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4,391 Possible Causes for Asymmetric Nipples, Heart Valve Disease, Malignant Melanoma

  • Noonan Syndrome

    […] tumour samples: p.G248R (glioma, large intestine carcinoma and melanoma) and p.R284C (endometrium carcinoma) in the catalogue of somatic mutations in cancer (COSMIC database[] Most babies with Noonan syndrome are also born with heart disease.[] In addition, nipples were wide-spaced and appeared to be low-set. On genital examination, testicles appeared to be small.[]

  • Influenza

    […] cell line highly susceptible to influenza C virus, J Gen Virol, 1989 , vol. 70 (pg. 1653 - 61 ) 14 Human malignant melanoma cell line (HMV-II) for isolation of influenza[] The human malignant melanoma (HMV-II) cells used in this study were maintained in RPMI 1640 medium (Nacalai Tesque) with 10% fetal calf serum (FCS).[] melanoma (HMV)–II.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Breast

    The following are the appropriate code assignments for a neoplasm diagnosis of the breast skin: • 172.5, Malignant melanoma of skin of breast; • 173.5, Primary malignant neoplasm[] This means that it's not suitable if you have a heart problem, such as angina , uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension) , or heart valve disease.[] […] or asymmetrical swelling of the breast occurs.[]

  • Carcinoid Tumor

    In a few cases, such as for malignant melanoma and certain neuroendocrine tumors, the morphology (histologic type) is included in the category and codes.[] Transthoracic echocardiography showed morphologic changes that affected all four heart valves, consistent with carcinoid heart disease but without a patent foramen ovale ([] Common cancers that have been know to metastasize to the breast include:- prostate lung thyroid kidney hematopoietic system malignant melanoma If a woman has a clinically[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Intracranial Hemorrhage

    Choriocarcinoma, II. malignant melanoma, III. renal cell carcinoma, and IV. bronchogenic carcinoma are among the most common metastatic tumors associated with ICH 26.[] disease, atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valve, previous stroke, or transient ischemic attack.[] Glioblastomas are the most common primary malignancies to hemorrhage while thyroid, renal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and lung cancer are the most common causes of hemorrhage[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Congenital Nevus

    More than a half of the patients in which malignant melanoma developed in giant congenital nevi were under the age of 10.[] We report a 26-year-old male with a 4 mm diameter, asymmetric, irregularly pigmented and bordered, brown maculopapular lesion on the right nipple present since childhood with[] Treatment is recommended to reduce the risk of spontaneous malignant transformation of giant nevi into malignant melanomas that usually occur in childhood.[]

    Missing: Heart Valve Disease
  • Malignant Carcinoid Syndrome

    In a few cases, such as for malignant melanoma and certain neuroendocrine tumors, the morphology (histologic type) is included in the category and codes.[] Nearly 40% of patients exhibiting the carcinoid syndrome will develop carcinoid heart disease (CHD) with fibrotic endocardial plaques and associated heart valve dysfunction[] Rajamannan NM et al (2001) Cell proliferation in carcinoid valve disease: a mechanism for serotonin effects J Heart Valve Dis 10 (6) 827–31 PMID: 11767194 22.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Pericardial Cyst

    Stay current on aortic and mitral valve disease, prosthetic heart valve disease, interventional and intraoperative echocardiography, transesophageal echocardiography, CAD,[] […] complications of MI, pericardial disease and intracardiac masses, myocardial diseases, heart failure filling pressures, CRT, CHD, and new technologies.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Sunburn

    Abstract It is unknown whether the established risk factors for malignant melanoma in whites influence malignant melanoma risk in non-whites.[] BACKGROUND: Sunburn and sun bed use increase risk of malignant melanoma, the incidence of which continues to rise.[] ‘One severe sunburn early in life doubles the chances of future malignant melanoma.’[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples Heart Valve Disease
  • Myxoid Transformation of the Mitral Valve

    […] rheumatic valve disease, floppy valve disease, infective endocarditis and carcinoid heart disease.[] Primary cutaneous melanoma is the most common subtype of malignant melanoma, a malignant neoplasm that arises from melanocytes.[] Malignant: Basal cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma. Malignant melanoma. Merkel cell carcinoma. Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. Atypical fibroxanthoma.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples

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