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162 Possible Causes for Ascites, Direct Bilirubin Increased

  • Hepatic Veno-Occlusive Disease

    Multivariate regression revealed that gallbladder wall thickness and ascites (odds ratio   35.370, 56.393) were associated with VOD.[] The total bilirubin (TBIL) level gradually increased to 70 mmol/l and the direct bilirubin (DBIL) level gradually increased to 50 mmol/l, both of which were outside the normal[] […] in abdominal circumference, hepatomegaly, right upper quadrant pain, ascites , and elevated total and direct bilirubin levels.[]

  • Neonatal Hepatitis

    It is increasingly recognized that a syndrome of self-limiting perinatal ascites can accompany the haemolysis.[] However, bilirubin again increased to 13.2 mg/dl at 5 months of age in spite of HSV IgG.[] These included persistence of clay-colored stool, presence of splenomegaly, ascites or anemia, high peak total and direct bilirubin, low nadir albumin levels, diffuse giant[]

  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy

    Maternal morbidity included hypoglycemia (94.2%), renal failure (94.2%), coagulopathy (77.1%), ascites (48.5%), and encephalopathy (40%).[] The main manifestations of AFLP were jaundice (n   32), nausea and vomiting (n   28), malaise (n   25), and ascites (n   25), and its complications included acute renal failure[] Maternal complication included hepatic encephalopathy (6 cases), ascites (6), hypoglycemia (5), hematemesis (2), and postpartum hemorrhage (5) and preeclampsia (4).[]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Hepatic fibrosis was not evident, in spite of the transudative ascites and active esophageal varices.[] About 10% of patients presented with complications such as ascites (10.3%), variceal bleeding (5.8%) and/or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (1.3%).[] A more permanent resolution of the problem of chronic ascites is surgical creation of a peritoneovenous shunt .[]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    ICD-10-CM Codes › K00-K95 Diseases of the digestive system › K70-K77 Diseases of liver › K70- Alcoholic liver disease › Alcoholic hepatitis without ascites 2016 2017 2018[] Improvement was also seen in coagulability, ascites, icterus and consciousness. Case 2: The patient was a 49-year-old man.[] The commonest site of infection was ascites (31%) and bacteraemia (31%) followed by urinary tract (19%) and respiratory tract (8%).[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Hi there, My mom has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis and I've narrowed it down to being stage 4 based off of her having Portal Hypertension, Ascites.[] […] with ascites Liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis with ascites and splenomegaly Liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis with an irregular liver contour and ascites Liver cirrhosis:[] Ascites is a frequent complication of patients with portal hypertension. As portal hypertension progresses, a percentage of these patients develop refractory ascites.[]

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    She had an extended hospital course because of severe disease, characterised by systemic inflammatory response syndrome, pleural effusion and ascites but was successfully[] An abdominal sonogram showed turbid ascites and peritonitis was impressed.[] […] jaundice in patients with biliary pancreatitis Abdominal examination Abdominal tenderness, distention , guarding Ileus with reduced bowel sounds and tympany on percussion Ascites[]

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    […] during at least 3 days or any ascites requiring an invasive procedure comprising percutaneous puncture or drainage.[] […] liver mass that repeated biopsy proved to be a hepatocellular carcinoma Hepatocellular carcinoma: Cirrhotic liver and hepatocellular carcinoma and portal vein thrombus and ascites[] The majority of patients undergoing hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) suffer from underlying liver disease and are exposed to the risk of postoperative ascites[]

  • Wilson Disease

    For patients presenting with ascites, diuretics are the treatment of choice.[] He was deeply icteric with ascites, hepatosplenomegaly, hyperbilirubinemia, raised transaminases, and coagulopathy.[] The most common symptoms are anemia, jaundice, ascites and weight loss.[]

  • Toxic Hepatitis

    Ascites appeared simultaneously and soon became quite massive. Hepatomegaly was recorded when ascites decreased. Liver function tests suggested cholestatic jaundice.[] An epidemic of liver disease, characterized by onset with high fever, rapidly progressive jaundice, and ascites occurred in a rural area of India.[] ALP isoenzyme test (Medical Encyclopedia) Ascites (Medical Encyclopedia) Diet - liver disease (Medical Encyclopedia) Hepatic encephalopathy (Medical Encyclopedia) Hepatomegaly[]

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