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171 Possible Causes for Ascites, Tuberculous Pericarditis

  • Tuberculosis

    Adenosine deaminase levels from ascites were elevated, suggesting TB peritonitis.[] Adjunctive corticosteroids may be beneficial in patients with tuberculous meningitis, tuberculous pericarditis, or miliary tuberculosis with refractory hypoxemia.[] Results Abnormal pulmonary X‐ray, ascites and lesions of both cecum and ascending colon were more associated with ITB, while intestinal surgery and lesions of both ileum and[]

  • Pericarditis

    Signs and symptoms of predominantly right heart failure were present with jugular venous distention, edema and ascites in 89%, 89% and 62% of the cases, respectively.[] However, it takes a period of time from tuberculous pericarditis to constrictive pericarditis.[] […] that mimic heart failure may develop, including shortness of breath and edema (accumulation of fluid in the legs and abdomen), swelling in the abdomen because of fluid (ascites[]

  • Constrictive Pericarditis

    Ascites differential diagnosis and its association with constrictive pericarditis are briefly reviewed in this article.[] After a pericardiectomy done to restore cardiac compensation and to identify etiological factors, a tuberculous pericarditis (TBP) was diagnosed.[] Two of these cases were initially treated as tuberculous pericarditis.[]

  • Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis

    A serum-ascites albumin gradient 1.1 g/dL and an ascites fluid total protein 2.5 g/dL are typical of CP and other postsinusoidal causes of ascites.[] Two of these cases were initially treated as tuberculous pericarditis.[] Developing countries continue to face a significant burden of CCP secondary to tuberculous pericarditis. Surgical pericardiectomy offers potential cure.[]

  • Pericardial Calcification

    Most impressive physical findings are often the insidious development of ascites or hepatomegaly and ascites; such patients are often mistakenly thought to suffer from hepatic[] Case Report: Herein we are reporting an unusual case of a man who had chest wall trauma in childhood and presented to our hospital at age of 35 years with ascites, easy fatigability[] Abdominal ultrasound with Doppler demonstrated a nodular cirrhotic liver, but no evidence of portal hypertension or ascites.[]

  • Pericardial Effusion

    We report a case of Morgagni hernia with pericardiodiaphragmatic aplasia, complicated by two-compartment effusions (massive pericardial effusion and mild ascites), diagnosed[] Abstract Diagnosis of tuberculous pericarditis remains a challenge.[] The pathogenesis of the production of ascites and pleural effusion in this syndrome remains unknown.[]

  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    Diagnosis of disseminated TB was confirmed by bone marrow biopsy and polymerase chain reaction analysis (PCR) of the ascitic fluid.[] , Tuberculous cellulitis , Tuberculous gumma ) · Lichen scrofulosorum · Tuberculid ( Papulonecrotic tuberculid ) · Primary inoculation tuberculosis · Miliary · Tuberculous[] Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex was isolated from the ascites, sputum, and blood culture 1 month after the patient died.[]

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy

    […] breath (dyspnea) when you're active or lying down Reduced ability to exercise Swelling (edema) in your legs, ankles and feet Swelling of your abdomen due to fluid buildup (ascites[] View Article Google Scholar Fowler NO: Tuberculous pericarditis. JAMA. 1991, 266: 199-203. 10.1001/jama.266.1.99.[] […] signs and symptoms due to the blood backing up and kind of backing up behind the heart and you get things like swelling or edema of the legs and abdomen which is known as ascites[]

  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

    His serum albumin level began to rise and ascites and peripheric oedema disappeared.[] Tuberculous pericarditis. Circulation 112, 3608–3616 (2005). 149. Kuroda, H. et al.[] Clinical features of right heart failure with edema, ascites, jugular venous distention, and tender hepatomegaly are commonly seen in clinical practice.[]

  • Cardiac Cirrhosis

    RESULTS: We analyzed 20 samples of ascitic fluid from the patients of cardiac cirrhosis and compared with 48 samples of non-cirrhotic cardiac ascites.[] The recurrence of constriction physiology due to exuberant post-operative fibrosis after complete pericardiectomy in non-tuberculous pericarditis is rarely reported in the[] […] metastases Myxedema High ascitic protein level ( 2.5 g/dL) Cardiac ascites Cirrhotic ascites after diuretic treatment Malignant ascites Peritonitis Infected ascites occasionally[]

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