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59 Possible Causes for Asthenia, Halo Vision

  • Digitalis Toxicity

    Digoxin toxicity Cardiology Clinical findings of digoxin overdose Clinical Loss of appetite, N&V, defects in color vision–reds and greens, or seeing halos around lights, psychotic[] Here are some of the signs and symptoms of digitalis toxicity: includes: Confusion Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Blurred Vision Halos or rings of light around objects It is important[] You have any changes in vision such as seeing halos around bright objects. You have difficulty breathing.[]

  • Cardiac Glycoside Poisoning

    Eyes, ears, nose, and throat: Blurred vision Halos around objects (yellow, green, white) * Skin: Allergic reaction (See also: Stevens-Johnson syndrome ) Hives Rash Gastrointestinal[] ., treatment with diuretics ) Clinical features : Nausea/vomiting, diarrhe a, gastrointestinal pa in, and anorexia Blurry vision with a yellow tint a nd halos, disorienta[]

  • Hyperkalemia

    Drug intoxication also may cause the following: Snowy vision Photophobia Photopsia Decreased visual acuity Yellow halos around lights (xanthopsia) Transient amblyopia or scotomata[]

  • Hypoglycemia

    Methadone is a synthetic μ-opioid receptor agonist that is used in the management of pain, neonatal abstinence withdrawal syndrome, and opioid dependence. Overdose can cause miosis, respiratory depression, and central nervous system depression. Rarely, hypoglycemia has been reported. We present the case of an[…][]

  • Migraine with or without Aura

    Symptoms of acute glaucoma may include headache with a painful red eye and misty vision or haloes, and in some cases nausea.[] Figures and Tables - Analysis 7.2 Comparison 7 Safety of sodium valproate and divalproex sodium versus placebo, Outcome 2 Asthenia/fatigue.[] The most common AEs were asthenia, headache, dizziness, and nausea. Conclusions.[]

  • Cluster Headache

    Other symptoms that may progressively appear are: glare, halos, double vision and perception of colours as more yellow and less vibrant.[] Nasal spray: mild adverse effects in approximately 25% to 33% of patients; bad taste, nasal cavity discomfort, somnolence 5 mg orally; maximum of 10 mg per day Tablets: asthenia[] Cataract is clouding (opacity) of the lens of the eye that causes a progressive, painless loss of vision. The first symptom of cataract is usually blurred vision.[]

  • Digitalis

    VISUAL changes halos blurred vision amblyopia Yellow vision scotoma diplopia 16.[] Long-term use of foxglove can lead to symptoms of toxicity, including visual halos, yellow-green vision, and stomach upset.[] As noted above, other oculotoxic effects of digitalis include generalized blurry vision, as well as seeing a "halo" around each point of light.In some instances, people have[]

  • Conduction Disorder of the Heart

    However, it takes weeks for the drug to reach therapeutic levels in the body and can produce serious side effects, such as “halovision, discoloration and increased sensitivity[] Code Applicable To Blackout Fainting Vasovagal attack Type 1 Excludes cardiogenic shock ( R57.0 ) carotid sinus syncope ( G90.01 ) heat syncope ( T67.1 ) neurocirculatory asthenia[]

  • Asthenopia

    […] he was 27 years old: ‘for greatly taxing my sight in eagerness of reading, I so weakened the visual spirits that all the stars appeared to me to be shadowed by a kind of halo[] Greek asthen ( é̄s ) frail (see asthenia ) - opia Forum discussions with the word(s) "asthenopia" in the title: No titles with the word(s) "asthenopia".[] Origin asthenia (“loss of strength”) ‎ -opia (“relating to the eyes”) English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license.[]

  • Cytomegalovirus

    […] visual halos.[] Of those women who do experience symptoms, those symptoms include asthenia, myalgia and a flu-like syndrome consisting of fever and other symptoms.[] Patient Presentation CMV anterior uveitis in immunocompetent patients typically presents with blurred vision, eye pain, and conjunctival injection; and patients may experience[]

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