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178 Possible Causes for Atrophy of Hand Muscle, Horner's Syndrome

  • Pancoast Syndrome

    ’s syndrome in up to 50% due to invasion of the superior cervical sympathetic chain and stellate ganglion Ptosis Miosis Anhidrosis Superior vena caval obstruction Phrenic[] Right ulnar nerve palsy with atrophy of hand muscles was seen.[] Pancoast syndrome is a term used to describe unilateral shoulder and arm pain, weakness, and atrophy of hand muscles and Horner's syndrome as a result of a mass in the lung[]

  • Hematomyelia

    It may also meet, and a Horner syndrome, which is manifested by miosis, ptosis sudoratiei decrease in the affected eye hemifaciesului.[] Spine magnetic resonance imaging was taken because of prominent right hand muscle atrophy on the 14th hospital day, which showed subacute stage of hematomyelia in the cervical[] Hemisection of the cord Ipsilateral paralysis, loss of proprioception and light touch Contralateral loss of pain and temperature Horner’s Syndrome Injury to cervical paravertebral[]

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Perioperative complications included 1 occurrence of postoperative transfusion for bleeding following axillary drain discontinuation and 2 Horner's syndromes.[] The one exception is that people who have an extra rib (cervical rib) plus arm weakness and atrophy of hand muscles usually have abnormal nerve tests indicating ulnar nerve[] Complex region pain syndrome. Horner's syndrome. Raynaurd's disease.[]

  • Pulmonary Echinococcosis

    Pancoast hydatid cyst leading to Horner syndrome: Thoracic hydatidosis. Heart Lung Circ. 2009 Oct;18(5):363-4.[] Moreover, the weakness and atrophy of the hypothenar muscles of the left hand was related to this invasion of ulnar nerve that innervates these muscles ( Figure 1 ).[] Horner's syndrome consisting of ipsilateral miosis, ptosis, enophtalmous and facial anhidrosis was present in our case.[]

  • Syringomyelia

    Autonomic disturbances: Horner syndrome , anhidrosis , disturbances in bladder and colon function, erectile dysfunction Respiratory insufficiency Other: painless ulcers of[] He had marked atrophy of the right deltoid, biceps, and upper trapezius muscles and of the hypothenar eminence and dorsal interosseous muscles of the right hand.[] , including sensations of pain muscle atrophy (wasting), usually beginning in the hands and spreading to include the arms and shoulders severe pain in the shoulders and neck[]

  • Paresthesia

    Transient unilateral brachial plexopathy and partial Horner’s syndrome following spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section.[] […] weakness, numbness of ulnar side of hand Decreased finger abduction, decreased thumb adduction, atrophy of intrinsic hand muscles (if severe), claw hand (if severe), decreased[] A variety of neurological symptoms after epidural and intrathecal fentanyl have been reported but they were dysphagia, perioral numbness, Horner’s syndrome, nystagmus, claw[]

  • Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia

    Characteristics Severe unilateral facial pain and headache in the distribution of the ophthalmic division of the Vth trigeminal nerve Unilateral oculosympathetic palsy (partial Horner[] […] with slight atrophy of the small muscles of the hand, (6) decreased faradic and galvanic excitability of muscles, and (7) atypical tremor of the hands, made evident by tensing[] […] of muscles of distal extremities, especially the peroneal muscles, static tremor of the hands, pes cavus or clawfoot, and sometimes… … Medical dictionary List of diseases[]

  • Horner's Syndrome

    Horner's syndrome is a combination of symptoms that arises when a group of nerves known as the sympathetic trunk is damaged.[] For example a Pancoast tumour may cause atrophy of the intrinsic muscles of the hand. Note the partial ptosis and miosis of the left eye.[] There is also atrophy of the hand and arm with resultant muscle weakness.[]

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    syndrome § Pancoast tumor o Elevated hemidiaphragm § Phrenic nerve paralysis o Hoarseness § Recurrent laryngeal nerve (left right) o SVC obstruction § Small cell ca o Pleural[] Patients experience shoulder pain , which may radiate down the arm, with eventual numbness and weakness in the C8 and T1 distribution, and atrophy of the muscles of the hand[] Syndrome" characterized by a triad of miosis, ptosis, and ipsilateral facial anhidrosis.[]

  • Carney Triad

    HORNER'S SYNDROME includes classic triad of ptosis, miosis and ipsilateral anhidrosis of the face INTRAOPERATIVE FLOPPY IRIS SYNDROME described by John Campbell and David[] Atrophy of hand and arm muscles Compression of the blood vessels with edema Most Pancoast tumors are squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) or adenocarcinomas; only 3-5% are small[] […] recovery Virchow triad:- 1)Hypercoagulability 2)Endothelial injury 3)Stasis charcot's triad :- 1)fever 2)pain 3)jaudice Wiskott-aldrich triad: - 1)Infection 2)purpura 3)Eczema Horner[]

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