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205 Possible Causes for Atrophic Gastritis, Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Pernicious Anemia

    Pernicious Anemia Macrocytic anemia, glossitis, peripheral neuropathy, weakness, hyperreflexia, ataxia, and other neurological manifestations characterize classical vitamin[] Although chronic atrophic gastritis is the most common form of gastrointestinal involvement in SS, pernicious anemia develops in rare cases.[] Cobalamin deficiency–related neurological impairment can vary in clinical presentation, including acute combined system degeneration, peripheral neuropathy, and psychosis.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    Those with NTSS-6 scores 6 were considered to have peripheral neuropathy.[] Absent intrinsic factor is often associated with a condition called atrophic gastritis, a thinning of the lining of the stomach.[] Vitamin B12 deficiency, which may present without anemia and as a peripheral neuropathy, is often misdiagnosed as diabetic neuropathy, although the clinical findings are usually[]

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

    Absent intrinsic factor is often associated with a condition called atrophic gastritis, a thinning of the lining of the stomach.[] Deficiency can cause peripheral neuropathy, seborrheic dermatitis, glossitis, and cheilosis, and, in adults, depression, confusion, and seizures.[] Centre For Peripheral Neuropathy, University of Chicago[]

  • Subacute Combined Degeneration of Spinal Cord

    Neuropathological examination in such cases reveals loss of dorsal ganglionic neurons with degeneration of their peripheral and central axons (peripheral neuropathy and posterior[] Disease factors (40%): Such as endocrine secretion of endocrine defects, atrophic gastritis, gastrectomy, small intestine primary malabsorption, ileal resection, etc., it[] Gastric endoscopy and biopsy revealed changes of atrophic gastritis.[]

  • Vitamin B6 Deficiency

    We describe two patients who developed subacute axonal peripheral neuropathy under duodopa treatment.[] Claims of vitamin B12 as an energy or athletic enhancer remain unproven. ( 2 ) People at Risk of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency Older Adults With Atrophic Gastritis - Atrophic Gastritis[] In general, symptoms related to vitamin B6 deficiency are peripheral neuropathies, such as paresthesia, burning and painful dysesthesias, and thermal sensations.[]

  • Autoimmune Pangastritis

    neuropathy (dysfunction of peripheral nerves), sub-acute combined degeneration, and dementia How is Autoimmune Gastritis Diagnosed?[] […] are autoimmune and environmental atrophic gastritis .[] neuropathy Dementia Getting a Diagnosis Many different factors can contribute to a doctor’s diagnosis of autoimmune gastritis.[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    The main toxicities of this regimen were neutropenia, peripheral neuropathy and anaphylaxic reactions.[] gastritis or peptic ulcerations, (the OR (95%CI) was 14.11 (4.91-40.52) and 9.59 (4.06-22.65), respectively) or those with NAG (the OR (95%CI) was 10.71 (3.49-32.82) and[] Risk factors pernicious anaemia 7 adenomatous gastric polyps 7 atrophic gastritis 7 Billroth II partial gastrectomy for benign disease (e.g. peptic ulcer disease) reflux of[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    A basic understanding of the nervous system and peripheral neuropathies, chart findings to support a neuropathy, and ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM categorization of peripheral neuropathies[] Of the two types of SIBO, the most frequent type occurs in the elderly as a result of reduced stomach acid secretion (medications or atrophic gastritis) and is associated[] Peripheral Neuropathy Definition The term peripheral neuropathy encompasses a wide range of disorders in which the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord—peripheral nerves—have[]

  • Dermatitis Herpetiformis

    These include: Neurological problems - ataxia (gluten ataxia), peripheral neuropathy, and epilepsy. Cardiac problems - pericarditis and cardiomyopathy.[] One DH patient with atrophic gastritis developed gastric cancer. In DH, chronic atrophic gastritis was common in the corpus, but not in the antrum.[] neuropathy.[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    While most agents that cause peripheral neuropathy have been known for years, newly developed medications that cause peripheral neuropathy are discussed.[] Those who have associated conditions like gastrectomy, pancreatectomy, or atrophic gastritis should undergo periodic testing to check for deficiencies.[] Absent intrinsic factor is often associated with a condition called atrophic gastritis, a thinning of the lining of the stomach.[]

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