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1,914 Possible Causes for Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase), Human Papillomavirus, Perineal Pain

Did you mean: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase, Human Papillomavirus, Perineal Pain

  • Vaginitis

    […] area, mainly due to an excess of immune cells dysuria, which is pain or discomfort when urinating painful sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia foul or fishy vaginal odor[] BACKGROUND: We evaluated the efficacy and safety of combined high-dose interferon (IFN) and red light therapy for the treatment of subclinical and latent human papillomavirus[] With Human papillomavirus (HPV): Painful warts may grow on the vagina, rectum, vulva or groin.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Balanoposthitis

    KEYWORDS: Balanoposthitis; HPV; PIN; balanitis; condyloma; genital warts; human papillomavirus; nested PCR; penile cancer; penile intraepithelial neoplasia; sexually transmitted[] papillomavirus-associated balanoposthitis--a marker for penile intraepithelial neoplasia?[] papillomavirus infection with balanoposthitis: a description of five cases with proposals for treatment. ( 8031918 ) Birley H.D....Renton A.M. 1994 48 Perianal streptococcal[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Condyloma Acuminatum

    The mass was painless initially but had become painful more recently.[] In situ hybridization of the paraffin-embedded material revealed infection with human papillomavirus types 6/11.[] The condyloma acuminatum lesion was resected endoscopically and human papillomavirus 6/11 DNA was detected. After treatment, there has been no recurrence of the disease.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Urethritis

    […] and scrotal pain referred to both lower limbs intermittently predominantly during and after micturition-simulating features of bilateral intermittent testicular torsion.[] Get vaccinated Some STIs, such as hepatitis A, B and human papillomavirus (HPV) can be prevented with vaccines.[] Perineal pain, scrotal masses. Difficulties initiating and maintaining stream.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Urethral Carcinoma

    It usually manifests in the fifth decade of life. urethral bleeding palpable urethral mass obstructive voiding symptoms perineal pain The histologic types are transitional[] Cancer 60: 1548–1551 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar Mevorach R, Cos L, Di Saint Agnese P, Stoler M (1990) Human papillomavirus type 6 in grade I transitional cell carcinoma[] pain Palpable suprapubic mass (advanced cases) Features of uremia Constitutional symptoms : anorexia, weight loss, fatigue Metastatic symptoms Enlarged lymph nodes Liver[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Cystitis

    In men with lower UTI symptoms, prostatitis must be ruled out especially when associated with fever, malaise, perineal pain, and obstructive urinary symptoms.[] papillomavirus Radiation and chemotherapy Bladder neck obstruction Bladder stone Lower ureteral stone Ureteral diverticulum Urogenital prolapse Genital cancers Incomplete[] Some people feel the pain in other areas besides the bladder. The pain may be felt in the lower abdomen, lower back, urethra, or the pelvic or perineal area.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Carcinoma of the Rectum

    Severe pelvic and perineal pain may be improved by a variety of nerve block procedures.[] Although cervical and anal SCC have been strongly linked to human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, the role of HPV in rectal squamous carcinoma has not been well-examined.[] Kong CS, Welton ML, Longacre TA: Role of human papillomavirus in squamous cell metaplasia-dysplasia-carcinoma of the rectum. Am J Surg Pathol 2007; 31: 919–925.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Providers should be alert to the possible diagnosis of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men experiencing persistent perineal, penile, or pelvic pain or[] […] vaccination against human papillomavirus for MSM through age 26.[] Herpes — Causes painful, tender blisters on the vaginal or perineal skin. Often the woman will also experience flu-like feelings or a headache, or swollen glands.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Chronic Prostatitis

    Perineal pain Lower Abdominal Pain Scrotal Pain Pain in penis Pain in inner thighs Absent Symptoms (Contrast with Acute Prostatitis ) Systemic symptoms rare Obstructive urinary[] papillomavirus (HPV); age less than 18 years; history of neurological disease, urinary stones or cancer; allergy to fluoroquinolones; refusal to sign the informed consent[] Presentation is usually with chronic, low grade perineal pain, usually varying in severity and frequency. The pain may be exacerbated by sitting on a hard chair.[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)
  • Endometriosis

    All A-Z health topics Reproductive Health Breastfeeding Menopause Menstrual Cycle Ovulation Calculator Pregnancy Popular topics Bacterial vaginosis Birth control methods Human[] Estrogen and progesterone receptors in cervical human papillomavirus related lesions.[] A) Topical podophyllin therapy B) Administration of the human papillomavirus vaccine C) Biopsy of the mass D) Chemotherapy E) Radiation therapy F) Local excision of the mass[]

    Missing: Asymptomatic Hyperammonemia (2- to 5-fold Increase)

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