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13 Possible Causes for Asymmetric Nipples, Failure to Thrive in Infancy, Short Neck

  • Noonan Syndrome

    Noonan syndrome is an autosomal, dominantly inherited disease; it is physically characterized by short stature, short neck, webbed neck, abnormal auricles, high arched palate[] In addition, nipples were wide-spaced and appeared to be low-set. On genital examination, testicles appeared to be small.[] […] to thrive in infancy Faltering weight in infancy Weight faltering in infancy [ more ] 0001531 High, narrow palate Narrow, high-arched roof of mouth Narrow, highly arched[]

  • Neurofibromatosis-Noonan Syndrome

    […] to thrive in infancy as a result of severe postnatal feeding difficulties; short stature; developmental delay or intellectual disability; coarse facial features (full lips[] He has multiple café-au-lait spots and axillary freckling, relative macrocephaly, ptosis, mid-face hypoplasia, short neck and pulmonic stenosis.[] At age 10.5 months, she was noted to have plagiocephaly, facial asymmetry with left side smaller than the right, webbed neck, asymmetric chest with widely spaced nipples,[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    Congenital hyperthyroidism can be a cause of failure to thrive, hyperactivity, developmental delay, and craniosynostosis during infancy.[] neck, syndactyly, and cardiac defects.[] nipples, bifid digits and agenesis of the corpus callosum. 30 The identification of causative mutations in EFNB1, which confer loss of function and are correspondingly diverse[]

  • Anorchia

    Characteristic features of PWS include hypotonia, weak suck, feeding difficulties and failure to thrive in infancy with later development of hypothalamic hyperphagia and often[] […] discharge Axillary lymphadenopathy Nonpainful mass (pain more common in gynecomastia) Often unilateral Personal history of malignancy Lipoma 0.9 to 2.9 Asymmetric breast[] […] stature, webbed neck, hypertelorism, ptosis, low posterior hairline, low-set ears, pectus excavatum, cryptorchidism, valvular pulmonary stenosis, lymphedema, and bleeding[]

  • Non-Syndromic Aplasia Cutis Congenita

    […] stature Micropenis Fever Short neck Low-set ears Flexion contracture Mild microcephaly Epileptic encephalopathy Generalized myoclonic seizures Cerebellar vermis hypoplasia[] , cranial arteriovenous malformation, congenital heart defects, skin tags, supernumerary nipples, and woolly hair.[] Additional features include intellectual disability, nail dystrophy, short stature and cardiac abnormalities. {ECO:0000269 PubMed:23122588}.[]

  • Curry Hall Syndrome

    neck Intellectual disability Myopia Epiphyseal dysplasia Metaphyseal irregularity Generalized hypotonia Abnormal facial shape Delayed skeletal maturation Anteverted nares[] At age 10.5 months, she was noted to have plagiocephaly, facial asymmetry with left side smaller than the right, webbed neck, asymmetric chest with widely spaced nipples,[] High-vaulted palate Age at most recent measurements (years) Narrow palate Cleft-lip/palate Low set ears Posteriorly rotated pinnae Attached ear lobules Hearing impairment Short[]

  • Situs Inversus

    neck Abnormal oral mucosa morphology Brachydactyly Smooth philtrum Poor speech Neurological speech impairment Apnea High forehead Autism Prominent forehead Midface retrusion[] Hypocalcemia Cafe-au-lait spot Sparse scalp hair Underdeveloped nasal alae Glycosuria Hypopituitarism Perineal fistula Vomiting Growth hormone deficiency Dilated cardiomyopathy Asymmetric[] […] to thrive in infancy Cachexia Anencephaly Esophageal atresia Missing ribs Single umbilical artery Tracheal stenosis Atelectasis Narrow foot Inguinal hernia Dilatation Genu[]

  • Rapp-Hodgkin Syndrome

    neck Hirsutism Low-set ears Motor delay Global developmental delay Multiple rows of eyelashes Euryblepharon Ectropion of lower eyelids Thyroid agenesis High, narrow palate[] Breast and/or nipple hypoplasia that may be symmetric or asymmetric is typically seen in ADULT syndrome and limb-mammary syndrome and not in other TP63- related disorders.[] […] in infancy and early childhood is historically 25%  Due to hyper thermia, failure to thrive and respiratory infections 47.  Associated Hyperthermia desreves in early diagnosis[]

  • Oto-Facio-Osseous Gonadal Syndrome

    Related symptoms: Autosomal recessive inheritance Microcephaly Cleft palate Low-set ears Short neck SOURCES: DOID UMLS MONDO OMIM More info about MECKEL SYNDROME, TYPE 8;[] At age 10.5 months, she was noted to have plagiocephaly, facial asymmetry with left side smaller than the right, webbed neck, asymmetric chest with widely spaced nipples,[] […] to thrive in infancy Chronic kidney disease Polydipsia Metaphyseal widening Hyponatremia Dehydration Progressive neurologic deterioration Confusion Glycosuria Hypopigmentation[]

  • Frontoocular Syndrome

    neck Midface retrusion Constipation Feeding difficulties in infancy Neonatal hypotonia X-linked inheritance Unsteady gait Open mouth Pachygyria Intellectual disability, profound[] nipples and volume, webbed neck, hand or foot abnormalities such as clinodactyly (most common is a curved 5th finger) and cutaneous syndactyly (webbed fingers / toes). [3[] Medically, hypotonia, oropharyngeal dysphagia leading to failure to thrive, congenital heart disease, hypoglycemia associated with growth hormone deficiency, and mildly dysmorphic[]

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