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6,355 Possible Causes for Arteriosclerosis, Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood, Weight Gain

  • Menopause

    Other physical changes Many women report some degree of weight gain along with menopause.[] Copyright 2017 Sociedad Española de Arteriosclerosis. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.[] Fried foods and transfats are also tied to heart problems, weight gain, diabetes and cognitive impairments.[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Obesity

    Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause weight gain as a side effect ( 10 ). For example, antidepressants have been linked to modest weight gain over time ( 11 ).[] Campos, Adaptación española de las guías europeas de 2016 sobre prevención de la enfermedad cardiovascular en la práctica clínica, Clínica e Investigación en Arteriosclerosis[] ., Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis: A Journal of Vascular Biology, 10.1161/01.ATV.14.3.434, 14, 3, (434-437), (1994).[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Cessation of VPA administration led to reduced weight gain and restored menstruation.[] Their metabolism also changes, with an above-average likelihood of becoming overweight or obese and developing arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels).[] Treatment options for Ms R, including those that may affect her weight gain, are reviewed and implications for future fertility are discussed.[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Hypothyroidism

    Symptoms include weight gain, constipation, dry skin, and sensitivity to the cold.[] Despite this, the prevalence of arteriosclerosis is lower than among the normal population ( 10 ).[] … much serous effusion in the pericardium … the heart was large … the arteries were everywhere thickened, the larger ones atheromatous.” 70,71 In 1883, Kocher noted that arteriosclerosis[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Morbid Obesity

    […] aimed at promoting healthy weight gain.[] A lipid disorder increases the likelihood of arteriosclerosis and heart disease.[] The proband's birth weight was 4047 g (1.4 SD). She was breastfed from birth. Excessive weight gain was noted by 1 month of age.[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Myxedema

    Symptoms: Hypothyroidism signs of myxedema includes fatigue and unexplained weight gain.[] Rationale: Because in patients with hypothyroidism can develop chronic arteriosclerosis. Collaboration of drugs. Rationale: To reduce the symptoms.[] ‘I changed my hairdresser but the possibility of myxoedema did not enter my head.’ 1.1 The more general condition associated with hypothyroidism, including weight gain, mental[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Diabetes Mellitus

    SSB intake and weight gain.[] Conclusions In men and women, most variables predicting future diabetes in the present study are also known to be important risk factors for cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis[] Hyaline arteriosclerosis, a characteristic pattern of wall thickening of small arterioles and capillaries, is widespread and is responsible for ischemic changes in the kidney[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Alstrom Syndrome

    […] terms Clinical terms Not everyone with Alstrom Syndrome will experience all of these symptoms Severe Visual Impairment Hearing loss Heart problems Excessive weight gain Dark[] Sufferers often develop early-onset type 2 diabetes, renal and hepatic dysfunction affecting the liver and kidneys, bladder and bowel problems, and cardiomyopathy, where the[] He had progressive excessive weight gain from 9 months of age. By the age of 1 year he developed photosensitivity, blindness and nystagmus.[]

  • Metabolic Syndrome

    He was concerned that training for an Ironman would make him gain even more weight.[] Abstract With the world-wide increase of the number of ischemic heart diseases the significance of the so-called factors of risk which initiate an arteriosclerosis or can[] Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology , 32 : 2060–7.[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood
  • Hypertension

    Rapid weight gain is a result of edema due to capillary leak as well as renal sodium and fluid retention.[] When the hypertensinogenic factor cannot be reduced or eliminated, as with systolic hypertension induced by aging (arteriosclerosis), recognition of the underlying cause of[] Alcohol also adds extra calories, which may cause weight gain. Men should have no more than two drinks containing alcohol a day.[]

    Missing: Onset of Renal Dysfunction in Early Childhood

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