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541 Possible Causes for Asymmetric Nipples, Hypoplastic, Absent or Deformed Radius, Large Breast

Did you mean: Asymmetric Nipples, Hypoplastic, Absent or, Deformed, Radius, Large Breast

  • Poland Syndrome

    The mother was a non-smoker, primiparous and there was no family history of congenital malformations, syndromes or consanguinity.[] Last updated Dec. 26, 2018 NIH Image of a 55-year-old male with Poland Syndrome showing asymmetric appearance of the nipples.[] A male-to-female transsexual on hormonal therapy for gender reassignment developed one normal female-shaped breast whereas the other breast remained hypoplastic.[] […] wall and breast.[]

  • Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia

    ICD-10-CM Codes › Q00-Q99 Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities › Q65-Q79 Congenital malformations and deformations of the musculoskeletal system[] Our patient also had hypoplastic and ectopic left kidney. Both fibrous dysplasia and myxomas presented with typical findings on imaging studies.[] See also Fibrous dysplasia References External links GNAS gene NORD v t e Congenital malformations and deformations of musculoskeletal system ( Q65-Q79 , 754-[] Both cases showed good bone healing and no recurrent deformity. The gross deformities were corrected, and both patients were pain-free after operation.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Ulnar Mammary Syndrome

    Category Congenital malformation Brite Human diseases [BR: br08402 ] Congenital malformations Congenital malformations of the musculoskeletal system H00637 Ulnar-mammary syndrome[] […] hypoplasia, asymmetrical features including unilateral ulnar or renal abnormalities).[] […] nipples in the brothers; and hypoplastic mammary glands and nipples, poor perspiration, and bicornuate uterus in the mother.[] In addition, we find that TBX3 regulates a large group of genes in breast cancer.[]

  • Bifid Nose

    Bifid nose, an indicator of Tessier No.0, is a rare congenital malformation.[] A low implantation of the breasts was seen in the majority of patients (19/21), and in addition most of them had asymmetrical heights of their nipples (11/19).[] The alar and upper nasal cartilages are hypoplastic and often displaced laterally. [3] , [4] A thick subcutaneous fibromuscular band from the alar cartilages to the frontal[] Implants may require removal or replacement depending on the need Reduction Mammoplasty Very large breasts are made smaller and more proportional to the body.[]

  • Preeclampsia

    The patient also presented spinal and pelvic deformity, fixation of articulus mandibularis, and tracheal displacement because of a traffic accident 11 years ago.[] Rychik, Cerebrovascular response to maternal hyperoxygenation in fetuses with hypoplastic left heart syndrome depends on gestational age and baseline cerebrovascular resistance[] Multifactor-dimensionality reduction reveals high-order interactions among estrogen-metabolism genes in sporadic breast cancer. Am J Hum Genet. 2001;69(1):138–47. 7.[] (acquired) (congenital) displacement, uterus NEC 654.4 disproportion NEC 653.9 distress eclampsia 642.6 face presentation 652.4 failed fetal deformity 653.7 fetal-maternal[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Acro-Pectoral Syndrome

    ICD-10-CM Codes › Q00-Q99 Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities › Q80-Q89 Other congenital malformations › Q87- Other specified congenital malformation[] Examination revealed hypoplastic/aplastic left breast with absence of the nipple-areola complex, lack of subcutaneous fat and axillary hair, absent anterior axillary fold[] Rotator cuff tendon This is also an important muscle and tendon to lift the arm and is situated deep to the deltoid Sterno-clavicular (SC) joint The junction between the breast[] The number and location of hypoplastic muscles correlate with the severity of skeletal involvement.[]

  • Gynecomastia

    There were no infections, contour deformities, or recurrences.[] The areola, the area of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple, may increase in diameter, and the chest tissue may appear asymmetrical.[] Gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to have large breast tissue. It can cause tenderness or pain in a man’s breasts.[] BACKGROUND: Gynecomastia is a common deformity of the male breast, where certain cases warrant surgical management.[]

    Missing: Hypoplastic
  • Spondylocostal Dysostosis

    malformations of musculoskeletal system Or: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM Q79.9 Congenital malformation of musculoskeletal system, unspecified Applies To Congenital: anomaly NOS of musculoskeletal[] The latter include hemivertebrae, fused, hypoplastic, and "butterfly" vertebrae.[] Breast and Ovarian Cancer Detection of large deletions and/or duplications in BRCA1 gene by MLPA Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Detection of large deletions and/or[] They present multiple vertebral anomalies at different levels of the spine, including "butterfly vertebrae", hemivertebrae and fused hypoplastic vertebrae.[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Left Cardiac Ventricle Disorder

    The most common congenital malformations are septal defects (either atrial septal defect (ASD) or ventricular septal defect (VSD)), transposition of the great arteries, and[] Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS) is a condition that is even more rare than Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).[] Babies who have trouble sucking take in large amounts of air when they eat. This can make them feel full before they get enough formula or breast milk.[] malformations, deformations, and chromosomal abnormalities ( Q00-Q99 ) endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases ( E00 - E88 ) injury, poisoning and certain other consequences[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples
  • Tubal Pregnancy

    malformation (a birth defect).[] […] after the age of 50. 12 [Strength of recommendation (SOR) A, evidence-based guideline] TABLE 2 Structural Abnormalities in Women with in Utero DES Exposure Cervix Vagina Hypoplastic[] At first, you may have typical early signs of pregnancy, such as breast soreness or nausea.[] The constructs and methods of the invention can be used for ameliorating congenital malformations and disorders of female reproductive tract using tissue engineered female[]

    Missing: Asymmetric Nipples

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