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2,442 Possible Causes for Asymmetric Nipples, Average Intelligence, Slurred Speech

  • Parkinson's Disease

    Difficulty in talking is evident with slurred speech. Diagnosis No laboratory tests help in diagnosing the condition.[] Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease dementia include: depression sleep disturbances delusions confusion hallucinations mood swings slurred speech changes in appetite changes in[] I do remember seeing he was really slow, and he really did have the slurred speech quite a bit, she recalls.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    speech, stumbling, and muscle twitching for 3 years.[] The earliest symptoms of Lou Gehrig's Disease may include: Tripping and falling Hand weakness or clumsiness Weakness in your leg, feet or ankles Slurred speech or trouble[] Other early symptoms vary but can include tripping, dropping things, abnormal fatigue of the arms and/or legs, slurred speech, muscle cramps and twitches, and/or uncontrollable[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Chorea Gravidarum

    The clinical picture is of extrapyramidal symptoms such as involuntary movements, lack of coordination and slurred speech.[] The appearance of facial grimaces slurred speech and impaired coordination may accompany this movement disorder.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Motor Neuron Disease

    The early symptoms are slurred speech and stumbling.[] speech.[] Usually, the first things people notice are: weakness in the hands and grip slurred speech weakness in the legs, and a tendency to trip weakness of the shoulder, making lifting[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • X-Linked Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 5

    Slurred speech Slurred speech is also found in early stage of the disease.[1]. Occurs due to involvement of cerebellum.[5].[] Symptoms of cerebellar ataxia include: Behavior or personality changes Changes in your voice Dizziness Fatigue Headaches Low muscle tone Muscle tremors Slurred speech Trouble[] , limb and truncal ataxia Normal ACTH level CT: atrophy of the pons and cerebellum Tan, et al. 5 24/M 22.5 Progressive slurred speech, unsteady gait, memory deterioration[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Rheumatic Chorea

    Symptoms can appear gradually or all at once, and also may include uncoordinated movements, muscular weakness, stumbling and falling, slurred speech, difficulty concentrating[] Intellectual impairment has been reported in one family in which affected individuals had intelligence quotient scores averaging 10 points lower than unaffected relatives.[] In addition to choreic movements, individuals with Sydenham chorea may develop muscle weakness, slurred speech (dysarthria), diminished muscle tone (hypotonia), tics, obsessions[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    She was weak on one side and had slurred speech & nausea for hours afterwards. She also lost control of her bladder during the seizure.[] Tiziana Zilli, Sergio Zanini, Stefania Conte, Renato Borgatti and Cosimo Urgesi, Neuropsychological assessment of children with epilepsy and average intelligence using NEPSY[] RESULT: the obtained data indicate that although intellectual efficiency (measured through the Intelligence Quatient - IQ) was within average, children with rolandic epilepsy[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Ataxia Telangiectasia

    We describe a 17-year-old boy with slurred speech, mild motor delays and learning disability diagnosed with atypical A-T in the setting of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia[] While neurological problems may impair their ability to communicate, people with A-T are usually of average or above-average intelligence.[] Slurred speech Slurred speech is also found in early stage of the disease.. Occurs due to involvement of cerebellum..[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia

    nipples and volume, webbed neck, hand or foot abnormalities such as clinodactyly (most common is a curved 5th finger) and cutaneous syndactyly (webbed fingers / toes).Females[] In conclusion, individuals diagnosed with frontonasal dysplasia usually are of average intelligence and can expect a normal life span.[] Nipples were placed widely and asymmetrically. Examination of the spine revealed scoliosis in the thoracolumbar region.[]

    Missing: Slurred Speech
  • Adult Spinal Muscular Atrophy

    speech Drooling Difficulty swallowing and breathing in more advanced stages Less commonly, symptoms firstly appear in the tongue or hands and progresses downwards to the[] The brain is not affected, and they have been tested to have at least average to above average intelligence.[] speech recurring pneumonia (infection of lung tissue) Some people with Kennedy’s syndrome also develop enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia), diabetes and a low sperm count[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples

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