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50 Possible Causes for Auriculotemporal Syndrome

  • Auriculotemporal Syndrome

    Auriculotemporal syndrome, also known as Frey's syndrome, consists of the development of facial flushing or sweating over the distribution of the auriculotemporal nerve immediately[] Abstract Auriculotemporal syndrome frequently follows trauma to the auriculotemporal nerve, a branch of the mandibular nerve.[] The auriculotemporal syndrome features facial flushing or sweating limited to the distribution of the auriculotemporal nerve and may develop after trauma to the parotid gland[]

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    syndrome ) cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN)[] […] dependent oedema Management: see linked item management of diabetic neuropathy Links: features management of diabetic neuropathy diabetic neuropathy gustatory sweating ( auriculotemporal[]

  • Auriculocondylar Syndrome

    Frey's syndrome is also known as auriculotemporal syndrome and gustatory sweating.[] Frey's syndrome (also known as Baillarger's syndrome, Dupuy’s syndrome, auriculotemporal syndrome, [1] or Frey-Baillarger syndrome ) is a rare neurological disorder resulting[] Auriculotemporal syndrome: gustatory sweating due to misdirection of regenerated nerve fibres. J Am Med Assoc 1956;160:272-277. [ Links ] 8.[]

  • Allergic Gastritis

    syndrome (facial flush from tart food) Allergic Reactions Allergic reactions to food are either IgE-mediated or non–IgE-mediated ( Table 2 ).[] syndrome (facial flush from tart food) TABLE 1 Some Conditions Related to Food Intolerance* Gastrointestinal disorders Structural abnormalities: hiatal hernia, pyloric stenosis[] Pharmacologic-related conditions Jitteriness (caffeine) Pruritus (histamine) Headache (tyramine) Disorientation (alcohol) Psychologic disorders Neurologic disorders Gustatory rhinitis Auriculotemporal[]

  • Nonallergic Urticaria

    Auriculotemporal syndrome – nonpruritic flushing over the cheeks or jawline after eating 3.[]

  • Cervico-Occipital Neuralgia

    There are two distinct clinical presentations of ATN nerve dysfunction, and a variety of names, including auriculotemporal neuralgia, auriculotemporal syndrome, Frey syndrome[] Neuralgia (ATn) and the rarer Auriculotemporal Syndrome (ATS), both of which can have overlapping presentations, as well as multiple etiologies.[] The Auriculotemporal Syndrome, also known as Frey syndrome, was described by Frey in 1923 24 as a constellation of symptoms including unilateral hyperhidrosis and flushing[]

  • Urticaria

    Often has mucosal involvement Rare differentials Urticarial vasculitis (often lesions are painful and longer lasting), including HSP Mastocytosis Auriculotemporal syndrome[]

  • Malignant Parotid Gland Neoplasm

    Frey (auriculotemporal) syndrome results from aberrant regeneration of auriculotemporal nerve fibers to sweat glands in the skin.[] […] also known as gustatory flushing and sweating and the auriculotemporal syndrome.[ 8 ] Frey syndrome has been successfully treated with injections of botulinum toxin A.[ 27[] […] unresectable, and recurrent tumors.[ 24 - 26 ] Follow-up after treatment Complications of surgical treatment for parotid neoplasms include facial nerve dysfunction and Frey syndrome[]

  • Atypical Facial Pain

    De Benedittis G: Auriculotemporal syndrome (Freys syndrome) presenting as trigeminaltic douloureux: report of two cases. J Neurosurg 1990, 72 :955–958.[]

  • Proliferating Trichilemmal Cyst

    Kaddu S, Smolle J, Komericki P, Kerl H ( 2000 ) Auriculotemporal (Frey) syndrome in late childhood: an unusual variant presenting as gustatory flushing mimicking food allergy[]

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