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17 Possible Causes for assembly, midzone, spindle

  • Autosomal Recessive Primary Microcephaly

    […] twelve different genes, many of which encode proteins that are involved in cell cycle regulation or are present at the centrosome, an organelle crucial for mitotic spindle assembly[] CONCLUSION: We propose that a disruption of centrosome integrity and/or spindle organization may play an important role in the development of microcephaly in MCPH2.[] […] abnormally loaded on chromosomes during anaphase in MCPH patients' cells while in cells of normal control subjects both proteins are completely transferred to the spindle midzone[]

  • MRX100

    Register Account Dashboard Order History Saved Lists My Quotes Menu Search text-cart Store Finder Catalog Service Center Locator Industries Services Documented Value-Added Hose Assembly[] To ensure the correct function of the spindle, the activity and localization of spindle associated proteins has to be tightly regulated in time and space.[] MT-bundle bars at the midzone.[]

  • Iris Melanoma

    Model 6711, 125I seeds were ordered from GE Healthcare/Oncura (Arlington Heights, IL), the plaque assembled with the modified insert placed into the traditional 16 mm COMS[] A fine-needle aspiration biopsy of aqueous fluid revealed spindle cells and epithelioid malignant melanoma cells.[] […] metastasis from iris melanoma included increasing age at diagnosis (P 0.03), elevated intraocular pressure (P 0.03), posterior tumor margin at angle or iris root (versus midzone[]

  • Premature Centromere Division

    Centromere Protein B Assembles Human Centromeric a-satellite DNA at the 17-bp Sequence, CENPB Box. The Journal of Cell Biology. 1992;116:585-596.[] Here, we show that deficiency of BubR1 , an important component of the spindle checkpoint machinery, results in premature sister chromosome segregation in murine cells.[] The large GTPase dynamin associates with the spindle midzone and is required for cytokinesis. Curr. Biol. 12, 2111–2117.[]

  • Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis

    Collection and assembly of data: A.M. Taveira-DaSilva, O. Hathaway, J. Moss.[] Histologically, proliferating spindle shaped cells with centrilobular emphysema were main findings.[] Due to an increase in frequency of her intermittent pleuritic chest pain, a CT thorax was organised by her GP which picked up a 4mm cyst in the right midzone of her lung.[]

  • Plasmodium Falciparum

    Nonetheless, understanding of retromer assembly may pave new ways for the development of novel antimalarials targeting parasite-specific protein trafficking pathways.[] […] microtubules are components of the spindle and determining the orientation of the small spindles by identifying their poles and by helping to estimate spindle length as a[] These data provide an insight into the role of oligomeric assembly in regulation of PfMDH activity and reveal that recombinant mutants could be used as probe tool for specific[]

  • Plasmodium

    Here we present the newly assembled reference genomes of both species, thereby completing the set of all human-infective Plasmodium species.[] […] microtubules are components of the spindle and determining the orientation of the small spindles by identifying their poles and by helping to estimate spindle length as a[] Instead, spindle microtubules originate from an MTOC referred to as a centriolar plaque (CP) that resembles the spindle pole body (SPB) found in yeasts and Dictyostelium 9[]

  • MELAS Syndrome

    Importantly, lowering significantly glucose concentration in cell culture improved CI assembly with a significant reduction of matrix assembly intermediates and respiration[] Advances in reproductive medicine such as mitochondrial replacement via pronuclear transfer or maternal spindle transfer hold promise for reducing the transmission of MELAS[] 拡張中期雑音 middiastolic rumble 拡張中期ランブル middle ear 中耳 middle lobe syndrome 中葉症候群 midgut volvulus 中腸軸捻転 midstream urine 中間尿 midsystolic click 収縮中期クリック midsystolic murmur 収縮中期雑音 midzonal[]

  • Partial Acquired Lipodystrophy Associated with C3 Nephritic Factor

    A recent study in yeast suggests that seipin is important for lipid droplet morphology and perhaps assembly. 9 Another study in cultured murine and human adipocytes also indicates[] The pathologic diagnosis of osteosarcoma is made by demonstration of a highly malignant, pleomorphic, spindle cell neoplasm associated with the formation of malignant osteoid[] […] et al (1993) Autoantibodies to a novel cell cycle-regulated protein that accumulates in the nuclear matrix during S phase and is localized in the kinetochores and spindle midzone[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    Score of 7 seek treatment as early as possible, consider therapies beyond surgery and radiation, and have frequent follow-ups, preferably with a team of specialists they've assembled[] Eight years after the end of treatment, he presented with a radio-induced, high-grade spindle-cell sarcoma. Cytogenetic analysis was performed to confirm the diagnosis.[] PROSTATE, LEFT LATERAL MIDZONE, BIOPSY: - BENIGN PROSTATE TISSUE. J. PROSTATE, LEFT MEDIAL MIDZONE, BIOPSY: - BENIGN PROSTATE TISSUE. K.[]