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501 Possible Causes for Aspiration, Halitosis

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    The specific viral cause of the infection was determined from nasopharyngeal aspirates obtained at the first visit.[] Halitosis may be noted, because resident flora processes the products of the inflammatory process.[] Examination of the cervical lymphatics, using CT scan, has been used to show the presence of developing infectious processes within the lymph nodes, which on subsequent aspiration[]

  • Pharyngitis

    To prevent aspiration and suffocation, early recognition and removal of the obstruction by endoscopy is recommended.[] Chronic tonsillitis is less well defined but may present with chronic sore throat, halitosis, malaise, and coughing up of cryptic debris.[] PERITONSILLAR ABSCESSPERITONSILLAR ABSCESS  EtiologyEtiology 90% of aspirated cultures grow bacterial pathogens90% of aspirated cultures grow bacterial pathogens  GAS –[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    The lesion demonstrates characteristic features on fine needle aspiration cytology and histology, however at times the findings are equivocal.[] Patient after ultrasound examination and mammography, was submitted to a fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) that was considered inconclusive, and, in order to suspicious[] OUTLINE: Tumor tissue samples, blood, and bone marrow aspirates are collected and stored for future analysis.[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    Myringotomy, where a tiny slit is made in the eardrum to aspirate any middle ear fluid and to allow temporary ventilation into the middle ear space.[] See also herpes simplex I and use Stomatitis) C1136 Ozaena C1286 Pharyngitis (inflammation of pharynx- can cause chronic sore throat- halitosis- and pharyngeal ulcers.[] Seite 110 - ear aspiration" of air; a "physiological test of the tubal function. ‎[]

  • Sinusitis

    As the maxillary sinuses are the most accessible to aspiration and also the most commonly involved sinus in acute sinusitis, they were the most commonly aspirated sinuses.[] Sometimes the patient may also have a fever, muscular pain and halitosis (foul smelling breath).[] […] sinusitis include increased pressure in the sinuses, anosmia (loss of smell), worsening of nasal congestion, thick discolored nasal discharge, fatigue, development of fever, halitosis[]

  • Tuberculosis

    She was diagnosed with extrapulmonary tuberculosis of the wrist based on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) study and synovial fluid aspiration in which the cytology was positive[] Synovial fluid aspirate was subsequently sent for acid-alcohol fast bacilli microscopy and mycobacterial culture that confirmed M. tuberculosis She was consequently started[] CT-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of the hepatic lesion was carried out and the cytological examination revealed hepatic tuberculosis.[]

  • Stomatitis

    Systemically, denture plaque represents a potential risk factor for systemic disease, in particular aspiration pneumonia.[] This condition can cause bad breath, and unfortunately for people with stomatitis, trying to treat the halitosis can lead to more halitosis.[] Erosions or ulcerations are caused by prolonged contact with substances like aspiring, vitamin c tablets.[]

  • Dental Caries

    Acute brainstem infarction and suspected aspiration pneumonia were then diagnosed.[] […] the visible structural defects, the following troubles may occur: Sensitivity to heat and cold Intermittent pain Continuous pain Pulling pain while consuming certain food Halitosis[] Diversity of bacterial populations on the tongue dorsa of patients with halitosis and healthy patients. J. Clin. Microbiol. 41 : 558 -563. Kolenbrander, P. E. 2000 .[]

  • Tonsillar Abscess

    Two studies evaluating procedural pain reported this to be lower in the needle aspiration groups.[] Halitosis If impending airway compromise (very rare) Anxious, agitated, severe distress Peritonsillar cellulitis Erythematous pharynx, enlarged tonsils w/ exudates No uvula[] […] voice (speaking as if a hot object is in the mouth), drooling, redness of the tonsils, white patches (exudates), swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and severe bad breath (halitosis[]

  • Xerostomia

    Further, it is recommended that a tracheostomy be used routinely in such cases to avoid postoperative aspiration of the graft secretions.[] GUM Hydral also significantly reduced the XQ Part 1 dysphagia score, while Biotène Oralbalance significantly reduced the halitosis organoleptic score and plaque index.[] The consequences of Xerostomia for the oral health are serious : oral lesions, dental caries, gingivits and periodontal disease, candidiasis and halitosis to name a few.[]

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