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629 Possible Causes for Asymmetry of the Ears

  • Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome

    , and prominent ear crura.[] […] and prominent ear crura.[] Saethre-Chot·zen syn·drome ( sayt'rĕ chŏt'zen ), condition characterized by craniosynostosis, asymmetry of skull (plagiocephaly), ptosis, prominent ear crus, and cutaneous[]

  • Goldenhar Syndrome

    , and ear and dental abnormalities.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: Hemifacial microsomia, cranial asymmetry, multiple ear tags, skin tags around the mouth and microtia were the most prominent facial features encountered[] , ear and/or eye malformations, and vertebral anomalies.[]

  • Protuberant Ears

    The complications of the surgery, though rare, are keloid formation, hematoma formation, infection and asymmetry between the ears.[] Otherwise known as otoplasty, or the reshaping of the outer ear, ear correction surgery is a common way to improve outer ear asymmetries and protuberant ears in both men and[] Numbness of the ear(s), which may take several weeks to resolve. [ 4 ] Asymmetry between the ears.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    Other symptoms include: spasm and tenderness of various facial and neck muscles, preauricular (in front of the auricle of the ear) tenderness, facial asymmetry, malocclusion[] Restricted jaw opening (locked jaw) and pain in the ear and around the temporomandibular joint may result.[] Abnormal jaw mechanics can be due to congenital or acquired asymmetries or to the sequelae of trauma or arthritis.[]

  • Malnutrition

    This is in contrast to the lesions of the occipital lobe which also produce homonymous hemianopia but without the OKN asymmetry.[5] Caloric Nystagmus Caloric nystagmus is[] […] a type of VOR (vestibulo-ocular reflex) that is elicited by stimulating the horizontal semicircle with either warm or cold water in the ear canal to create a convection current[]

  • Monosomy 1p36 Syndrome

    Left and right leg differ in length or width 0100559 Macule Flat, discolored area of skin 0012733 Microtia Small ears Underdeveloped ears [ more ] 0008551 Myopathy Muscle[] , ear asymmetry ( 59%) Thickened ear helices ( 53%) Small head Deep-set eyes ( 50%) Most patients have mental retardation Most patients have delayed growth ( 85%) and/or difficulty[] asymmetry, a small mouth and a small pointed chin.[]

  • Meniere's Disease

    […] ratio can reliably detect unilateral Meniere's disease ears as compared to healthy controls.[] The VEMP amplitudes, asymmetry ratios, and the 500/1000 Hz amplitude ratios were compared with those of 21 age-matched healthy controls.[] Forty-two consecutive patients with certain unilateral Meniere's disease (as confirmed using a locally enhanced inner ear MRI (LEIM)) were assessed.[]

  • Craniosytosis Type 4

    However the most obvious feature when looking from both above the skull and behind the skull is the asymmetry of the ears.[] The affects on the appearance of the face can range from no affects to significant asymmetry.[] Assessment of the skull from a top view shows asymmetry of the frontal bones, an increased width of the skull and a forward displacement of the ear at the ipsilateral side[]

  • Motion Sickness

    The interaural asymmetry ratio was negatively associated with motion sickness susceptibility (r(2) 0.389).[] Regression analysis on MSSQ-S percent susceptibility by VEMP amplitudes revealed a best-fit cubic function in both ears, with r(2) values of more than 42%.[] […] cVEMP amplitudes than those in the low susceptibility group. cVEMP amplitudes did not differ between ears, and latencies did not differ between the two groups or between ears[]

  • Otitis Media

    Finally, asymmetries in hearing sensitivity may exist between the child's two ears, thereby potentially disrupting critical binaural auditory processing skills.[]

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