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41 Possible Causes for Arthralgia, Lyme Meningoencephalitis

  • Lyme Disease

    […] bull's-eye rash and erythema chronicum migrans (a rash which spreads peripherally and spares the central part), as well as myocarditis , cardiomyopathy , arrythmia , arthritis , arthralgia[]

  • Lyme Neuroborreliosis

    Constitutional symptoms, including headache, myalgia, arthralgia and fever, may accompany the erythema migrans.[] Meningoencephalitis, Lyme[] There are some terms that help differentiate these patients with non-specific symptoms of fatigue, myalgia, and arthralgia, from those with acute infection 3 : post-Lyme disease[]

  • Erythema Chronicum Migrans

    A 34-year-old man experienced fever and arthralgia several days after appearance of the rash shown here (A).[] Lyme disease Lyme meningoencephalitis Lyme myopericarditis Lyme polyneuropathy Meningitis due to lyme disease Meningitis in Lyme disease Meningoencephalitis due to lyme disease[] Your erythema chronicum migrans might be followed by various symptoms of Lyme disease, which are similar to influenza , like: fever chills fatigue myalgia arthralgia headache[]

  • Cryoimmunoglobulinemic Syndrome

    Clinical diagnoses included the purpura-weakness-arthralgias syndrome, posthepatitis cirrhosis, congestive heart failure and mitral stenosis.[] C0519032 LEPTOSPIROSIS SYSTEMIC C0519033 LEUKEMIA ACUTE MONOCYTIC OR MYELOMONOCYTIC C0519034 LEUKEMIA CHRONIC MYELOCYTIC IN MYELOBLASTIC CRISIS C0519035 LYME MENINGOENCEPHALITIS[] Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis is characterized by the classical triad of purpura, weakness and arthralgia, frequent multiple organ involvement, and with infrequent late lymphatic[]

  • Acute Transverse Myelitis

    (Brazil) [7,11] Case Report F / 11 years old Fever, myalgia, orbital pain and arthralgia. Dengue IgM/IgG: /-.[] Acute transverse myelitis is most commonly due to multiple sclerosis but can occur with vasculitis, mycoplasmal infections, Lyme disease, syphilis, TB, or viral meningoencephalitis[] The patient denied other extra-neurological manifestations of Lyme disease, such as arthralgia or erythema migrans, and had no known history of a tick bite.[]

  • Lyme Arthritis

    Twenty percent of untreated persons develop a pattern of waxing and waning arthralgias.[] In patients with Lyme disease arthritis and no carditis or meningoencephalitis, oral antibiotics are the first-line treatment.[] During early infection, migratory arthralgias and pain in bursae, tendon, muscle, or bone occur in the majority of patients.[]

  • Lyme Disease Vaccine

    3.9 3.5 .34 Myalgias 3.2 1.8 Achiness 2.0 1.4 .01 Late arthralgia ( 30 days after receipt of dose) 1.3 1.2 .54 On the basis of these data, including the safety profile of[] He also determined specific vaccine viruses that were also cofactors: Tick-borne meningoencephalitis vaccine Hepatitis B vaccine Flu vaccine Coxsackie vaccine Epstein barr[] 3.9 3.5 .34 Myalgias 3.2 1.8 Achiness 2.0 1.4 .01 Late arthralgia ( 30 days after receipt of dose) 1.3 1.2 .54 Variable Vaccine group Placebo group Efficacy P Definite Lyme[]

  • Abducens Nerve Palsy

    Case presentation A 29 year old male from Piliyandala, Sri Lanka was admitted with a four day history of high fever, arthralgia and myalgia during the mid 2011 epidemic of[] While many cases are due to brainstem ischemia, Lyme or syphilitic meningoencephalitis occasionally causes a fascicular VI palsy (8, 9). VI nerve palsy, fascicular.[] Isolated fascicular abducens nerve palsy and Lyme disease. J Neuro-ophthalmol 1994;14:2-5. 10. Hanson RA, Ghosh S, Gonzalez-Gomez I, Levy ML, Gilles FH.[]

  • Lyme Meningoencephalitis

    Severe fatigue and arthralgia are common extra-CNS symptoms. Culture is not generally useful for detecting or confirming Lyme meningitis.[] The text is based on the chapter Monitoring of Lyme borreliosis and meningoencephalitis agents in ticks published in yearbook Prague Environment 2006.[] The rash may be accompanied by fever, malaise, headache, mild neck stiffness, myalgia and arthralgia.[]

  • Syphilitic Meningitis

    […] palms or soles of feet, on trunk, limbs, hands ( stigmata ), neck and forehead (" Venus necklace and crown "), flat condyloma on anus or vulva, symmetric knee and ankle arthralgias[] […] disease ( A69.21 ) meningococcal ( A39.0 ) neurosyphilis ( A52.13 ) tuberculosis ( A17.0 ) meningoencephalitis and meningomyelitis in bacterial diseases classified elsewhere[] Fever, pharyngitis, arthralgias or generalized lymphadenopathy develop in most patients with secondary syphilis.[]

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