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92 Possible Causes for Astrocytic Gliosis, MRI Scan of the Brain Abnormal

  • Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy

    ] a metabolic disorder of infancy or early childhood characterized by spasticity, seizures, and rapidly progressive cerebral degeneration, massive loss of myelin, severe astrocytic[] Magnetic Resonance Imaging A neuroradiologist who was blinded to the clinical status of the patients reviewed all magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the brain for abnormalities[] The presence of numerous, often multinucleated, globoid cells, the almost total loss of myelin and oligodendroglia, and astrocytic gliosis in the white matter are the morphologic[]

  • Alzheimer Disease

    Multifocal spongiform encephalopathic changes, mononuclear perivascular infiltrates, subcortical demyelination and gliosis were also found.[] Of particular interest were well-defined neuronal and astrocytic intranuclear inclusion bodies (Cowdry type I and I), suggestive of viral disease.[]

  • Classic Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Syndrome

    Neuropathologically, all forms are characterized by neuronal loss, gliosis with astrocytic plaques and accumulation of tau-immunoreactive neurofibrillary tangles in specific[] Neuroimaging with MRI (a brain scan) is useful to exclude strokes and other brain abnormalities that may present similarly to PSP.[] The disease is characterized neuropathologically by gliosis with astrocytic plaques, accumulation of tau-immunoreactive neurofibrillary tangles and neuronal loss in specific[]

  • Alexander Disease

    KEYWORDS: Alexander disease; Rosenthal fibers; astrocyte; glia; gliosis; neurodegenerative diseases[] Months later, a friend encouraged her parents to push for an MRI scan of Elise’s brain.[] AxD is caused by mutations in GFAP, the main astrocyte intermediate filament protein.[]

  • Demyelinating Disease

    As lesions evolve, there is prominent astrocytic proliferation (gliosis).[] Astrocytic gliosis in plaques is usually evident in sections stained with haematoxylin and eosin, but can be observed more obviously by immunolabelling the astrocytes—for[] Edema Differentiate inactive plaques in MS Little to no myelin Decreased oligodendrocyte nuclei Gliosis *Decreased number of axons (degeneration) Differentiate shadow plaques[]

  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

    gliosis; however, a reduction of ADCs correlated with astrocytic gliosis and also with spongiform changes and nerve cell loss.[] Other non-invasive tests can be very helpful, however: Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans may be done to look for atrophied (shrunken) brain[] gliosis.[]

  • Multi-Infarct Dementia

    Other abnormalities: reduction in the density of synaptic proteins in the cerebral cortex neuronal loss astrocytic gliosis microglial activation.[] . • MRI scan of the brain is always abnormal in symptomatic patients and shows signs of small deep infarcts and leukoencephalopathy. • CADASIL is an autosomal dominant disorder[] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - An MRI scan uses radio waves and a magnetic field to create detailed images of the brain.[]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    As lesions evolve, there is prominent astrocytic proliferation (gliosis) [ 11 ].[]

  • Central Pontine Myelinolysis

    gliosis.[] Findings on initial brain MRI were normal in 5 patients, but all MRI scans were abnormal with serial imaging.[] […] center of the lesion where the disease process is most intense. 1,3,5 The number of oligodendrocytes is notably decreased with associated myelin-laden phagocytoses and mild astrocytic[]

  • Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

    ; reactive gliosis Unusual astrocytes may cause confusion with glioma on biopsy Minimal inflammation Immunohistochemistry – JCV staining in oligodendroglial cells and astrocytes[] Two weeks later, a new MRI showed progress of signal abnormality in the cerebellum and further extension now involving the brain stem and thalami.[] […] with enlarged astrocytes 13.[]

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