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138 Possible Causes for Atelectasis, Mycobacterium Avium Complex, Pulmonary Hypertension

  • Bronchiectasis

    Complications of Bronchiectasis Severe bronchiectasis can lead to other serious health conditions, such as respiratory failure and atelectasis.[] Introduction Definition a suppurative lung disease that leads to irreversible dilation of the bronchi Etiology Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary infection allergic bronchopulmonary[] Background: Pulmonary vascular disease, especially pulmonary hypertension, is an important complication of COPD.[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    […] bacterial pneumonia (HR: 2.64; 95% CI: 1.30-5.35), diagnosis delay (HR: 2.60; 95% CI: 1.42-4.78), CD4 T cell count less than 50/mm 3 (HR: 2.38; 95% CI: 1.27-4.43) and pulmonary atelectasis[] avium complex (MAC) infections .[] An echocardiogram confirmed severe pulmonary arterial hypertension with severe tricuspid regurgitation.[]

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Postoperative complications, management, and outcomes of bronchiectasis Complications after surgical resection for lung abscess are infrequent and include atelectasis, bronchopleural[] Mycobacterium abscessus was isolated in 3 cases, Mycobacterium avium complex in 2 and Mycobacterium simiae in 1 and other an unidentified rapid growth Mycobacterium species[] BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is frequently found in advanced parenchymal lung diseases like cystic fibrosis (CF), but the role played by PH in the[]

  • Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

    Atelectasis. — The obstruction of lobar or segmental bronchi by small endobronchial granulomas or enlarged peribronchial lymph nodes results in atelectasis ( 34 , 60 ) ( Fig[] avium complex, cytomegalovirus, and cryptococcus. [91] Sarcoidosis is confused most commonly with neoplastic diseases, such as lymphoma, or with disorders characterized also[] Finally, the effect of pulmonary hypertension treatment has recently been the object of further evaluation.[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    Middle lobe atelectasis and endobronchial lesion were observed in thorax computed tomography (CT).[] Detection of Mycobacterium avium complex in cerebrospinal fluid of a sarcoid patient by specific polymerase chain reaction assays.[] Pulmonary hypertension is a challenging complication of sarcoidosis, which reported rates of prevalence largely depend on the advancement of pulmonary disease.[]

  • Middle Lobe Syndrome

    CONCLUSIONS: Chronic atelectasis of the left lower lobe is a clinicopathological condition equivalent to middle lobe syndrome.[] […] pg. 1605 - 9 ) 2 Infection with Mycobacterium avium complex in patients without predisposing conditions, N Engl J Med, 1989 , vol. 321 (pg. 863 - 8 ) 3 Mycobacterium avium[] Hypertension 375 Unusual Forms of Embolism 384 Pathogenesis and Etiology 392 Complications After Pulmonary Resection 87 The Lung in Pregnancy 98 Lung in Immunocompromised[]

  • Extrapulmonary Alveolar Hypoventilation

    Congenital heart disease with R- L shunt Perfusion of non-ventilated alveoli (V/Q 0) (atelectasis, bronchial obstruction) Pulmonary arterio-venous shunts (haemangioma) 2.[] Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex infection. Atypical pneumonia. Pulmonary Kaposi's sarcoma. Tuberculosis. Influenza. Cytomegalovirus infection. Aspergillosis.[] PROBLEMS IN THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT 273 Status Asthmaticus 282 Extrapulmonary Causes of Respiratory Failure 292 Pulmonary Embolism 302 Managing Hemoptysis 311 Pulmonary Hypertension[]

  • Bronchial Compression

    At 8 years of age atelectasis of the left lung recurred following a Mustard procedure.[] Avium Complex (MAC) (see Mycobacterium Avium Complex, [[Mycobacterium Avium Complex]]) Tracheobronchial Aspergillosis (see Tracheobronchial Aspergillosis, [[Tracheobronchial[] Anomalous origin of a pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta is a congenital defect that can be complicated by pulmonary arterial hypertension, typically due to vascular[]

  • Atelectasis

    atelectasis.[] Avium Complex (MAC) (see Mycobacterium Avium Complex, [[Mycobacterium Avium Complex]]) Tracheobronchial Aspergillosis (see Tracheobronchial Aspergillosis, [[Tracheobronchial[] Emergency bronchial stenting allowed to improve left lung atelectasis, reduce pulmonary hypertension, resume anterograde left coronary artery perfusion and stabilize cardiovascular[]

  • Swyer-James Syndrome

    This study also detects diminished vascularity, a smaller lung, and other pathologies such as bronchiectasis, atelectasis, scarring, etc.[] Findings consistent with Swyer-James syndrome. 5 ANESTHETIC IMPLICATIONS WITH SWYER-JAMES aeruginosa11 and Mycobacterium avium complex, as was the case in group I patient[] We report a case of Swyer-James syndrome, diagnosed from the study of severe pulmonary hypertension and with a fatal outcome.[]

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