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5,139 Possible Causes for Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase), Dentist, Vertigo

Did you mean: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase, Dentist, Vertigo

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    The American Dental Association recommends that you see your dentist every six months.[] Vertigo Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness and feeling out of balance.[] My Plantation Dentist also provides bite guards. A bite guard that is fabricated is a custom made guard that aligns with your jaw joint, and fits your own biting scheme.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Mercury Poisoning

    We examined a dentist with chronic elemental mercury poisoning electrophysiologically. Motor conduction in the upper and lower limbs was normal.[] Indeed, all the subjects with a high hair mercury level ( 36.1 ppm) had made habitual use of European-made soap, accompanied by various symptoms, such as tremor, lassitude, vertigo[] Chronic neurobehavioural effects of elemental mercury in dentists.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

    Your dentist can spot and treat bad breath causes such as gum disease. Ask your dentist about other potential solutions for halitosis.[] If you still don't have enough saliva to keep your mouth moist, your dentist may suggest artificial saliva. Visit your dentist on a regular basis.[] See your dentist regularly -- at least twice a year.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

    The specialists who treat patients with BPPV should consider dental procedures to be a risk factor, and dentists should recognize BPPV as a possible complication of dental[] Furman JM, Cass SP: Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. N Engl J Med 1999, 341 :1590–1596. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 2.[] […] causes of BPPV include disorders that damage your inner ear or, rarely, damage that occurs during ear surgery or during prolonged positioning on your back, such as in a dentist[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Find out how the dentist can help you prevent pneumonia .[] Talk to your dentist about any symptoms that could suggest early signs of oropharyngeal cancer. Can HPV vaccines prevent oral HPV and oropharyngeal cancers?[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Anemia

    Treatment Options A trip to your dentist is the best place to start if you suspect you have anemia tongue.[] […] of color of the skin Increased heart rate (tachycardia) Breathlessness, or difficulty catching a breath (dyspnea) Lack of energy, or tiring easily (fatigue) Dizziness, or vertigo[] Vertigo The inability to cope with heights and wide open spaces.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Iron Deficiency

    The Center also helps dentists learn about EBD and develop strategies and skills to identify clinically relevant scientific evidence.[] Typical anemia symptoms include: Fatigue, weakness Irritability Exercise/feeding intolerance Exertional dyspnea Headache, vertigo Pale skin Symptoms of iron deficiency include[] American Dental Association The American Dental Association (ADA) is the nation’s largest not-for-profit dental association, representing 157,000 dentist members.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Meniere's Disease

    Every medical practitioner (be they a chiropractor, medical doctor, dentist, naturopath, etc.) goes into their chosen field with the idea to help someone.[] In the present group of patients, vertigo attacks occurred from 6 hours to 8 days (average, 3.2 days) after the observation of HSN beating toward the morbid ear.[] Even neuromuscular dentists, who are TMJ specialists aren’t always familiar with the connection.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Hypertension

    Collaborate With Other Health Professionals Use complimentary skills and knowledge of nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, registered dietitians, optometrists, dentists[] […] of Other Healthcare Professionals Clinicians must work with other healthcare professionals (eg, nurse case managers and other nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, dentists[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Otitis Media

    Dentists and otolaryngologists should collaborate for the management of this disease as needed.[] Presenting symptoms of the latter condition may include hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo and facial palsy.[] ","1":"General Dentist","4":"General Dentist","2":"General Dentist"}},{"broad_division_id":3,"value":51,"region_labels":{"3":"Specialty Dentist","1":"Specialty Dentist","4[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)

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