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379 Possible Causes for Atretic Ear Canals, Longitudinal Splitting, Thick Wiry Hair

  • Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia

    […] nail Longitudinal splitting of nail 0001809 Telecanthus Corners of eye widely separated 0000506 Toe syndactyly Fused toes Webbed toes [ more ] 0001770 Umbilical hernia 0001537[] wiry hair, and occasionally cleft lip and/or palate.[] […] grooves or splitting.[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals
  • Rapp-Hodgkin Syndrome

    (hypotrichosis) Can be brittle, coarse or wiry with pili torti Patchy alopecia (lack of hair) Eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair may also be sparse or absent.[] Nails Small Hyperconvex Thick Hyper-ridging Missing Eyes Eyelid fusion (ankyloblepharon) Corneal erosions Blepharitis (chronic inflammation of the eyelid) Conjunctivitis(pink[] […] in AEC may mimic epidermolysis bullosa (EB) or a collodian baby (skin that resembles a yellow, tight and shiny film) or dried collodion (sausage skin) Hair Sparse, fine hair[]

    Missing: Longitudinal Splitting
  • Diastematomyelia

    Fetal diastematomyelia, a malformation due to a longitudinal split of the cord, was diagnosed during the third trimester.[] It is also known as a split cord malformation, refers to a type of spinal dysraphism (spina bifida occulta) when there is a longitudinal split in the spinal cord.[] Case Discussion Diastematomyelia (also known as a split cord malformation ) refers to a type of spinal dysraphism (spina bifida occulta) when there is a longitudinal split[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair
  • Erythema Palmaris Hereditarium

    This may lead to obliteration of the entire nail and is generally a permanent change •Longitudinal grooving, ridging and splitting •A peculiar midline fissure may occur What[] ear canals PPK has been reported though no description has been found Birth No No H, N, S E, O, D AEC, EEC, Hay-Wells Syndrome Audiologist, Orthopedist, Dentist Refsum Syndrome[] […] granular layer Verrucae Vulgaris none Rapp-Hodgkin syndrome RHS 757.3 TP63 Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, cleft lip/palate, syndactyly, small mouth and nose, alopecia, atretic[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Congenital Microgastria

    […] reduction defect of femur Proximal femoral focal deficiency Q72.5 Longitudinal reduction defect of tibia Q72.6 Longitudinal reduction defect of fibula Q72.7 Split foot Q72.8[] The abnormalities included: bilateral micropthalmia, dysmorphic ears with an atretic auditory canal in one of them, bilateral radial aplasia with absent thumbs, oligodactyly[] ) Q72.1 Congenital absence of thigh and lower leg with foot present Q72.2 Congenital absence of both lower leg and foot Q72.3 Congenital absence of foot and toe(s) Q72.4 Longitudinal[]

    Missing: Thick Wiry Hair
  • Exostosis

    The tibialis anterior tendon sheath had no longitudinal splits and the area appeared helathy.[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair
  • Insomnia

    Amstadter, PhD Published: 01 September 2015 Received: 01 October 2014 Revision Received: 01 February 2015 Accepted: 01 February 2015 PDF Split View Article contents Figures[] Amstadter, A Longitudinal Twin Study of Insomnia Symptoms in Adults, Sleep, Volume 38, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 1423–1430, Download citation file: Ris (Zotero) EndNote[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair
  • Fracture

    split) fracture combined fracture: T-shape, Y-shape, multifragmentary Features to report depression irregularities of articular surfaces plane and course of fracture lines[] Nevertheless, cracks do occur that progress apically, resulting in the complete splitting of the tooth and root.[] […] and typically simple fracture in which the fragments are driven into each other Fractures with articular involvement and fracture-dislocations impression fracture shear (longitudinal[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair
  • Polyps

    Locules secondarily divided by ‘false septa’ (usually, as evidenced by the longitudinal splitting of the parietal placentas by the replum), or without ‘false septa’ (e.g.[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair
  • Hemorrhoids

    Weeping anal skin with superficial round splits and longitudinal superficial lesions (stage 2 of pruritus ani, definition table 3 ) at everted distal anal canal.[] Skin tags, a longitudinal split at rima ani indicates local inflammation (stage 2 of pruritus ani). References 1. Mazier WP. Hemorrhoids, fissures, and pruritus ani.[] […] and longitudinal superficial fissures.[]

    Missing: Atretic Ear Canals Thick Wiry Hair

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