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244 Possible Causes for Atrial Fibrillation, Hiccup, Shoulder Pain

  • Myocardial Infarction

    Diagnoses of congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation were made. He was electrically cardioverted to normal sinus rhythm.[] The most common symptoms expected and experienced were chest pain, chest discomfort, loss of strength, fatigue, and radiating pain or shoulder pain.[] Hiccups, a benign and self-limited condition, can become persistent or intractable with overlooked underlying etiology.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    fibrillation compared with healthy people and acute myocardial infarction patients without new-onset atrial fibrillation.[] , esophageal pain, mediastinal lesions, pericardial pain, PTE Shoulder pain Myocardial ischemia, cervical vertebra, acute musculoskeletal lesions, pericardial pain, pleuritis[] AMI typically presents with central chest pain which may radiate to the neck, left arm, jaw, and shoulders.[]

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    . · Cardiovascular: thrombophlebitis migrans, atrial fibrillation, pericarditis, non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis. · Cutaneous manifestations: dermatomyositis, acanthosis[] Pancoast tumors can derange the brachial plexus, resulting in shoulder pain, and plae pressure on afferent SNS fibers that travel above the lung apex and control ocular functions[] […] or cervical spine obtained to investigate a complaint of shoulder pain.[]

  • Pericarditis

    There were 9 deaths (10.7%), and the risk factors were: anemia, BNP and C reactive protein levels, pulmonary hypertension 55 mm Hg, and atrial fibrillation.[] The typical features of pericarditis include chest pain that is felt up to the level of the neck or shoulders.[] In cases where symptoms are present, they may include: chest pain light-headedness cough shortness of breath hiccups Possible causes of chronic effusive pericarditis include[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Background: Herpes zoster (HZ) is a chronic inflammatory disease that could result in autonomic dysfunction, often leading to atrial fibrillation (AF).[] Stefano Gumina, Vittorio Candela, Daniele Passaretti and Ciro Villani, Shoulder pain due to cervical radiculopathy: an underestimated long-term complication of herpes zoster[] Racial/ethnic differences in the risk of intracranial hemorrhage among patients with atrial fibrillation. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2007 ; 50 : 309–315.[]

  • Subphrenic Abscess

    The postoperative course was uneventful except for transient atrial fibrillation. The patient was discharged home on postoperative day 11.[] […] tip pain on the affected side.[] Respiratory failure - type 1 common Hypotension - due to dehydration and sepsis causing vasodilation Atrial fibrillation - resolves with the pneumonia Pleural effusion Empyema[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Physical feelings: Fidgety, amped up, unable to sit still Irritable Tired Muscle pains (often in the neck and shoulders) Headaches Stomachaches Emotions: Anxiety/worry Sadness[] (often in the neck and shoulders) headaches, stomach aches How Else can I Determine if my Child might have GAD?[] […] your child might either have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep (child might wake up several times every night) difficulty paying attention or concentrating muscle pains[]

  • Angina Pectoris

    Stable angina and atrial fibrillation Atrial fibrillation may aggravate angina symptoms since it increases heart rate and thus myocardial oxygen consumption.[] At 6 hours after stenting, left hemiparesis was found with deteriorated shoulder pain.[] Manifestations Abdominal or epigastric pain which may radiate upwards to the back or scapula Poor appetite Shortness of breath Nausea Hypochondriac pain Heart pain Stomach pain Hiccups[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    BACKGROUND: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia.[] Cardiac disease - pain is typically central and squeezing in nature, may radiate up into the neck, shoulder, or down the arm.[] Intractable hiccup can be an unbearable circumstance and its treatment is often frustrating.[]

  • Gastritis

    Worldwide epidemiology of atrial fibrillation: a Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study.[] When to seek medical advice Call your healthcare provider for any of the following: Stomach pain that gets worse or moves to the lower right belly (appendix area) Chest pain[] The most common symptoms of gastritis include: Belching and hiccups Belly or abdominal bleeding Blood in your vomit or stool (a sign that your stomach lining may be bleeding[]

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