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334 Possible Causes for Ascites, Lupus Nephritis

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    […] signs may develop, including peripheral edema and ascites.[] nephritis Summary Nephrotic Syndrome is caused by different diseases of the kidney filters.[] These can include: membranous nephropathy, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, minimal change disease, membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis, and IgA nephropathy[]

  • Meigs Syndrome

    In all cases the surgical removal of the benign pelvic tumor proved to be the only step necessary to relieve the patient of the ascites and pleural effusion.[] Renal biopsy is diagnostic of lupus nephritis. CXR demonstrates bilateral pleural effusions.[] Yonehara Y, Yanazume S, Kamio M, Togami S, Tasaki T, et al. (2014) Concentrated ascites re-infusion therapy for pseudo-Meigs' syndrome complicated by massive ascites in large[]

  • Budd-Chiari Syndrome

    Patients with ascites should be treated with diuretics.[] Thrombus in the inferior vena cava A 63 year old woman with a history of systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus nephritis, cardiac mural thrombus and recurrent lower limb venous[] Figure 32-2 Ascites. Figure 32-2 Ascites. Figure 16-9 Ascites. Figure 16-9 Ascites.[]

  • Edema

    Percussion (For Ascites): Puddle sign: 120-250 ml (Mild ascites) Fullness of flanks: 500 ml fluid Shifting dullness: 1000-1500 ml fluid (Moderate ascites) Fluid thrill: 2000[] The presence or absence of edema in patients with cirrhosis and ascites is an important consideration in the treatment of the ascites.[] Unilateral edema of lymphedema Cardiac edema Hepatic edema Renal edema Dependent edema Facial edema – – Ascites Evolution Legs   Face  Ascites Ascites  Legs  Face Face  Legs[]

  • Portal Vein Thrombosis

    […] of mesenterium and intraabdominal viscus and the absence of free ascitic fluid, atrophic cirrhotic liver, and splenomegaly.[] Thrombus in the inferior vena cava A 63 year old woman with a history of systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus nephritis, cardiac mural thrombus and recurrent lower limb venous[] Patients with ascites had light to moderate ascites and 28% were treated with paracentesis.[]

  • Protein Losing Enteropathy

    Twenty-five PLE patients (56.8%) had concomitant lupus nephritis (LN). Of these, seven patients underwent renal biopsy.[] After sildenafil was administered at a dose of 0.5 mg/kg per day and titrated up to 8 mg/kg per day, ascites finally resolved.[] Physical examination showed the presence of right pleural effusion, ascites, and splenomegaly.[]

  • Lipoid Nephrosis

    The natural history and treatment of lupus nephritis, in Lewis EJ, Schwartz MM, Korbet SM (eds): Lupus Nephritis. Oxford, Oxford University Press 1999;pp 185-218. 31.[] The fluid shift progresses and eventually causes abdominal swelling from ascites, respiratory difficulty from pleural effusion, and generalized edema. anasarca (severe generalized[] In severe cases, fluid can shift into the peritoneal cavity (abdomen) and cause ascites .[]

  • Nephritis

    Nephrotic syndrome may lead to edema, ascites, and hyperlipidemia, adding to the risk of coronary artery disease and the potential for thrombosis.[] […] and sclerosing lupus nephritis Class III (C) : Chronic inactive lesions with glomerular scars: Focal sclerosing lupus nephritis Class IV : Diffuse lupus nephritis Active[] […] proliferative lupus nephritis Class III Focal lupus nephritis Class IV Diffuse segmental (IV-S) or global (IV-G) lupus nephritis Class V Membranous lupus nephritis Class[]

  • Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

    The Ba levels measured in plasma from patients with CKD, ANCA vasculitis, and lupus nephritis were compared to the eGFR.[] “Pleural effusion and ascites may be present; pericardial effusions are rare.[] Pleural effusion (fluid in the lung cavity) and ascites (fluid in the abdomen) may occur. Pericardial effusions are rare.[]

  • Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia

    Most common causes include allergic reactions (eg, drug-induced), infections, auto-immune and infiltrative processes (eg, lupus nephritis and sarcoidosis), inflammatory disease[]

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