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86 Possible Causes for Astrocytic Gliosis, Cerebral Cortical Atrophy

  • Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy

    ] a metabolic disorder of infancy or early childhood characterized by spasticity, seizures, and rapidly progressive cerebral degeneration, massive loss of myelin, severe astrocytic[] The presence of numerous, often multinucleated, globoid cells, the almost total loss of myelin and oligodendroglia, and astrocytic gliosis in the white matter are the morphologic[] gliosis through astrocytic PGD2 receptors (DP1).[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Multifocal spongiform encephalopathic changes, mononuclear perivascular infiltrates, subcortical demyelination and gliosis were also found.[] Vision dysfunction corresponded with cerebral MRI findings where parieto-occipital cortical atrophy was observed in all patients.[] Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, and involves a progressive degeneration of the cerebral cortex. There is widespread cortical atrophy.[]

  • Multi-Infarct Dementia

    Other abnormalities: reduction in the density of synaptic proteins in the cerebral cortex neuronal loss astrocytic gliosis microglial activation.[] Cerebral atrophy and moderate signs of leukaraiosis were detected in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), whereas the PET scans showed a considerable diffuse impairment of cortical[] […] for cerebral atrophy in cerebrovascular disease; they showed that subcortical infarcts trigger focal thinning in connected cortical areas.[]

  • GRN-Related Frontotemporal Dementia with TDP43 Inclusions

    In the frontal and temporal lobes, microscopic changes include loss of pyramidal cells, spongiform neuropil change, and astrocytic gliosis.[] Neurosci Lett 242 81-84 Armstrong RA, Cairns NJ & Lantos PL 1999 Clustering of cerebral cortical lesions in patients with corticobasal degeneration.[] Neurosci Lett 268 5-8 Armstrong RA, Lantos PL, Cairns NJ. 2004 Spatial patterns of a-synuclein positive glial cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophy.[]

  • Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

    ; reactive gliosis Unusual astrocytes may cause confusion with glioma on biopsy Minimal inflammation Immunohistochemistry – JCV staining in oligodendroglial cells and astrocytes[] Mild diffuse cerebral cortical atrophy. Imaging diagnosis : Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) PML A sub acute progressive demyelinating disease.[] atrophy and no mass effect.[]

  • Cerebral Arteriosclerosis

    WHO grade IV astrocytoma characterized by hemorrhagic necrosis, endothelial proliferation, crossing of the corpus callosum, ring-enhancement on imaging, and poor survival gliosis[] […] the best verbal response, and the best motor response glia supporting cells of the nervous system that provide structural and metabolic support for the neurons ; includes astrocytes[]

  • Canavan Disease

    No fibrous gliosis is present but there are Alzheimer type 2 astrocytes in the cortex. CD is caused by mutations of ASPA , which encodes the enzyme Aspartoacylase.[]

  • Diffuse Cerebral Sclerosis of Schilder

    […] and scattered astrocytes with absence of oligodendroglia, axons, myelin, and inflammatory cells (, 2 ).[] […] middle layer zone (Schaumburg zone 2), showing perivascular inflammatory cells and demyelination with preservation of axons; and a central zone (Schaumburg zone 3), showing gliosis[]

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    There is often evidence of neuronal degeneration, gliosis, proliferation of astrocytes, perivascular cuffing, lymphocytic and plasma cell infiltration, and demyelination.[] Progressive cerebral atrophy can be demonstrated on follow-up imaging. Uncommonly, large 'mass-like' cortical and subcortical lesions have been reported on MRI [ 12 ].[] […] of the cerebral cortex.[]

  • Classic Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Syndrome

    Neuropathologically, all forms are characterized by neuronal loss, gliosis with astrocytic plaques and accumulation of tau-immunoreactive neurofibrillary tangles in specific[] Diffuse cortical atrophy was present.[] The disease is characterized neuropathologically by gliosis with astrocytic plaques, accumulation of tau-immunoreactive neurofibrillary tangles and neuronal loss in specific[]

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