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958 Possible Causes for Ascites, Ovarian Cyst

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Menstrual cycles were therefore restored and the number of ovarian cysts reduced, suggesting that insulin and/or IGF-1, stimulators of theca cell proliferation, may be pathogenetic[] Described are the etiology and possible symptoms of PCOS such as amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea, hirsutism, obesity, infertility, persistent acne, ovarian cysts, elevated triglycerides[] Ovarian Cysts Might Not Actually Be Part of PCOS Despite the presence of 12 or more ovarian cysts being one of the necessary criteria of being diagnosed with PCOS, there's[]

  • Malignant Ovarian Neoplasm

    Functional cysts By far the most common cystic ovarian lesions are benign functional ovarian cysts.[] Often associated with ascites. One third of patients with ascites also have a pleural effusion.[] Symptoms of ovarian cysts, masses or tumors may include: Pelvic pain Nausea or vomiting Pain shortly before or after the start of your period Pressure, swelling or pain in[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    […] by endometriosis, known as chocolate cysts Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst Dermoid cyst Ovarian serous cystadenoma Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma Paraovarian cyst Cystic adenofibroma[] We report this case to increase the suspicion index of a large ovarian cyst in all women presenting with massive ascites.[] We report such a case in a prepubertal female which was diagnosed as ascites by ultrasonography initially but later turned out to be an ovarian cyst.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Ovary

    cyst.[] Positive peritoneal or ascitic cytology, the presence of residual tumor, more than 100 ml ascites were demonstrated to have the significant impact on survival by univariate[] A new cell line (TAYA) was established from ascites of a patient with clear cell adenocarcinoma of the ovary, and the sensitivity of the cell line to various anticancer drugs[]

  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

    After this point, the right ovarian cysts had resolved and the left ovarian cyst continued to diminish in size.[] The aim of this study was to explore the usefulness of Ascites Index (AsI), a new tool for quantitative determination of ascites in patients with OHSS, to obtain data for[] A 31-year-old woman with oligo-amenorrhea, severe ovarian cystic swelling and high serum estradiol was submitted to the resection of ovarian cysts and then treated with long-acting[]

  • Ovarian Cystadenoma

    Cystadenomas in the ovaries are ovarian cysts filled with watery fluid or mucus.[] Abstract Large intraabdominal cystic tumors may mimic ascites.[] Their mean ages, bilaterlity, frequency of ascites and nulligravidity were situated intermediately between those of benign cystadenoma and carcinoma.[]

  • Struma Ovarii

    The aim of the research was to analysis of the incidence of struma ovarii – a rare type of tumor – among dermoid and serous ovarian cysts.[] Struma ovarii can mimic ovarian malignancy clinically, when presented with ascites and an elevated CA-125 level.[] A 66-year-old woman underwent right oophorectomy because of torsion of right ovarian cyst. Macroscopically, the ovarian cyst was hemorrhagic and red.[]

  • Ovarian Papillary Cystadenoma

    Ovarian tumours can be divided into three main groups: Functional Benign Malignant In relative frequency, functional cysts account for about 24% of all ovarian cysts, benign[] At surgery, there were 7000m l of bloody ascites and the cystic tumor of left ovary with rupture.[] Seite 46 - Pelvic extension (2a or 2b) with malignant cells in ascites or peritoneal washings Tumour involves one or both ovaries with microscopically confirmed peritoneal[]

  • Benign Ovarian Neoplasm

    Functional cysts By far the most common cystic ovarian lesions are benign functional ovarian cysts.[] Physical examination revealed bilateral ovarian mass, hirsutism, and ascites. Serum CA-125 levels were slightly elevated.[] Loculated Cyst The loculation of an ovarian cyst increases the risk of malignancy (Fig. 6) 21,22.[]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    RESULTS: A total of 78 women were diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cyst with hemoperitoneum.[] Ascites with right pleural effusion initially suggested fetal hydrops.[] Ultrasonography revealed massive hemorrhagic ascites. Exploratory laparoscopy was urgently performed to achieve hemostasis.[]

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