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3,348 Possible Causes for Arthralgia, Melanin Dispersion in Iris, Transillumination of the Iris

  • Isolated Ectopia Lentis

    Transscleral indirect transillumination of the iris did not show any iris pigment epithelial defects.[] Clinical: Patients may have arthralgias, seizures, episodes of tetany, muscular weakness, or paresthesia; also may be asymptomatic. Al-Ghamdi SM, Cameron EC, Sutton RA.[] transillumination, poor pupillary dilatation, persistent pupillary membranes, iridohyaloid adhesions, and prominent iris processes in the anterior chamber angle.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Exfoliation Syndrome

    The melanin dispersion is from atrophy of the iris pigment epithelium. Actual pseudoexfoliative material may be noted on the TM.[] Furthermore, prominent concentric, circular iris transillumination (grade 3) was only observed in XFS.[] Other clinical signs associated with exfoliation syndrome are pigment dispersion, transillumination defects of the iris and reduced response to mydriatics.[]

    Missing: Arthralgia
  • Systemic Scleroderma

    Spotty areas of iris transillumination, present in all zones of the iris, were reported in 4 patients and were not associated with diabetes, intraocular surgery, moderate[] Musculoskeletal Joint pain can be either arthralgia or myalgia. The terms arthralgia and myalgia are often used in combination or interchangeably.[] The Raynaud phenomenon, swelling of the extremities, and diffuse arthralgias often precede the onset... FULL TEXT[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Common Cold

    These medications effectively relieve pain from headache, myalgias, and arthralgias experienced during a cold; however, decreased sneezing is the only effect they have on[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris
  • Pallister-Killian Syndrome

    This report describes a new finding of iris transillumination defects in Pallister-Killian syndrome, a rare multi-system disorder resulting from mosaic tetrasomy of the short[] […] in Pallister-Killian syndrome: comprehensive evaluation of 59 affected individuals and review of previously reported cases. ( 23169767 ) Wilkens A....Krantz I.D. 2012 39 Iris[] He had brown irides with mild stromal hypoplasia, pupillary miosis, but no iris transillumination. He subsequently underwent an examination under anesthetic.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris
  • Hypersensitivity

    […] antibiotics ( penicillin , amoxicillin , cefaclor, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole ) Infections: Hepatitis B virus Clinical features Fever Rash ( urticarial or purpuric ) Arthralgias[] […] life-threatening reaction that results in a systemic illness that usually includes fever and maculopapular rash accompanied by constitutional symptoms (fatigue, malaise, myalgias, and arthralgias[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris
  • Food Poisoning

    In the acute form, symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis mimic influenza (fever, myalgias, arthralgias, dyspnea, and cough, occasionally with cyanosis); these symptoms[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris
  • Hyperuricemia

    The most frequently reported adverse effects are diarrhea, back pain, headaches, and arthralgias.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris
  • Streptococcal Infection

    We report the case of an immunocompetent child who showed monoarticular arthritis and fever, preceded by pharyngitis and arthralgias.[] The minor criteria include arthralgia, fever, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, elevated C-reactive protein, or a prolonged PR interval [ 1 ].[] Other minor Jones Criteria are fever, elevated ESR and arthralgia. One of the most serious complications is pancarditis, or inflammation of all three heart tissues.[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris
  • Fracture

    […] gluten-driven extra-intestinal manifestations in celiac disease include osteopenia, osteoporosis, fractures [ 12, 13, 14 ], permanent tooth enamel defects [ 6, 15 ], arthritis, and arthralgia[]

    Missing: Melanin Dispersion in Iris Transillumination of the Iris

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