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15 Possible Causes for Arteriosclerosis, Morning Headache, Retinal Vessels Attenuated

  • Hypertension

    Note the generalised tapetal retinal oedema and retinal vessel attenuation.[] (especially in the morning in bed) Dizziness Epistaxis (nosebleeds) Abnormal fatigue In case of very high blood pressure the following can appear: Severe dyspnea Angina pectoris[] When the hypertensinogenic factor cannot be reduced or eliminated, as with systolic hypertension induced by aging (arteriosclerosis), recognition of the underlying cause of[]

  • Preeclampsia

    vessel analysis and blood pressure measurements throughout gestation, he found that those who later developed preeclampsia had significant attenuation early in gestation.[] However, for most women, morning sickness will go away after the first trimester.[] The presence of arteriosclerosis suggests a coexisting process, such as “essential” hypertension.[]

  • Hypertensive Crisis

    If the retinal vasculature retains autoregulation ability, vessels will maintain a small caliber to cope with high blood pressure.[] One Monday morning after suffering a bad hangover, John decided to abruptly quit drinking. A few hours after his last drink, John developed an intense headache.[] In other types of hypertensive crisis the pathological changes are those of the benign hypertension i.e. hyaline arteriosclerosis.[]

  • Vasculitis

    ABD. [53] Retinal vasculitis may be associated with sclerosis and attenuation of the vessel wall.[] Headaches are often present along with low-grade fever, malaise, and weight loss.[] LESSONS: Medullary infarction is mostly caused by arteriosclerosis and vertebral arterial dissection.[]

  • Systemic Vasculitis

    ABD. [53] Retinal vasculitis may be associated with sclerosis and attenuation of the vessel wall.[] , and morning stiffness involving the shoulder and hip girdle.[] […] infarction 1 and, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease is doubled. 2 We proposed that this increased risk is a consequence of arteriosclerosis[]

  • Retinal Phlebitis

    On dilated funduscopic examination, he had optic disc drusen, blunted foveal reflexes, attenuated retinal vessels, and diffuse atrophic and spicule-like pigmentary changes[] […] been reading one to her mother ; she went for a few minutes to the window, and suddenly exclaimed, "mamma, I am quite well, my headache is quite gone," returned to the table[] Such disease include Arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis may be divided into the following categories based upon aetiology: hypertensive involutionary atherosclerosis (affects[]

  • Cold-Induced Sweating Syndrome Type 1

    vessel attenuation and waxy pallor of the optic nerve Posterior subcapsular cataracts characterized by yellowish crystalline changes in the visual axis of the posterior lens[] Symptoms The most common obstructive sleep apnea warning signs include: Daytime sleepiness or fatigue Dry mouth or sore throat when you wake up Headaches in the morning Trouble[] ., laceration wounds, fractures or penetrating injuries) Diseases that cause narrowing of the blood vessels in your hand and fingers, such as arteriosclerosis Raynaud's disease[]

  • Degenerative Disorder

    Retinal vessels are attenuated.)[] headaches, fatigue, anorexia, depression, poor concentration, vivid nightmares, and nocturia.[] ., arteriosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis) marked by progressively worsening changes in tissue. degenerative disease Disease featuring DEGENERATION. degenerative[]

  • Spastic Ataxia with Congenital Miosis

    The fundus shows black "bone spicules" of pigment clustered around vessels in the midperiphery. The disc is waxy pale, and there is attenuation of both retinal vessels.[] , vomits in morning, tender/red mastoid.[] .  9.Vascular Disorder: Arteriosclerosis- Anterior spinal artery thrombosis  Dissecting aneurysm of aorta, AV malformation in spinal cord  10.Metabolic /Nutritional; B12[]

  • Choroid Disease

    The retinal vessels may appear normal initially or attenuated in later stages of the disease when the optic nerve may appear pale. 7, 10 There are reports on the presence[] If your child has a CPT, symptoms may include the following: Headaches Nausea and vomiting (that are worse in the morning and improve as the day goes on) Feeling irritable[] The retinal changes that may occur in diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, and vascular hypertension are described below in the section Complications of systemic disease.[]

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