) and coarse facial features with frontal bossing.[] Abscess from an intracranial infection Lymphocytic hypophysitis Metastatic disease Arachnoidal and epithelial cysts Ischemic Lesions Pituitary apoplexy Radionecrosis Arteritis Arteriosclerosis[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 7

    Muscle fatigue generally resolves rapidly with rest, but after strenuous activities symptoms may remain for days.[] He was noted to have hypotonia, macrocephaly, a coarse facial appearance, low set ears with thick lobes, downward slanting palpebral fissures, epicanthic folds, depressed[] This bears resemblance to the development of nephropathy in patients with diabetes mellitus, although GSD I patients lack the risk factors of hypertension and arteriosclerosis[]

  • Hyperlipoproteinemia Type 2b

    Sarcoplasmic reticulum Clinical Strength Early: Above average Disease progression: Weakness Eventual LGMD phenotype Psoas Muscle: Other Hypertrophy Myalgias: Post activity Cramps Fatigue[] Well, there are a number of reasons, and they are as follows: • Arteriosclerosis – the kidneys have a role in regulating calcium levels, when this diminishes calcium build[] Arteriosclerosis 7 : 483 –490, 1987 Krauss RM, Williams PT, Lindgren FT, Wood PD: Coordinate changes in levels of human serum low and high density lipoprotein subclasses in[]

  • Sinus Bradycardia

    A 28-year-old man presented with progressive fatigue. Physical examination and ECG revealed severe sinus bradycardia.[] Thick skin with an oily texture, upper thoracic lordosis with compensatory lumbar hyperlordosis, prominence of the lower part of the sternum, and big hands and feet were also[] In the aged, sinus bradycardia represents the sinus-node-dysfunction component of diffuse conduction system disease associated with coronary and cerebral arteriosclerosis.[]

  • Adenoma

    Our results imply that rather than mental or physical fatigue, lower ADR at the end of the day might be driven by endoscopists rushing.[] The features of acromegaly include characteristic coarsening of facial features (thick lips, exaggerated nasolabial folds, prominent supraorbital ridges, jaw enlargement),[] People may also experience fatigue from low thyroid or cortisol levels.[]

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    The evaluation of chronic fatigue in EDS needs to include a careful clinical examination and laboratory testing to exclude common causes of fatigue including anemia, hypothyroidisim[] Characteristic facial appearance, sometimes called the "Madonna face", including lobeless ears, thick nose and lips, and prominent eyes. Spontaneous pneumothorax.[] For example, people with this condition can develop narrowing of the arteries ( arteriosclerosis ) or a condition called claudication that is characterized by cramping and[]

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