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375 Possible Causes for Autism Related Speech Delay, Preauricular Pits

  • Ring Chromosome 4

    pits * Preauricular tags * Dacryostenosis * Cataract * Iris abnormalities * Large nose * Beaked nose * Short philtrum * Epicanthal folds * Highly arched palate * Cleft palate[] […] to short stature, skin lesions, speech delay, tumour formation, and autism.[] pits Failure to thrive Highly arched palate Bilateral hydronephrosis Delayed gross motor skills Mechanisms of ring formation [ edit ] By two DNA breaks, one in each arm of[]

  • Microphthalmia with Linear Skin Defects Syndrome

    […] ear pit on the right side, patho-logic lobulations on the right ear, and a well circum-scribed congenital alopecic patch of aplasia cutis on thescalp.[] Preauricular pits and hearing loss have been found in some patients. Patients may be short in stature and some have nail dysplasia. GU and GI anomalies may be present.[] pits, and nail dystrophy (13).More than 75%of patients withMLS syndrome havechromosomal abnormalities within Xp22 resulting inloss of one copy of theHCCSgene (2).[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Young Adult-Onset Distal Hereditary Motor Neuropathy

    pit NA Y N Preauricular skin tag NA Y N Abnormality of the outer ear NA Y N Abnormality of the inner ear Other Cutaneous NA Y N Hyperpigmentation of the skin NA Y N Hypopigmentation[] NA Y N Microphthalmia NA Y N Nystagmus NA Y N Strabismus NA Y N Hypotelorism NA Y N Hypertelorism Other Ear Defects Deafness NA Y N Sensorineural NA Y N Conductive NA Y N Preauricular[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Familial Supernumerary Nipples

    The prevalence of preauricular pits and tags is estimated at around .5% to 1.0%.[] Periauricular sinuses (near the ear), pits, tags, and cyst defects may be unilateral or bilateral and can be associated with facial anomalies or malformations, particularly medial pits[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Oligomeganephronia

    Renal sonogram of a newborn with spontaneous pneumothorax, preauricular pits, and branchial cysts.[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Aplasia Cutis - Myopia Syndrome

    Microcephaly Show images Micrognathia Show images Microtia Orbital cyst Posterior auricular pit Preauricular pit Premature graying of hair Rotated ears Genitourinary Renal[] pits/tags, coloboma of iris - seizures - partial ch4p deletion - small deletion in ch7q11 - short stature, abnormal facies ("elfin facies" median flare of eyebrows, fullness[] Close Images References References Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Close Signs / Symptoms (46) Craniofacial Broad or divided nasal tip Lip pits[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Cortical Blindness-Intellectual Disability-Polydactyly Syndrome

    pit Preauricular skin tag Abnormality of the outer ear Abnormality of the inner ear Postlingual sensorineural hearing impairment Mild conductive hearing impairment Infantile[] […] corneal endothelium NO Reduced number of corneal endothelial cells NO Abnormality of optic chiasm morphology Defectos de la oreja Sordera NO Neurosensorial NO Conductiva Preauricular[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Choanal Atresia

    Variably present features were choanal atresia, preauricular tags and pits, branchial clefts, ventricular septal defect, type IIB interrupted aortic arch, pulmonary lobation[] She had choanal atresia, athelia, a preauricular pit, gingival cysts, broad digits with small nails, right aortic arch with a vascular ring, hypothyroidism, impaired glucose[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • SHORT Syndrome

    One patient had synophrys and long eyelashes, another had bilateral preauricular pits and a third, a right accessory auricle and skin tag on the contralateral side of the[] pits and cranial asymmetry were common findings.[] […] the facial features in all patients with PUF60 deletions or variants where data were available indicated that micrognathia, a long philtrum and thin upper lip, synophrys, preauricular[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay
  • Blue Sclera

    The ears are large and cupped and preauricular pits may be present as well. Biliary atresia and a variety of morphological anomalies of the kidney have been reported.[]

    Missing: Autism Related Speech Delay

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