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108 Possible Causes for Asthenia, Unable to Stand

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    However, at that time, she started to complain of asthenia, abdominal cramping and pain on the left side, weight loss and bloody diarrhoea.[] Muscle tenderness, peripheral synovitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or distal tenosynovitis, as well as non-specific symptoms, such as fatigue, asthenia, malaise, low-grade[]

  • Muscular Dystrophy

    The majority of individuals are unable to sit or stand without support, and some affected children may never learn to walk.[] I have never been able to walk or stand.[] As leg muscles become affected, walking and climbing stairs become difficult and some people may be unable to hop or stand on their heels.[]

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    This can result in trouble standing-up. Most are unable to walk by the age of twelve. Affected muscles may look larger due to increased fat content.[] Children with Duchenne may be slower to sit, stand or walk. Most are unable to run and jump properly due to weakness in the core muscles of the body.[] This can result in trouble standing up. Most are unable to walk by the age of 12. Affected muscles may look larger due to increased fat content.[]

  • Radiculomyelopathy

    Image-guided stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) was applied to a case of spinal epidural cavernous hemangioma in the thoracic spine. This report demonstrates the potential for spinal SRS in treating diseases that have previously required extensive invasive surgery. A 27-year-old woman with gait disturbance and[…][]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    Patients may be unable to stand or walk despite reasonable strength, especially when ophthalmoparesis or impaired proprioception is present.[] VAERS ID76585 Vaccination Date: 1995 -06-08 Age40.6 YF Symptoms: AMBLYOPIA ASTHENIA FEVER GUILLAIN BARRE SYND PARALYSIS PARESTHESIA VISION ABNORM VOMIT pt recv vax 8JUN95[]

  • Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy

    They are usually unable to stand without using their own body to steady themselves and, as such, present with Gower’s sign (where patients use their own hands to push off[]

  • Polymyositis

    CASE REPORT A male patient, 37 years old, was admitted with signs of anasarca, progressive muscle weakness, dysphagia to solids, and development of asthenia for 45 days.[]

  • Dermatomyositis

    Patients with malignancy, cardiac problems, asthenia-anorexia or pulmonary interstitial fibrosis are also at risk for this poor prognosis.[] […] a cadaveric kidney transplant in 1992 and with normal allograft function, referred to the Nephrology Department with complaints beginning one month before consisting of asthenia[] Clinical and functional respiratory manifestations Most patients presented with asthenia, fever, and/or weight loss (mean weight loss 10.1 5.6 kg), and dyspnoea.[]

  • Childhood Dermatomyositis

    Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) is an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IMM) of presumed autoimmune dysfunction resulting in muscle weakness among other complications. It manifests itself in children; it is the pediatric counterpart of dermatomyositis. In JDM, the body's immune system attacks blood vessels throughout[…][]

  • Poliomyelitis

    Polio, also called poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus. [1] In about 0.5 percent of cases there is muscle weakness resulting in an inability to move. [1] This can occur over a few hours to a few days. [1] [3] The weakness most often involves the legs but may less[…][]

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